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Recent trends in printing technology

Recent trends

Pre-press Press Materials

Substrates Inks Coatings


Recent trends - Overview

Variable data printing Web to print Cross media publishing Eink, Epaper Digital printing Hybrid printing

Variable data Printing

Customized data Versioning Possible by digital presses Applications

Direct Mailing Customized transaction billing

Web to print

Bridges the gap between digital content online and commercial print production Allows a print house, a client, and possibly a graphic designer to create, edit, and approve computer-based online templates during the prepress phase PDF workflow, digital printing

Cross media publishing

Repurpose content for print, web, mobile devices XML workflow Applications

Newspapers, ENewspapers Magazines, EMagazines Books, Ebooks

EInk, EPaper

Aims to marry the qualities of paper with the advantages of an updateable electronic display. Displays maintain their image without power Displays are reflective so work from ambient light. Readable from any angle

EInk, EPaper

E-ink , Gyricon. E-ink uses liquid filled microcapsules filled with black and white chips that move to the top or bottom when a current is applied. Gyricons paper uses bi-chromal microcapsules in liquid which rotate.

EInk, EPaper

EInk, EPaper


EReaders Medical devices Electronic shelf displays Smart cards

EInk, EPaper: Applications


Digital Presses

Computer to Print Wide array of paper stocks Inline Finishing

Thermal Binder Stacking, punching Trimming, scoring, Wire stitching, folding

Digital Presses

Key Applications

Short-run, on demand printing of books, high-end collateral, photo specialty products, brochures, flyers, postcards, newsletters, catalogs, manuals, point of purchase materials, and sell sheets Variable data pieces Cross-media campaigns

Hybrid Presses

Flexo & Offset Inkjet & Offset/Flexo Inline surface finishing

Die cutting, Foil stamping

Conventional inks, Water based coatings, UV coatings, special coatings such as Iriodin or Metalure

Coating units

Distributed Production

Possible by using digital technologies Centralized Prepress, production at many sites Print OnDemand Books, Newspapers Production places Homes, small shops



Iriodin coatings can create interesting iridescent color effects, for example the color impression created by pigment changes when viewed from a different angle. The thicker the layer of pigment applied, the more pronounced the effect.


The image on the packaging is underlaid with a full-area silverwhite Iriodin pearly luster to give it a special sheen. Iriodin with a gold gloss effect has been applied to the part of the image above the eyelid.

Cold Foiling

Apply the cold foil using two conventional offset printing units

Inline Die Cutting

The adjacent sheet with stickers was produced in a single pass on a offset m/c with coating unit and inline diecutting unit.

Hybrid and UV Spot Coatings

A printing unit applies a hybrid special-effect print varnish to the parts of the motif that are to have a matt appearance. Next, the coating unit is used to apply a full-area UV highgloss coating. The matt effect is created where the gloss coating "sinks" into the special-effect print varnish.


A special-effect print varnish is applied to the areas that are to have a matt appearance. Next, full-area high-gloss coating is applied that drips off the areas previously given a matt coating. This maintains the matt effect of these areas and gives the remaining areas a gloss surface.

Scented coating

Makes it possible to convey a fragrance as well as a visual and content-based message, thereby appealing to another of the customers senses. Scented coatings contain microencapsulated scents. The fragrance is released by rubbing the surface of the product.

Scented coatings

The scented print varnish is applied, for example, to the upper part of the product packaging as a spot coating using the last printing unit. Spot coating with a matt dispersion varnish can be applied to the part of the packaging not covered with the scented varnish

Micro-flute Printing

Less raw material is required to achieve a given level of stability. Better stacking and flexural strength and weighs less. Its superior insulating properties also make it ideal for deep-freeze fast-food packaging.

Metal FX

With Metal FX metal pigment ink, versatile metallic tones can be obtained from just one basic metallic ink. MFX basic silver or basic gold is printed first and then overprinted with transparent offset inks. A million different metallic tones to be created with just one basic pigment.

Security printing

Special paper Watermarks Intaglio printing Microprinting Color-changing inks Holograms Security threads Magnetic ink

Serial numbers Anti-copying marks Copy-evident paper Registration of features on both sides RFID

Biodegradable Materials

Definition: Free of plastic coatings, harmful chemicals, do not need an incredible amount of energy to create them, and do not use any tree resources at all. Polymers made from plants, micro-organism, agricultural residues eg. Corn, wheatflour Fiber based materials eg. Jute Recycled paper

Green Printing

Bindings, adhesives, foils, laminates difficult to recycle / biodegrade Post-consumer recycled content, nonchlorine-bleached papers Vegetable & Soy based inks

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