Context Research For Third Idea- Answering The Questions

The gospel industry and it's contribution to the music, dance and fashion world.

Question 1 Who is the biggest gospel artists?
In the whole gospel industry the biggest artists are Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary. But these gospel artists are based within the USA. Within the UK gospel music is not as big as it is in the USA , but we do have artists that are becoming big such as Muyiwa Riversongs and G-force, Guvna B and many more.

• A number of factors are contributing to gospel's growth. Improvement in the production quality of the music, more upscale marketing and packaging of the artists and their albums, more favorable demographic and sales research, and better record distribution have all made an impact on sales.

Question 2 What is gospel music? and what part does it play in the music industry?
Gospel music is music used to express Christianity belief it is also known as music for the soul; it can be written from personal testimonies and life experiences. Gospel music can also be alternative to listen to music rather than secular music (pop, hip-hop, rnb, rock etc…). Gospel music can also vary according to the cultural of the people and their society.

• Christian/Gospel music buyers comprise a major force in today’s economy. This large and influential consumer base: • 20% more likely to be between the ages of 18-24 and • 11% more likely to be between the ages of 35-54 • 19% more likely to be female • 17% more likely to live in a household of five or more • 24% more likely to be living in smaller sized counties

Question 3 What is music saying in the gospel industry and how is it different to secular music? To many Christians, gospel music would be really known and
popular, however to the general public gospel music is not that known as it is not mainstream. So secular music is more or less mainstream music, and gospel music does not come underneath this category. Secular music differentiates from Gospel music as some of the secular songs talk about sex, drugs and violence whereas Gospel songs are mostly related to God.

Question 4 How is gospel influencing different medians such as fashion and dance?
Some individuals which would happen to be a Christian would be inspired to use their talents in dance or fashion and to promote who there are and their beliefs. There’s an dance group called the ambassadors, which perform many dances from gospel music and perform stories of experience through dance. There are many different clothing lines, which have bold messages of Christianity, such as Jesus Died for MySpace in heaven, Am on the Lordside, Jesus Junkie, and many more.

• GOSPEL ALBUM SALES BY GENRE • The most popular styles of Christian/Gospel music were: • Pop/Adult Contemporary (28%) • Black Gospel (18%) • Rock (17%) • Praise & Worship (9%) • Country (6%)

• Christian/Gospel digital album sales were up over 38% in 2008, while digital tracks were up over 37% • Christian/Gospel recorded music sales are almost half a billion annually! •  Over 56 million units of Christian/Gospel CDs, cassettes, digital albums, and digital tracks were • sold in 2008

• gospel (a.k.a. contemporary Christian) is the fastest growing genre and the sixth most popular form of music, beating out jazz and classical.

Question 5 Where can i go to see/buy gospel music?
You can listen to gospel music on radio premier and many other music service sites such as play and music AOL. BET Celebration of Gospel would hold annual concerts to appreciate of the different types of gospel music. It would be next year 5th of February. To buy their clothing products you would have to go on its site online to order what ever you want.

• Gospel sales first began to be tracked in the fall of 1995. According to SoundScan's first comparative sales report, 6.7 million gospel records were sold last year, a 32% increase over the 4.5 million units sold in 1996. A 1996 report by the Recording Industry Association of America showed earnings of $538 million, up from $381 million in 1995, a 41% jump.

Reflection Of Third Idea- After Research
The gospel industry would be a very interesting topic to film, as you can see it has been very difficult to find as much research as I have done for the other two idea’s. so I think maybe a documentary for gospel music may be needed, as it I never found any other similar medians.



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