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Date of presentation:24.02.2012 G.C

Organizational structure is focused on group typesetting most common in office and working place .This working structure takes theories research intervention and communication strategies and applies to group in both work and work setting. People in this field focus on helping people and understand their interaction with one to others so that everyone can work together to accomplish important task. As internee I have done my internship in an organization (AMHARA ICT AGENCY) in which I have learned that an internship is an agreement b/n intern and company or organization for a field of such semester to improve the students knowledge.

Here are some goals of internship for students:

An internship provides meaning full work experience which supplement and inhance to academic course . An internship enhance my academic work. An internship offers me an opportunities to assess my abilities and interested in work shop. An internship provides side exposure to the structures operation and divisions process within the organization with out commitment to permanent employer. An internship will proved me the opportunity to develop attitude conductivity to effective interpersonal r/ship . An internship provide to theoretical part of education to practical work situation .

History of the Agency

Amhara Information Communication Technology agency (ICT) has been established on 1995 E.C and it is served as agency on 2002 E.C.when it is founded it has its own mission and visions for the development of communication in this region.


To see every aspect of Amhara region peoples' life is ICT assisted

To develop, deploy & use ICT and optimize its contribution to improve the live hood, development & good

governance of the region.


The agency has develop & implement the following values and principles to achieve its goal,duties & responsibilities are : Assure effective & efficent service Give Priority for customers' satisfaction Scale up best practices Update ourselves with the development of ICT Assure transparency, responsibility & participatory

Internship experience

2. 1.How I get into agency The institute of technology at Bahir Dar University has launched a new internship program to enhance practical education which will be stated in 2003 E.C. With this regard, Bahir Dar University, institute of technology would like to use the opportunity to establish sustainable net work with private and public sectors to create better linkage between industries and institute. As a result, the institute appreciates me to find the company nearby offering legal institutional requesting letter to host me for required periods by assigning supervisors and making the necessary follow up. By holding this letter I request Amhara ICT Agency to host me. Amhara ICT Agency gave the positive answer to host me for the required period by fulfilling the above listed requirements. Amhara regional state information communication technology agency is one of a problem solver of governmental agency in this region. This agency gives a service to the society at regional label as well as country label.

2.2, Section of the company I have been working

As I mentioned to the above working activity I had join to system development and administration core process part. This core process classified in to 4 working activities. These are: standard and preparation of system development and adminisration software development and adminisration data base administration monitering and evaluting Need assessment

2.4, work piece or work tasks i have been executing

After joining this section the ICT agency order us to Amhara trade and transport bureau in order to do website and database. After that we have done the website for the company by fulfilling the company needs. After we finish the website part we start doing the database part which connects woredas and zones to regional bureau to exchange market information online.

2.5.Web based market price information system

As we have seen the company the basic thing that the company to do for the efficient and profitable one application software. The basic thing that this company to do this website and data base application for the following reason: to exchange daily information to different employers. To announce and display to new product to the user . To store daily,weekly and monthely market price for long period of time and so on.

Sample interface of the project

This is the website front page part which contains the organization all activities and their needs.
Home and The organization documentation market information of the organization About the organization cotact us Sevice of the organization news Plan and report of the organization and other so many application content As I showig to website part when you are press market information drop down button you can enter to this LOGIN part . the basic application of this login part to enter to the database system . the login authentication given only to sever administrater ,data base user and different kinds of wereda and zone market price analysiters .They access the login form to send data to the main office of the organization.

Generaly this login form give to authentication: To send market information To sellect and view the recorded market information

The organization would gain different benefits in all aspects of the internship program regarding of the web application.
Exchange daily market information in short period of time. It would be solve data redundency. They are doing their work in computerized system. Easly announce to new product to user,customer and audience. It gains reliable market price informations. To link their organization to other technological organization. To facilitate and speed up their work process and so on.

2.11. how good I have been performing my work tasks

we know how to change thoretical knowledge to practical skill. How to make a business We know how to be an intenpreneur We develop communication while executing our task

2.12 challenges I have been facing while performing your work task
In this period we have been faced a lot of challenge in work place even in life experience. Here I mention some of challenge. Studies each students theoretical aspects of practical field that is why student face difficulties in the real situations is adisenting practicum enviromrnt of companys.

There is adisagreement between employeers in amhara trade and transport bureau.

In the internship period one of difficult challenge that we face lack of working place (office) and personal computer .As we know Amhara ICT Agences have not its own office ,pcs and others. We face challenge to communicate with our agencies advisor because our work office in Amhara Regional State Trade and Transport bureau but her office is in Amhara ICT agencies.

