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Introduction to Nutrition

Professor Rima Itani Al-Nimr, MS, RD, LD SPRING 2014

NTRN 201:

Class Details:
Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:15 pm – 2:30 pm Sears 480 Office Hours • You may approach me after class anytime. • Other times by appointment only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays.

edu Office Location: Medical School 1st Floor.EMAIL EMAIL EMAIL EMAIL EMAIL EMAIL The easiest way to reach me is by EMAILING MY CASE ACCOUNT rima. Room WG 38 Phone Number: 216-368-8820 . Woods Bldg.itani@case.

TEXTBOOK Required : Contemporary Nutrition. 9th edition by Gordon M. Wardlaw and Anne Smith .

their functions.Course Description: The Study of the fundamental concepts of nutrition. food sources. and factors affecting human needs throughout life. emphasis on the nutrients. .

Identify the classes of nutrients. 3. Discuss current research in important issues such as diet and disease prevention. eating disorders. 2. . the function and food sources of nutrients. 4.COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course. and the unique characteristics of each nutrient. Discuss tools used for planning healthful diets and for assessing nutritional status. and food safety. sports nutrition. 5. Describe the basic principles of energy balance and weight control. Identify the changes in nutrients requirements of specific age groups throughout the lifespan. students will be able to: 1.

Grading Description 4 Examinations (100 points each) Personal Diet Evaluation (PDE) Class Presentation Media Assignment Total Points 400 200 50 50 Class Participation Total Available Points 50 750 .

79.100.below Grades will be posted on Blackboard to help you keep track of your progress.89.9% F = 59% . .69. PLEASE contact professor in a timely manner if you have any concerns.9% C = 70% .9% D = 60% .Final grades will be based on the following scale: A = 90% .0% B = 80% .

Refer to syllabus for other policies • • • • • Contacting instructor Use of technology Attendance Conduct Etc. .

edu . lectures. etc. .Blackboard is used for all course documents: http://blackboard.NOTE: THERE IS ONLY ONE EXCEPTION AND THAT IS PART 1 (3-DAY FOOD RECORDS) OF THE PDE DUE IN HARDCOPY ON 02/06/14 (part 2 is due the same day and you should submit that on BlackBoard) . you do not have to print anything out. For the most part.Weekly lectures will be uploaded on the Sunday before. .Class policies. syllabus. . assignments. PDE assignments should be typed and uploaded to blackboard. schedules.

The Case Western Reserve University Statement of Ethics can be found in its entirety at: http://studentaffairs. misrepresentation or obstruction will result in a minimum penalty of receiving a failing grade for the assignment. the potential for failing the entire course. Evidence of cheating. in addition to having the incident reported to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Academic Review Board. tml .A violation of the University’s Code of Ethics will not be

PDE: Personal Diet Evaluation Project YOUR SEMESTER-LONG PROJECT .

Do you eat a well balanced diet? .Personal Diet Evaluation (PDE) GOAL: to study your own diet and encourage you to make positive. healthful changes where necessary.

S.Purpose Provide students with practical experience in estimation and analysis of dietary requirements. students will compare their personal profiles to the current U. Each student will create a nutritional profile. weight. daily food intake. dietary recommendations. and identify possible areas of improvement relating to diet and health. and activity level. By applying concepts learned in class. based on individual data such as height. .

usda.aspx .gov/defaul t.supertracker.YOU WILL USE THE USDA SUPERTRACKER TO TRACK AND ANALYZE ALL YOUR DATA https://www.

• Type your work on the PDE assignment forms present under assignments in BlackBoard • Check your math carefully • Submit your assignment promptly on the due dates. • Keep electronic backup copies of your assignments until final grades are posted.To get the most out of the project: • Be meticulous and honest. • Do not suggest working ahead—you will need things you learn in class to answer the questions .

Part 1 (3 day food records): Record your intake and activity—Hard copy of reports due 02/06 in class 2. Part 4: Micronutrients. Part 2 : Food Groups—Due via Blackboard 02/06 by start of class 3.Overview and Submission Dates 1 . Macronutrients—Due via Blackboard 03/06 by start of class 4. Physical Activity—Due via Blackboard 04/10 by start of class . Part 3: Macronutrients and Energy Balance. Fluid.

Wait to start until 01/28/14.Review of Steps 1-6 • Create Profile (can do this TODAY) • Track intake and physical activity on paper – daily food log. found under assignments in Blackboard. • Enter food information into Supertracker • Analyze food information • Enter physical activity into Supertracker • Analyze physical activity • Print reports .

and then enter the information into SuperTracker to get your 3day food records .Daily Food Log – use this to track your intake for three full days.

stapled and handed in in this order! • PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SAVE A COPY FOR YOURSELVES. . These are the records you will use to complete the entire PDE over the course of the semester.At the end of steps 1-6 you should have 3 days of Meal Summary Reports 3 days of Food Group and Calorie Reports 3 days of Nutrient Reports 3 days of Food Details Reports 3 days of Physical Activity Reports • They should be printed.


The objective of the assignment is to learn how to tell the difference. you will work in the same groups of 4 – 5 people to complete two assignments: 1. . 2.In Addition to the PDE. or it may not be. You can find them under assignments in Blackboard.  We will discuss these assignments in detail on 01/23/14. The Website may be accurate. This is due via Blackboard on 02/27/14. Media Assignment (50 points): An analysis of a popular website that provides nutrition information. Diet Presentations (50 points): Group presentations to the class in March and April (due dates on the schedule) that will discuss a special or Fad diet.

No final exam – the last day of class is the day of our last exam. • There are four exams. 11.Exams • Exams are all Multiple Choice. Exam and Date Exam 1 on 02/11/14 Exam 2 on 03/04/14 Exam 3 on 04/01/13 Exam 4 on 04/24/13 Chapters 1–3 4 – 7. 13 – 15 . each worth 100 points. 12 8&9 10.

. • Please take advantage of these chances early on. • If attendance is regular and class participation is noted. Take advantage of that as well.EXTRA CREDIT AND CLASS PARTICIPATION • Throughout the semester. you may be offered chances for extra credit. then you have a chance for 50 total course points. • NO EXTRA CREDIT WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER LAST DAY OF CLASSES.