(Applied to both Oral & Written Communication)

7 C’s are Completeness Conciseness Consideration Concreteness Clarity Courtesy Correctness

1 C- Completeness
s t
 

For message receivers either listeners or readers . So for that,

Provide all necessary information
• Five W’s

Answer all questions asked
• Look for questions (Stated & Implied)

Give something Extra, when desirable
• Do more that expectations

2nd C- Conciseness

Eliminate wordy expressions
• • Please be advised that your admission statement was received. Your admission statement has been received.

Include only relevant material
• • • • • Stick to the purpose of message Delete irrelevant words & rambling sentences Omit information obvious to the receiver Avoid long introductions Get to the important point tactfully & concisely

Avoid unnecessary repetition
• Use shorter name after the long one mentioned • Use pronouns or initials rather than repeat long names • Cut out all needless repetition of phrases & sentences

3 C-Consideration

 

See your material from your reader’s point of view Focus on “You” instead of “I” or “We” Show audience benefit or interest in the receiver Emphasize positive, pleasant facts

4 C- Concreteness
 

 

Use specific Facts & Figures Use Active Voice more than the Passive Put Action in Your Verbs Choose Vivid, Image-Building Words

5 C- Clarity
 

 

Choose as precise or as concrete word as possible Select words that have high sense of appropriateness for the reader Opt for the familiar words, the one that is not pretentious Limit average sentence length to 17 to 20 words Insert no more than one main idea into a sentence Arrange words so that the main idea occurs early in a sentence

6 C- Courtesy

 

Be Sincerely Tactful, Thoughtful, and Appreciative Use Expressions that show Respect Choose Nondiscriminationary Expressions

7 C- Correctness

Use the Right Level of Language (Formal or Informal) Check Accuracy of Figures, Facts & Words Maintain Acceptable Writing Mechanics

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