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Project Management Process

Sofware Process


… These are all part of the PM process Hence. monitor progress. PM process is an essential part of executing a project Sofware Process 3 . manage them.Background     Development process divides development into phases and activities To execute it efficiently. must allocate resources. take corrective actions.

which forms the basis of monitoring Sofware Process 4 .PM Process Phases  There are three phases    Planning Monitoring and control Termination analysis  Planning is a key activity that produces a plan.

Planning   Done before project begins Key tasks     Cost and schedule estimation Staffing Monitoring and risk mgmt plans Quality assurance plans Sofware Process 5 .1.

Monitoring and control  Lasts for the duration of the project and covers the development process   Monitors all key parameters like cost. risks Takes corrective actions when needed Sofware Process 6 . schedule.2.

Termination Analysis    Termination analysis is performed when the development process is over Basic purpose: to analyze the performance of the process and identify lessons learned Also called postmortem analysis Sofware Process 7 .3.

Relationship with Dev & Mgmt Process Sofware Process 8 .

not resolving them Sofware Process 9 .Inspection Process     To detect defects in work products. Help in improving quality (finding defects) and productivity( finding defects early). Used throughout dev process. Focus on identifying prob.

Planning – Prepare for inspection and team is formed for inspection. ii. checklists & stds) for review is given to reviewers. Overview and Preparation – Package (work prod to be reviewed. Sofware Process 10 .Stages (executed linearly) in Inspection i.

Overview and Preparation 11 .

Group review meeting – Comes up with final defect list Sofware Process 12 .Inspection stages… iii.

Group review meeting Sofware Process 13 .

Moderator. reader (team leader). author and reviewer. Roles and Responsibilities – Roles. Sofware Process 14 .Inspection stages… iv. Rework and follow up – Author corrects all defects raised during inspection. v.

Track each prob to resolution. Ensure all participants are ready.Responsibilities of moderator       Schedule group review meeting. Sofware Process 15 . Focus on defect identification in meeting. Ensure group review reports are completed. Conduct group review in an orderly and efficient manner.

vi. Guidelines for work products Sofware Process 16 .

SW configuration mgmt(CM) process  Systematically controlling (managing) changes that take place during development 17 .

Prevent unauthorized changes or deletion.CM functions     Give latest version of a program. Undo a change or revert back to a specified version. Sofware Process 18 . docs. and other info for current system. Gather all resources.

Access control.CM mechanism to provide functionality    Config identification. Version control or mgmt. 19 .

Requirements change mgmt process      Log the changes Perform analysis on work products Estimate impact on effort and schedule Review impact with concerned stakeholders Rework work products Sofware Process 20 .

Sofware Process 21 .Process mgmt process   Improving the process to improve Q&P Introducing changes in small increments – Capability Maturity Model framework (general roadmap for process improvement.

CMM(Process mgmt) 22 .

23 .