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Attain the goals by promotion of health,maintenance of

health, prevention of illness and rehabilitation. Attended the OPD Health education Free cost of medicine distribution Treated to minor ailments, Referral services to MAPIMS, Govt. hospital Our services like home based service, school health services and behavior change communication.

We are celebrated world health days Conducting the national health programme like pulse polio,

Jan and Feb 2014 Tablets. DEC distribution for filarial in april Conduct dengue awareness programmes Community health insurance and screening camp Chief minister health camp, varumun kapom thittam and other activities in community area

Our own health centre Gandhigaram dindugal for 15 days IPH, POONAMALLAE - one month Spastic society one week Anai illam one week Baby sara home, pondy and old age home, ICMR, SOS city, chennai

Our own health centre Gandhigaram, dindugal one month Observational visit to water purification, milk pasteuration Observational visit to kings institute, guindy Final year- old age home, peruperkandigai, brakes india ltd,

ICMR, national; family welfare dept., Regional tuberculosis association, chengalpet.

we have own adapted a health centre, Rural Health Training Centre, Venmalagaram Urban Health Training Centre, Madhurantakkam.

Rural Health training centre, Venmalagaram was started in

the year of 2008 Rural health centre covers 27,870 populations, Total no. of houses 4864, from this they are divided into 44 wards. From these block we have 6 health sub centre and 1 PHC. Under that we are adapting and providing health care service to puthur, thandalam and parukkal

Urban Health Training Centre at Madhurantakkam cover the

20,917 Population, total houses 4675, divided into 14 wards. Under these urban health training centre we adapted Gandhi nagar, Mochery and Silavattam

We had a tie up with Government Community Health Centre,

Acharapakkam Acharapakkam Community Health Centre is a 30 bedded hospital, it was started 1968. From 2006 it was upgraded PHC, from 2012 onwards functioning as a community health centre. Total population covered by the acharapakkam PHC is 1,25,000. Additional PHC ramapuram and orathy. Acharapakkam covers 42,924 population, 27 villages and 11 sub centre. Here our activities are participation of national health programmes like pulse polio programme, mass health education, screening camp, health mela. We also participate in regular AN care, PN care, immunization activity, mobile clinic, family welfare programme also.