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History Introduction of Sixth Sense Technology Gesture Recognition Application References

The SixthSense technology was first implemented as the neck worn projector + camera system. He was a media lab student at that time. There after it was used and implemented by an Indian who is the man has become very famous in the recent Pranav Mistry.

Sixth Sense Technology was used and implemented by Pranav Mistry

How this all started?

It all started in year 2000 when Pranav Mistry was trying to create a gesture mouse to control the pointer on the screen using hand gestures. At that time mouse used to come with the ball and two rollers. The movement of the rollers identify the movement of the pointer on the screen. He got and idea and took 2 ball mouses take out the rollers from it. Now he connected the four rollers to some pullies and strings and gloves and ultimately made the first gesture control mouse in which, the hand glove provide information about hand position orientation and flux of the fingers. The product was developed at even lesser than the 2 dollars.

Pictures Of First Gesture Mouse

Introduction of Sixth Sense Technology

Sixth Sense Technology integrates virtual objects into the physical world and its objects, making the entire world your computer. It can turn any surface into a touch-screen for computing, controlled by simple hand gestures. It is not a technology which is aimed at changing human habits but causing computers and other machines to adapt to human needs. It also supports multi user and multi touch provisions.

Sixth Sense device is a mini-projector coupled with a camera and a cell phone-which acts as the computer and your connection to the Cloud, all the information stored on the web. The camera, mirror and projector is connected wirelessly to a blue tooth smart phone device that can easily fit into the user's pocket. The current prototype costs around $350.

A software then processes the data that is collected by the capturing device and produces analysis.
The software that is used in sixth sense device is open source type.

Gesture Recognition
Gesture recognition can be seen as a way for computers to begin to understand human body language, thus building a richer bridge between machines and humans. Gesture recognition enables humans to communicate with the machine and interact naturally without any mechanical devices. Using the concept of gesture recognition, it is possible to control the virtual world with daily gestures.

In the early versions of gesture recognition process special type of hand gloves which provide information about hand position orientation and flux of the fingers was used. In the Sixth Sense devices colored bands are used for this purpose.

Motion Capture

Surface less computing

Live news reading

Palm Phone Dialing

Air Gesture Control

Live Recognition of Product

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