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Public Relations

The Visioneering Group operates from the premise that only a new and compelling vision of Reality can transform our relationship with the Earth. The global crises we currently face results from a scientific outdated worldview that still dominates human perception. The key to unlocking our evolutionary potential rests in working together to show the world “Things must change in order for our children to have a planet” We encourage forward thinkers to impellent water & energy technologies.

The Visioneering Group provides the following services to its clients: Strategic Communications / Media Relations & Targeted Publicity / Public Relations/ Multimedia Graphics

On behalf of Leonardo Dicaprio and The Air to Water Company we present “Water Planet”

Planet Earth’s Water Crisis
By “Leonardo DiCaprio”

WATER PLANET The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation The Air to Water Company is listed under “Solutions”

The Air to Water Company has been chosen by the WQA to set the standards & water quality guidelines surrounding Atmospheric Water Generation and will be board members.


Atmospheric Water Creation

Planet Earth’s “Natural” Cycle

NASA Photo’s / Atmospheric Water

Atmospheric Water Vapor - 380 Quadrillion Gallons / Satellite photo

Atmospheric Water Vapor - Satellite photo

Atmospheric Water Vapor - 830 Quadrillion gallons / Satellite photo

Atmospheric Water Lab Analysis

(99.99% Purity)

The purest form of water on the planet

What Makes Us Age?
Slow dehydration of our vital tissues is associated with free radical oxidative damage. Starvation of vital tissues that rely on fluid to re-generate. As we age, the cells in our body cannot absorb water as easily. Our cells become dehydrated, stiff and old. Degenerative diseases soon follow. 8 glasses of fluid’ for your body becomes your body. Our body is 85%, brain is over 90% water. Chlorine, pneumonia & carcinogens in drinking water dries the body and damages cells
Dr. Patrick Flanagan, a world famous health researcher

Health Benefits of Atmospheric Water
• • • •

Enhances the nutrient transport throughout the body. Helps maintain normal electrical properties of cells and cellular systems in the body. Enhances toxin and waste removal from cells and body. Enhances the “Cellular Hydration” in your body.

Bottled Water vs. Atmospheric Water

Precipitation testing

Atmospheric Water/ Human Cell Absorption
Atmospheric water is the purest form of water & contains natural oxygen. O2Xtreme Liquid Activated Stabilized Oxygen can increase the oxygen content to 250 PPM. Minerals in water are inorganic; O2Xtreme Organic Minerals adds the 81 most essential minerals of life and are easily absorbed by the body. Our proprietary vortex mineral filter can also add organic minerals.

100% Human Cell Absorption

29% Human Cell Absorption

Oxygenated Pure Water
0 % rejected to kidneys

Bottled & Tap Water
71% rejected water to kidneys

The Opportunity

6. 8.

Preserve valuable aquifers w/ water generation systems and water conservation products. Home & office Atmospheric Water Generators to provide health benefits.

10. Implement mid size Atmospheric Water Generation bottling Plants. 12. Moisture Capture systems for offshore oil platforms. 14. Provide water for livestock & crop irrigation in times of drought. 16. Mobile Water Generators for emergency, remote locations, military and/or government use. 18. Alternative Energy Solutions. 20. Allow homes & communities to be built in areas that were thought to be impossible to inhabit.

ATWC Manufacturing facilities

Korea; C-7, C-9 C-10 China;C-8 United States; AWG 2000 GPD

The Water Making Process

This 11 watt UV filter has a KILL rate 3 times what is needed to destroy all bacteria, microorganisms and viruses, including ANTHRAX

Our Basic Process

“HYBRID” Technology Systems

Introducing… the Hybrid Water System A water backup system is included within ATWC units. When humidity and temperature levels aren’t conducive for generating enough water for demand the unit will engage the tap water feed allowing a small amount of water to enter, then disengages. This water runs through the 5 stage filtration system before mixing with the Atmospheric Water.

Hybrid! The Best of Both Water Worlds . . .

Current Atmospheric Water Generators / C-7

Current Atmospheric Water Generators / C-8

Current Atmospheric Water Generators /C-10

Current Atmospheric Water Generators / C-2000 GPD

Atmospheric Water Generators Spec Sheet / C-2000 GPD

Offshore/Onshore Oil Platforms
Offshore/Onshore Atmospheric Water Generators

Requires no plumbing, water lines or pipes, just electricity or alternative energy Breakthrough for On-Line Cleaning of Gas Turbine Blades State-of-the-Art product for onshore and offshore gas turbine blade on-line cleaning applications. Turbine blade cleaning quality that surpasses all other water filtration systems available on the market today. Provides continual safe drinking water Effects after 2 days

ATWC provides all technical training and entire turn –key operations. Continual pure, safe drinking water even in the event of natural disasters. Ensures stable water sources for produce, plant and livestock production. Set a goal to remain the leading company for Atmospheric Water Generation products & systems. Create worldwide attention to the potential of AirWater to solve many of the planets water shortages. Growing together ATWS can save millions of lives. 2.5 million people (3 children every minute) perish from contaminated water, our technologies makes that statistic preventable.

