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Business Communication

MGT 3201


Dr. Paul Davis

Alma Alpeissova

Alima Dostiyarova

Before we begin

Instructor introduction

Course overview


Nuclear physicist

Working at KIMEP since 1996

International exposure

Extreme in past
Family, cats, plants, dancing

Alima Dostiyarova
MBA, DBA (ABD status) Office hours: Mo, We 12:00 13:00 Office location: # 402/Dostyk bld. Email address:

Liza Rybina
MBA, DBA (ABD status) Tu, Th 13:00 14:00 #346/Dostyk bld.


270-44-40 (2045)

270-44-40 (2183)

Thill, J. and Bovee, C. (2008). 8th Edition.
Excellence in Business Communications.

Prentice Hall/Pearson Education International.

First Mid-term Assessment (30%) Attendance and Class participation Assignments 2 Exams (2x10% each) Second Mid-term Assessment (30%) Group Presentation Attendance and Class participation Assignments 15% 5% 10% 5% 5% 20%

Final Assessment (40%)




Academic Honesty. Please, read and comply with Plagiarism and Cheating policy displayed in the KIMEP catalog. Cheating will not be tolerated. 10 points will be deducted from your total course grade for cheating during midterm exams (0 points for the exam, 10 points penalty for cheating = losing 20 points from the total grade).


Attendance. Attend all classes and prepare for the class by reading the material before the scheduled class period. Come on time Cell phones silent mode

Some topics this course examines

Technology in communications
Non-verbal communication Oral and aural skills Writing for purpose & audience Genres of business messages

Business reports & proposals

Writing to persuade & influence Writing to inform & request

Cultural diversity & communication

Ethics and communication Communicating with difficult people

Mobile phones

How many of you have a mobile phone?

How many times a day do you use it? What do you use it for? How does it make communication easier?

Texting (SMS messages)

Filipinos send more text messages per phone subscriber than any other nation. 1.39 billion texts sent every day by 72 million phone users

It costs just $0.023 cents to send a text in the Philippines

1 in every 2 texts sent in the world are sent in China

What if mobile phones were banned tomorrow?

How would your life change?

Mobile phones are quite new

Phones from early 1990s

Before mobile phones.

Wait your turn.hope the call is not urgent!!

Think about other business communication tools

When I started my undergraduate degree in 1987.nobody had a personal computer, we used punched cards, the computer was of the size of the room.
Our assignments were hand written, the final thesis was typewritten When I got my first job in 1992, we had the latest 486 computernobody knew how to use Windows

Not that long ago

Early personal computer

Floppy disks
80, 256 and 800 B.

Business communication
How would organizations change if there was no email, no internet, no computers?

Imagine if we had to go back to typewriters


Business communications is dependent upon technology

Communications technology changes very quicklyand constantly Technology allows for immediate, quick, 24 hour, high quality business communications Because of this, communication has become critical to business and personal success

Your future
Many of the technologies you will use to communicate in 10 years time have not been invented yet.

Team activity

Form teams according to your month of birth (Jan, Feb, etc.) Introduce yourselves to your teammates, tell about your hobbies and interests, your unique and special characteristics As a team, identify common areas of interest for all members Make a presentation to the class on how all of you as a team are similar to each other and what the areas of individual uniqueness of every member.