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Project Management Institute (PMI


ISDS 4113
Jim Love (Adapted from S. Pawlowski)

healthcare.000+ in Spring 2007.000+ professionals  (was 200. business management. financial services. 240.$32 (+ $10 application fee)    Regular membership fee . and telecommunications. automotive. information technology. Student membership fee .$30 2 . construction.$129 Additional fee to join a local chapter . 265.PMI Membership  700.000+ in Spring 2008.000 in Spring 2009)   180+ countries Every major industry including: aerospace. pharmaceuticals. engineering. of Practice (CoP)  Members may join as many CoPs as they want without any additional charge  Members interested in a specific topic/industry..          China Project Management eBusiness Financial Services Industry Information Systems (http://is. Gas and Petrochemical Transportation Services & Outsourcing 3 .pmi. e.aspx) Innovation and New Product Development Leadership in Project Management

.g. prioritization and management  Project Leadership 4 . e.. performance management)  Training/seminars.Other services  Colleges  Members interested in developing a particular area of knowledge related to project management (e.g. scheduling.  Project Portfolio Management: Selection.

org 2008 State of the Baton Rouge Chapter Report  157 members  72 members are Project Management Professionals (PMP)  1 member is a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)  1 member is Program Management Professional (PgMP)  New Orleans Chapter: 5 .pmigno.pmibatonrouge.Chapters  Baton Rouge Chapter   Website: www.

With this understanding. Life consistently shows there is no single effective style of successful leadership . $25 for members & $30 for non-members) Example topic:  A Nurturer’s Code to Live by for Developing Leaders Presented by: Brian Voss. have a few pointers for today's leaders. at DeAngelos on Jefferson Highway. Stills and Nash. 6 .and thus there is no single successful style for mentoring or influencing the behaviors for becoming a leader. we can examine an approach for developing leaders and hearing from one who was on the road with a nurturer's code to live by. We have all. Vice Chancellor for Information Technology. The two key ingredients in mentoring is the mentor and the recipient of the mentoring. Each pairing is as different as fingerprints and hence there is no single approach to rely upon to produce the desired results in all situations.Baton Rouge Chapter – Monthly Dinner Meetings (5:30-8:00 p. The way in which benefits are imparted covers a vast and sometimes contradictory range of styles and techniques." Crosby. at some point been fed on the dreams of others and benefited from the guidance by someone who helped us learn the ropes.m. Louisiana State University With their hit song "Teach Your Children.

org/CareerDevelopment/Pages/Obtaining-Credential.aspx 7 .PMI Certifications http://www.pmi.

pmi.PMI Certifications  Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Credential  Project Management Professional (PMP) Credential  Program Management Professional (PgMP) Credential 8 .

9 .Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Credential Completion of ISDS 4113 meets the Option 2 requirement.

$300 for nonmembers   10 .Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Credential  Designed for:  project team members  entry-level project managers  project management undergraduate and graduate students  CAPM test – 3 hours (150 questions – multiple choice) uses the PMBOK Guide (Project Management Body of Knowledge) as the only source Exam cost = $225 for members.

Project Management Professional (PMP) Credential • 36 months of project management experience within the 8-year period prior to the application • 4-hour exam on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) (200 questions) • $405 for members Completion of ISDS 4113 meets the PM education requirement. 11 .

Program Management Professional (PgMP) • Experience over the last 15 years • 4 hour exam – 170 questions • Panel Review: Team of colleagues and peers evaluate your performance as a program manager • Online multi-rater assessment 12 .

Other Credentials  Risk Management Professional (RMP)  Scheduling Professional (SP)  Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) 13 .

PMP – Return on investment of your time and money?  A PMP increases your salary up to 10% more than your non-credentialed colleagues and peers. (PMI Salary Survey – Sixth Edition)  From an article in Certification Magazine (2007) (“Up-to-Date: Earning the Certs and Market Demands”):  The PMP has become very important for IT professionals in a team-lead or managerial role  The PMP can solidify a leadership or managerial position and help move you up the managerial ladder 14 .

Project Management Professional (PMP)  Wall Street Journal. CAPM is the fastest-growing credential Certification can be what sets applicants apart At IBM. 2010  Some companies are requiring their employees to get the PMP certification Most popular credential is the PMP. companies will reimburse employees for the exam and study material costs Recent study by PMI found managers with a PMP earned more than $100K. while those who weren’t certified earned about $93K 15       . hiring managers will only seriously consider project manager applicants with a PMP certification NASA also only employs certified project managers In many cases.

The hardest part was to learn the inputs and outputs of every phase of the project. etc. Inputs and outputs of planning.g.   16 . initiating. teamwork. There were also quite a few critical path calculations. variances.e. they are VERY picky on that . executing. etc. etc.Some advice from a former MBA student who received the CAPM certification  The class helped a lot in understanding the basics planning. scheduling.

Use the PMBOK as a guide to see what areas they test .this is very high level so don’t use it as a sole resource to study One book to help prepare: "PMP in Depth: Project Management Professional Study Guide for PMP and CAPM Exams” by Paul Sanghera"  Focus on the summaries at the end of each chapter . 17 . It also includes practice questions.)  Search for practice exams on Google – will give you a sense of how prepared you are to take the exam.Some advice from a former student who received the CAPM certification   Some tips: Become a PMI member while you're a you get access to some material including the PMBOK 4th edition. It's cheaper and you get a discount on the exam . (Note: Other popular PMP prep books   are by Rita Mulcahy and Andy Crowe.where it summarizes inputs and outputs quite well.

Note  The purpose of this class is to cover the basic knowledge and skills for effective project management    It is not a preparation course for the PMI certification exams However. it will provide an introduction to the body of knowledge that is the basis for the PMI CAPM and PMP certification tests One of the exercises you will do for this class will give you an opportunity to try a practice exam 18 .