Amhara Regional state Trade and Transport Bureau doesnt have server administrator because of this in each technical
problem happened we didnt get solution in short period of time. Amhara Regional state Trade and Transport Bureau employees has not working coordinates to get the necessary requirements and other information. The organization assigned computer to work are not fulfills available to access to everything. We didnt get a training course by agencies employees. Pocket money that was given by university is not nearly enough for covering our transport cost.

2.13.Measures I have taken to over these challenges From our beginning to solve to this challenges we were took the following measurements.
To solve working place problem we decided to in the organization building ground by asking to Amhara small enterprise and micro balancecase them. After we get permission are available to computer. To solve computer problem we also decided to work two group members in one computer. To solve internet access problem we were communicate to the organization head officers and amhara small enterprise and micro balance case team serves administrator because of it would be solved the problem. To start our project by full confidence we gather the necessary requirements that are not mentioned in TOR part. To start our project we classified into 3 groups to gather requirements. To solve our advisors day to day communication problem we have decide to discussed with her 3 days a week by she is coming to our office or we are went to her office. To solve our transport problem we had taken our personal machines like bicycle

3. Benefits gained from internship

3.1. In terms of improving practical skills
In these internship program got practical knowledge like:-

I have gained practical knowledge of how to design a webpage. I have gained practical knowledge of how to use Joomla soft ware. I have gained practical knowledge of how to design the database of the webpage. I have gained practical knowledge of how to make a communication between computer and printer. I have gained a practical knowledge of how to crimp cables and connect to computers.

3.2. In terms of upgrading my theoretical knowledge

In addition to improving practical knowledge these program upgrade the theoretical knowledge. Some of them are described as follow. Before collecting data the primary condition is a reconnaissance the owner of the project. During this time we take an agreement with the organization. Form group and discuses about their TOR and select software models. How to gather requirement. how to analys the requirment . Based on the the analysis design and implement the project. Finally testing .

3.3 In terms of improving my interpersonal communication skill

Handle information It brings social interaction to the organization employees. Persuade people Improve to build up self confidence It improves our speaking and listening skills To exchange new ideas and knowledges with the other Improve relationships in other

In the company, working with any individual peacefully was gained from your interpersonal communication. I.e. asking open-ended questions and listening affectively to the answers is a great way to show your respect for their experience and ability. Open-ended question encourage individuals:To think To express options To share ideas Interpersonal communication may include one of the following: Communication with many department employee With project planning staff With the organization server administrator Human resource department Communication with other related organization ICT Agency organization Finance and human resource department

Non organization like IFAD(agriculture fund)

3.4 .In terms of improving team playing skill.

Ability of problem identification. Selecting the most appropriate method to solve the existing problem. Generating or forwarding flexible permissions to solve the problems raised. A good decision maker, ability to persuade others. Ability to control motional activities.

3.5 In terms of improving my leadership skill.

Recognize that every engineer is unique Gain trust Solve engineering problems Respect experience and ability Control the learning experience Hold the individuals interest. Ability to inspire and motivate organization members to their best Giving motivational benefits for organization members Listing the idea and advise of the organization members Understanding problems of the organization members and assist them in solving their problems The ability to solve problems by focusing on the solutions Respecting organizational members difference and interest. As leader to have a clear and defined goals, mission and vision Helps the organizational members to understand goals, mission and vision of the organization. Encouraging members when they succeed.

3.6 In terms of understanding about work ethics related issue.

Concern for the well being of other Honesty and Integrity Fairness

Compliance to the law

Benevolence (doing good) Refusing to take unfair advantage Respecting the Autonomy of others Understanding customers filling When meeting and discussion in groups listening and respecting other idea. Punctuality Reliability

3.7. In terms of entrepreneurship skill

It enables me to understand the business concepts It gives me an idea of business philosophy It helps me to have a long term vision about being entrepreneur It helps me to know the opportunities and resources which we have. It helps me to know about the quality team in any industry It helps me to know about risk management Selection of the effective way of doing work. Increasing efficient work Easiest method of producing a product Risk taking ability for doing work Extends different projects upon existing problems concerning certain company etc.

4.1. Conclusion
Now thanks to internship I know what task ;challenges in the real situation and how taken measurements to solve this challenge. During internship season there is different challenges and measurements, even if these events occurred inside this my strength was good. I am glad to have under gone this internship because it taught me many important things and also got to explore my own interests. The Company I have conduct my internship was so nice for me with some defaults that has to be improved for the next time.

4.2. Recommendation
Basically I would like to recommend ICT agency for the following reasons: They havent bus service . Most of them works in field place because of this we can not communicate easily. And also I would like to recommend Amhara trade and transport bureau. They havent server administrator to solve the organization computer technical problem. Before using internet access from that organization you have to announce to new computer because of this we cant use our ow n laptop to use internet access. All employer and head officers are very eager to use the system we developed.