Improve health & hydration levels See “NATURE” provide the most essential element of life “WATER”.

“Water” A Vanishing Commodity

Investors Have A Big Thirst For Water The Search For Clean Water Has Become A Multibillion-Dollar Business

India may run out of water by 2020: World Bank

Stealth Scarcity Play: Water Vital Resource Investment The Smartest Investment for the Next Nine Years

U.S. and Global Water Wars Loom

The Emerging Water Wars
Other articles available by request

The Ultimate Liquid Asset
By Ivan D. Martchev

"When the well is dry, we learn the worth of water" Benjamin Franklin If you think oil is a must-have liquid, think about water… Contaminated water is a global tragedy-deadlier than AIDS, deadlier than cancer, deadlier than genocide, deadlier than World Wars. Investing In Water: A Trillion-Dollar Play We can substitute coal for natural gas, wheat for oats, and hydro-electricity for fossil-fuel generated power. But fresh, clean water has no substitute at any price. It is the only element in the world of which this is true. And Nary a Drop to Drink STEPHAN A. SCHWARTZ, Editor - The Schwartzreport.net The increasingly crowded space ship we are on has but one life support system. Water is destiny. Water Industry Report Wall Street Transcript Not only is there a massive imbalance in the supply and demand for water, but America's water systems are crumbling. The EPA estimates that $138 billion will have been spent by 2016 to upgrade or replace infrastructures to comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act. The World Bank has estimated that by 2007 investments of between $600-$800 billion will be required to meet the demand for fresh water. Chris Mayer In the rising tide of market volatility, the sinking level of worldwide water supply provides a fundamentally sound investment theme. Simply put, water is precious, especially when you don't have it. Invest in the global water shortage Fresh waters getting scarce, and it has no substitutes. For investors in companies that can supply our increasingly thirsty planet, that spells opportunity.
Jon D. Markman publisher StockTactics Advisor

Investing Green: The Future Water Crisis By Martin Lagod Envision a future when a $2.00 bottle of water will seem cheap, when water scarcity drives up its price, leading to mass suffering, riots and, quite possibly, water wars. In parts of the world this is already the reality.
Other articles available by request

From the April 2007 edition of Water Technology magazine

New source for your cooler water: the air
Air-to-water technology offers customers another option. By The Air to Water Company, Cypress, CA

Atmospheric water — the phrase itself makes you think of clouds and rainfall. It represents water in one of its purest forms. Every day, 280 cubic miles of water evaporates (or transpires) into Earth’s atmosphere. Air-to-water (sometimes called “airwater”) machines capture evaporated and transpired water vapor and transform these molecules into potable water. This process is completed without using traditional fresh water supplies. The public demand for these new air-to-water systems enables water treatment and bottled water dealerships to profitably diversify their current businesses. Clean resource When water naturally evaporates, 95 percent of all contaminants are separated out as it becomes water vapor. Most contaminants in the air must separate from the water molecule, and so ambient atmospheric air pollution normally is not a factor. All air-to-water machines pull water from the air via condensation of water vapor. Backup system One new approach is a hybrid machine: air-to-water production and a tap water source in a single unit. The tap water becomes a backup when ambient humidity and temperature aren’t conducive for generating the quantity of water desired. This type of system allows dealers to offer air-to-water technology in any area or application. Market will take notice One can also envision the use of air-to-water technology to handle the increasingly large water demands in commercial markets. With the increased water production capacity of commercial-scale air-to-water systems, now on the order of thousands of gallons a day, it’s only a matter of time before the market takes notice. With the drastic changes in global water tables and the depleting conditions of many water supplies, the United Nations has passed resolution 58/217, named the International Decade of Action, “Water for Life.” Most water systems using atmospheric water technologies fall into direct support of this resolution. Air-to-water continues to gain acceptance as a viable solution to solving the problem of critical water shortages in the Third World and other places where climate is conducive to large-scale water production but access to potable water is limited. In addition, the environmentally conscious here in the United States will see residential air-to-water machines as a “green” alternative.
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