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The Cathedral of Toledo

The Cathedral of Toledo is perhaps the most representative of the city!
• It beautiful • Master Petrus appearance is due Petri continued to the master the construction builder Martin after Martin • Who worked in Toledo from 1227 - 1234

The Technique
• The Keim process used in the frescoes employs a lasting mineral paint which neither evaporates nor disturbs acoustics • The nave ceiling painting is actually executed on a perforated aluminum

Facts about the Cathedral of Toledo

• Faith : Roman Catholic • Built : 1227 – 1493 • Size : 100m-tall spire ; 88 pillars • Architecture : Gothic • Ranked among the greatest Gothic structures • Inside
in Europe it contains important masterpieces

The Coro (Choir)
• At the heart of the Cathedral is the magnificent Coro with two tiers carved from walnut – wood atalls and abundant sculptures • Stalls in the lower tier were carved by Rodrigo Aleman • Each seat shows the defeat of a village • Every choir stall features a medieval misercord, carved as usual with odd, charming scenes of jokes and everyday life

The Coro Tier’s
• Stalls in the lower tier were carved by Rodrigo Aleman in 1495 • They feature 54 historical reliefs of scenes from the conguest of Granada • Each seat shows the defeat of a village

• The upper tier was completed in 1543 by Alonso Berruguete (south side) and Philippe Vigarni (north side) • It shows Old Teatament figures and scenes

“The Children's Rose Window”
• Above the carved balcony • Named for the diocesan child donors of pennies which together amounted to $25,000 • Composed of Norman slab glass

• Hanging from the ceiling in front of El Transparent are red hats! • They belonged to the cardinals buried in the tombs directly beneath • Toledo’s cardinals have the privilege of choosing anywhere in the Cathedral to be buried and their hats are hung above the tombs until they rot away

Red Hats

• There are more than 20 chapels throughout the Cathedral • Many of which fine tombs • The New Museums house more works of art, including El Grecko’s most important sculpture, a wooden group of San Ildefonso and the Virgin Mary

Places in the Cathedral

• The Chapter House (Sala Capitular) has a 16th-century artesonado ceiling and portraits of all Spanish archbishops to the present day. The walls are covered in murals of biblical scenes, including the Passion and the Last Judgement

Statistics about the Building
• It is one of the largest in the Christian world • 120 meters long and 59 wide • The roof which is in the central nave reaches a height of 44.50 meters • It’s held up by 88 columns • Receives it light from more then 750 stained glass windows

Cathedral of Saint Mary Toledo
• Also called Primate Cathedral of Toledo Spain • It is one of the three 13th century High Gothic cathedrals in Spain

• Construction started in 1226 during the reign of Ferdinand III • It lasted three centuries until the completion of the last vaults in 1493, during the Catholic Monarchs • This long period of construction explains the fusion of styles: pure French Gothic on the exterior and different Spanish ornamentation • The last Gothic contributes were made in the 15th century • It was built with white stone from the Olihuelas, close to Toledo

• The Cathedral is a reflection of it’s history as a spiritual heart and principal quarters of the Spanish Church • Today it still holds Muslim masses, with permission from the Pope

We hope you enjoyed the little “tour” of The Cathedral of Toledo!!