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Indios Bravos

American indians, these red-skinned indians were proudly riding their sturdy ponies, elegantly dressed in their native attire and wearing their war feathers and paints. Kidlat club into Indios bravos brave indians
Its members pledged to excel in intellectual and physical prowess in order to win the admiration of the foriegners, particularly the Spaniards. They practiced with great enthusiasm the use of the sword and pistol. Rizal taught them JUDO, an Asian art of self defense,

R.D.L.M. Society
Universal exposition of 1889. 2 letters of rizal to his fellow propagandist that mentioned this secret society
1. 2. Rizals letters to jose maria basa, paris september 21, 1889. Rizals letter to marcelo H. del pilar, paris, november 4 1889.

Dr. leoncio lopez rizal{grandnephew of the hero} The society has a symbol or countersign represented by a circle divided into three parts by two semicircles having the center the interlocked letters I and B meaning INDIOS BRAVOS, and the letters R.D.L.M. placed outside an upper, lower, left and right sides of the circle.

R.D.L.M. is redencion de los malayos

{redemption of the malays}


Gregorio aguilera,
Jose ma. Basa, julio Llorente, marcelo H. del pilar, Mariano ponce, Baldomero roxas and father maria changco(filipino priest)

Aims of R.D.L.M.
The propogation of all useful knowledge SCIENTIFIC,ARTISTIC,LITERRAY, AND ETC. in the Philippines. The redemption of the malay race.

The Book
Max havelaar (1860) written by multatuli.

Multatuli-(Pseudonym of E.D. Dekker,

Dutch author.)

The Letter
Rizal writing to blumentritt from HongKong on february 23, 1892, revealed his intention to be a leader of freedom if not in the phillipines, then in other lands in borneo.

The Letter Again

I shall not be a planter(plantador) but the leader(caudillo) of the planter who are thinking of emigrating there with me. I feel flattered by, the idea that I can still serve my country with my pen. You know very well that always, at all times, I am ready to serve my fatherland not only with my pen, but also with my life whenever my fatherland would demand this sacrifice. But as I see that I am getting old, my ideals and dreams are fading; if it is possible for me to give freedom to my country, at least I should like to give it to these noble compatriots in other lands.

Annotated Edition Of Morga Published

Publication of his annotated edition of morgas sucesos in 1890 which he wrote in the british museum. It was printed by garnier freres. The prologue was written by professor blumentritt, upon rizals request.

Rizals Errors According To Blumentritt

1. Rizal commits the errors of many historians in appraising the events of the past in the light of present standards 2. Rizals attacks on the church were unfair and unjustified because the abuses of the friars should not be constructed to mean that catholicism is bad.

Comment On Morgas Publication Date

October 12, 1889-blumentritt wrote your rizal from leitmeritz saying I have just received your magnificent edition of morga. This edition with your erudite notes will glorfy your name. Rizal him self, in his letter to Dr. baldomero roxas from paris, december 28 1889, stated today I sent lipa four copies of morga. Later I will send some more. From Barcelona , mariano ponce wrote to rizal on December 31,1889 saying I received the book sucesos. Many thanks. I have read only blumentritts prologue. Trully excellent. Please send me immediately about ten copies that I can send to the phillipines by the first mail that is going there.

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