Fundamentals of Database Design

Database design theory

crashes.enabledbusiness. it will remain so.  Durability means that once a transaction has been committed. including but not limited to constraints. Any data written to the database must be valid according to all defined rules. www. the entire transaction fails.  Isolation refers to the requirement that no transaction should be able to interfere with another transaction. or errors.ACID  What is a transaction ?  Why is ACID important ?  Atomicity requires that each transaction is "all or nothing": if one part of the transaction fails. triggers. and the database state is left unchanged. crashes. and any combination . even in the event of power loss.  consistency property ensures that any transaction will bring the database from one valid state to another. cascades.

com .Normalization     What is normalization? Why do normalizations Advantages and disadvantages of normalization How normalization is achieved www.enabledbusiness.

rows have no hidden components such as row IDs.First Normal Form     There's no top-to-bottom ordering to the rows. There's no left-to-right ordering to the columns. There are no duplicate . or hidden timestamps].  All columns are regular [i.e. Every row-and-column intersection contains exactly one value from the applicable domain (and nothing else). object IDs. www.

www.Second Normal Form  Complies with the requirements of the First normal form  All non key columns depend fully on the key columns ( and not a subset) or another non key .

enabledbusiness. the whole key. and nothing but the .“ – Bill Kent www.  "[Every] non-key [attribute] must provide a fact about the key.Third Normal Form  Must comply with the requirements of the Second Normal form.

com .enabledbusiness.Denormalization     What is Denormalization ? Why use it ? OLTP vs OLAP systems Advantages of Denormalization www.

Relationship . . primary key . Foreign key .com  Entity . Many to many)  Crows feet diagrams www. 1 to many . Business key.Database modeling  What is an ER diagram?  How to create an ER Diagram     Database diagram Erwin ER studio Visio  Definitions:-  The concept of Cardinality ( 1 to 1 .enabledbusiness. Composite key . Candidate Key .

org/wiki/ACID www.enabledbusiness.References  .wikipedia.

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