Representation of Youth in NEWS(tv,print&web






News on Print
Magazines and Newspapers:
These two are influenced by the following: • Generally financed by the Advertising industry -‘The advertisers is the backbone of the print industry’ -Derived their income from 2 sources: ADVERTISING and CIRCULATION • The Readers However, following the organisational set-up: Publisher: the person in charge of the entire operation of the paper. Her/his task is to set the newspaper’s basic editorial and commercial policies and to see that they are carried out efficiently by the various department heads.

News on Web
Also known as internet/ e media/ worldwide web (www) etc. • ’a network of networks’ • a global system of interconnected computer networks “ The internet sites created, designed and services offered by these institutions links the representations of youths, such as  online chat, file transfer and file sharing, gaming, commerce, social networking, publishing, video on demand, teleconferencing and telecommunications. “

Relates to the news delivered: that the institutions behind every sites are the controllers itself . For news on web: Institution (BBC/CNN/Channel 4 news etc.) Researchers/ Writers Minor controller: Readers through comments on the site Viewers

10 reasons to cheer our teenagers Post categories: The way we behave Mark Easton | 15:34 PM, Monday, 14 July 2008

Reports of youth bus crime soar By Steven Shukor BBC News, London

'Running wild‘: Tom Scanlon, of the Transport & General Workers' (T&GW) Union, said youngsters had lost respect for bus drivers and fellow bus passengers. "There is an assumption that because travel is free, they can get on and off an bus and they are answerable to no-one.”

'Torrent of abuse' "The reason we started the campaign is that we thought anti-social behaviour was getting worse and we were sick of it," said Mr Wright. "It's as if youngsters see buses as their own personal taxi service."

Look very carefully on the images: Is this who we really are?

News on TV

• •

Institutions: BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) • Royal charter • National Broadcasting Council (NBC) CNN (Cable News Network) • FCC (Federal Communications Commissions) • Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. (a Time Warner Company) Major controller: Television/Broadcast: General Manager: person ultimately responsible for all station activities News Department: *News Director: in charge of the reporters, news writers, anchors, sportscasters and weather forecasters.

• • • • • • • • • • Moral Panic Self representation Sensationalised news creates youth segregation Youth subcultures Awareness Widens and deepens understanding (documentaries) Opens ones minds Structuralised point of view Sets a trend False consciousness

“ In our point of view, News speaks the truth and reality around the globe, that’s why its called NEWS (north, east,west and south) .”

Hegemony in News Representation of Youth/Teen/Teenagers
“ Media industries operate within a structure that produces and reinforces the dominant ideology via a consensual ‘world view’.” “This world view is produced predominantly by white middle class, middle aged, heterosexual men.” “It is their ideas and values that infiltrate media texts and ensure that other voices do not get heard.”

Factors to consider for the representations of teens/youth: Race: Issue of classification
gender ethnicity

-a way of maintaining the order of a system. Such as Youth sub cultures social class

History: “It is our mind that sets our ideologies about certain things and even about someone but it is our false consciousness that dictates of how to perceive them through history.”

Do we really have a choice? If so, does it mean that we also choose what to present to the public or we are just structured that we follow a certain pattern through setting a trend to follow.

News is everything and everywhere. The news itself is unchangeable as it already happened/occurred. But it only changes/differs through the way it RE present itself that involves ones point of views. Youth will always be part of the news as it is the reason why media (news, films,movies etc.) still exists.

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