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MARK- A –SALE (Product : Juice Tetra Pack


would be placed at retail stores where the juice counters are there  Also. small tetra packs with “Frushy Man” danglers. you have to drink “Freshy Frushy ”  “Tall standees” . can be placed near the bottleneck areas like the billing counter. “Inflatables” of the frushy man. a mascot toy would be given free with our 1 Litre pack  The image communicated through this would be that.FRESHY FRUSHY Product attributes     Product chosen: Juice Tetra Pack Name of our juice brand would be “Freshy Frushy ” Tagline would be: “Fresh + Fruity + Juicy = Frushy ” “Frushy Man” (Exhibit 1) would be our brand mascot Our Product Mascot (Exhibit 1) Values communicated by our mascot  To give our brand a distinct brand identity  To be used to attract kids. entrance etc  “Frushy-Man” will also communicate the nutrients associated with our product . if you want to be as strong as “Frushy Man”.

“Wobblers” and “Danglers” (Exhibit 3)  To engage customers on a limited time basis we would appoint a person. Center Space.focus on ‘value for money’.. with fruit shaped “Inflatable”. things like a small painting competition for kids can be done at various retail stores for limited time promotion of the brand . health benefits etc. Juice & Confectionary Section. Juice & Confectionary Section. Sports section. refreshing drink. nutrition.  The small packs would have attractive shapes like “mango”. Example: A glass or jar or a set of assorted small juice boxes etc.nutrient replenishment.The POS Ideas  Cardboard tree which is actually a cover to a refrigerated dispenser would be placed in the retail stores (Exhibit 2)  The location can be changed to places where they are most probable to be purchased like Kids section. Also.focus on variants. a fun game of asking certain questions on fruits & their health benefits. “apple” etc and children will like this thing as a collectible too  It can also be given free for some time in a limited “Try and Buy” promotion offer  The 1 litre pack of our juice which would be placed in shelves. family packs etc. nutritional contribution etc can be organized and a variety of complementary gifts can be given & displayed. for specifically mothers & adults.5 coin into it. will have a small toy of our mascot “Frushy Man” given free with it  The juice packs will be placed in shelves in the retail stores. ‘easy on the pocket’  The dispenser would churn out “Fruit shaped” small packs of sample juice on inserting a Rs. Billing Section. Sports Section. wobblers & inflatables highlighting different attributes For example: Kids Section-focus fun factor & the collectibles. Billing Area and Entry & Exit (Exhibit 4)  Attractive artificial plastic fruits would be hanged to catch attention (promote our brand)  The tree will increase eyeball counts & will add to probability of purchase or trial  The tree when placed in different places should be supported by danglers. combo packs.

The Point Of Sale Display: Tree for ‘Try & Buy’ (Exhibit 2) .

Exhibit 3 Exhibit 4 Danglers Wobblers Inflatables Shelf Talkers Retail Store Layout .

box size: L*B*H = 4. more costly retail space  Initial cost of “free trial pack” & “free toy” will mean higher cost at the time of launch SHELF SPACE OPTIMIZATION (Exhibit 5) CUBIODAL TETRA PACKS  For 200 ml.7*3. and also create a good brand image  “Freshness + Fruit + Juicy” value proposition will help drive sales among adults as well.  Location specific display-standees(Eg: Kids Section. CONS  Tree..732*0. Volume occupied : 270*211 = 56970 % Volume Lost = 15.8*11.PROS  Tree shaped shelves will help gain instant eyeballs  Trial packs(fruit shaped) will be a huge hit among children  Brand mascot will help drive sales.60% .4*6.5 = 211cm3 ~ 211ml approx  For shelf sized : LBH = 90*25*30 = 67500 cm3  So boxes that can fit in: Length = 90/6.54= 5 AND : 13 are in the first row of stack. Volume occupied : 266*211 = 56126 % Volume Lost = 16. Total boxes in shelf : (14+13)*2*5= 270 boxes.7= 19 Breath= 25/11.  So boxes that can fit in: Length = 90/4.5*A*A3/2) = 11.5*6.85% PRISMATIC TETRA PACKS  For 200 ml. box size (considering equilateral prism of same length): L*(0. Sports Section etc..) would help building instant connect with all the segments.4*1.8= 2 Height= 30/3. location specific standees display in retail store might entail.8= 7 Total boxes in shelf : 19*2*7= 266 boxes.8*0.8= 2 Height= 30/5.8 cm = 211cm3 ~200 ml approx  For shelf sized : LBH = 90*25*30 = 67500 cm3.4= 14 Breath= 25/11.

Exhibit 5  Volume lost in Prismatic Packing is reduced by 1.25 % and 4 more prismatic boxes can be accommodated in one shelf. 24 more boxes can be arranged. This helps in saving shelf space and also optimizes refrigeration use  Also prismatic boxes are more eye catching . Now considering a whole refrigerator/shelf rack with 6 shelves.