Castle Stalker

Austin Sansone Shane

A History
• Translates to Hunter or Falconer in Gaelic. • Originally built as a fort in the 1320s Clan MacDougall.


The MacDougalls
• Scottish clan, associated with the land of Lorne. • Descendants of Dougall, son of Somerled king of the Scottish Isles. • Dougall took most of the lands of Lorne and Argyll • During the Wars of Scottish Independence, The MacDougalls were supporters of William Wallace and King John I of Scotland. They were then pushed out of power by Robert I of Scotland.

MacDougalls Continued
• Robert The Bruce led an army against the MacDougalls, in which both sides won several battles. About a decade later they were defeated by The Bruce. Ownership of Lorne and Castle Stalker was then given to clan Stewart for their allegiance to The Bruce.

Back to Castle Stalker…
• It was built as it’s seen today at around 1446 by Sir John Stewart. • Many battles were fought by the MacDougalls against the Stewarts. Several battles took place in the fields in front of Castle Stalker. • The MacDougalls never again retained ownership of Castle Stalker.

The Wager
• Ownership was handed over to the Campbells in 1620 when the Stewart leader lost in a drunken wager (for an eight-oared wherry). • In 1684, the Campbells were ordered to return the Castle back over to the Stewarts. The Campbells refused but after a prolonged siege, the Stewarts had ownership of Castle Stalker again

Back to the Campbells
• The Stewarts were then ordered to return the castle to the Campbells in 1690 for their support in the first Jacobite Uprising. The Stewarts refused to turn ownership of the castle over, and were then besieged by the Campbells for several months. It was eventually surrendered after the Stewarts were offered an honorable surrender in 1690.

Stewarts Repelled
• During the 3rd Jacobite Uprising in 1745, the  Stewarts tried to take the castle back again.  Reports state that there were 60 Campbells  stationed at Castle Stalker and a force of 300  Stewarts attacked. It is said that “the Castle  was too strong for them to take and their 2lb  cannon­balls merely bounced off the walls.”  The Campbells retained ownership.

Castle Stalker’s Importance
• Served as an important • Gov. used as center for link between forts Clansmen to surrender during 3rd Jacobite arms. uprising.

Castle Stalker’s Decline
• Campbells stopped living in Castle Stalker in 1800, kept just as a storehouse. • Roof fell in at about 1840; source of major damage to castle.

Stewarts Return
• Castle was bought by Charles Stewart, back in the family again in 1908. • 1965 Lt. Col. D.R. Stewart spent 10 years restoring the Castle to as it is today.

• Sir John Stewart, first lord of Castle Stalker was murdered during his wedding by a disgruntled MacDougall in 1463. • Dugald Stewart was murdered in 1497. • Dugald’s son Duncan took over ownership of the castle but was also murdered shortly afterwards. • In 1520, Sir Alexander Stewart was murdered while fishing near Castle Stalker.