The colloidal stability of magnetic nanoparticles

by Name: Emmellie laura albert(156638) uper!isor: dr che a"urahanim che abdullah

pected result 6$-eferences .#utline 1$%ntroduction &$'iterature re!ie( 3$#b)ecti!es *$+aterials and +ethod 5$E.

%NT-#./0T%#N +agnetic nanoparticle • 1article that can be affected by magnetic field • 52533 nanometer • 4a!e broad range of application such as in biomedical application 1$4yperthermia &$+agnetic -esonance %maging 3$0ell trac5ing and %maging .

4yperthermia .

pecial feature • +N1s is superparamagnetic • superparamagnetic 2 6 state (hen no magnetic field is applied7 +N1s is not magnetic • due to coerci!ity • (hen the si"e of magnetic material is so small that it reach nano si"e7 then7 coerci!ity of +N1s increase to ma.imum7 then decrease to "ero .

8igure 1: chematic illustration of the coerci!ity2si"e relations of small particles .

l!o Theory • tates that the stability of a system depend on the potential force • 9t is the balance of the force attracti!e forces(9a)7 repulsi!e forces(9r) and potential forces due to sol!ent(9s) • 9r and 9a bet(een & molecule (hen they approach one another • 2(hen • i) 9a:9r 7 the particles connected to each other ii) 9a.9r7 colloidal stable ..

ternal parameter for e.ample: i)p4 of media ii) concentration of electrolyte .0olloidal stability • stability of particle (hen magnetic field is not applied depend on 9r and 9a • 9a in!ol!e: i) !an der (aal forces ii) dipole forces • 9r in!ol!e: i) steric repulsion ii) electrostatic repulsion • steric repulsion depend on nature of the particle • electrostatic interaction sensiti!e to e.

'iterature re!ie( 1$ tability of the particle (hen there is no magnetic field depend on the balance force bet(een attracti!e force (hich in!ol!e !an der (aal force and dipole forces and repulsi!e force that include steric and electrostatic interaction according to <anssen et al$(1==3)7 #rtega2!inuesa et al$(1==6)7 and -omero2cano et al$(&331) &$ 6s particle si"e is decreased further7 spins are affected by thermal fluctuations and the particles become superparamagnetic based on the (or5 of 'eslie21elec5y and -iede (1==6) and also >illard et al (&33*) 3$ 4yperthermia in!ol!e the heating of organ and tissue at temperature range of *1?0 until *6 ?0 for it to be able to 5ill the tumour cell as stated in the research of Ersoy and -ybic5i in &33@$ .

ob)ecti!es 1$To characteri"e the magnetic nanoparticle &$To in!estigate the colloidal stability of magnetic nanoparticle in phosphate buffer solution and cell culture medium .

moti!ation 1$ %t is critical to assess the colloidal stability of +N1s in biological en!ironments so that (e are able to design optimal preparations and to clarify the fate of +N1s after administration$ &$ %t is crucial to characteri"e and Auantify the physical stability of nanotransporters +N1s suitability for biomedical applications ( to be specific as targeted drug and gene deli!ery into tumours)$ .

+aterials Magnetic nanoparticles ->NiZnFe Phosphate buffer solution(PBS) Cell Culture Medium(CM) .

method .

pected results 1$6ggregation 5inetics and sedimentation rates may be affected by both dispersing medium and types of nanoparticles$ &$ 1article si"e7 temperature7 p47 concentration (of salts and serum) and dispersing medium ha!e impact on both aggregation 5inetics and sedimentation rates$ .E.

2applied 1hysics$ doi:13$1388F33&&23@&@F&3F11F315 &$ #rtega29inuesa7 <$ '$7 +artǴn2-odrǴgue"7 6$7 D 4idalgo2Hl!are"7 -$ (1==6)$ 0olloidal tability of 1olymer 0olloids (ith .ifferent %nterfacial 1roperties: +echanisms$ <ournal of 0olloid and %nterface cience$ doi:13$1336F)cis$1==6$361= 3$ -omero20ano7 +$ $7 +artIn2-odrIgue"7 6$7 D Nie!es7 8$ <$ (&331)$ Electrosteric tabili"ation of 1olymer 0olloids (ith .tracellular contrast agents and nephrogenic systemic fibrosis$ <ournal of +agnetic -esonance %maging7 &6(5)7 11=3211=@$ .$ (1==6)$ +agnetic properties of nanostructured materials$ 0hemistry of +aterials7 8(8)7 1@@321@83$ 5$ Ersoy7 4ale7 D -ybic5i7 8ran5 <$ (&33@)$ Biochemical safety profiles of gadoliniumJbased e.iandra '7 D -ie5e7 -euben .ifferent 8unctionality$ 'angmuir$ doi:13$13&1Fla33165=l>illard7 +67 Eurihara7 'E7 0arpenter7 EE7 0al!in7 7 D 4arris7 9C$ (&33*)$ 0hemically prepared magnetic nanoparticles$ %nternational +aterials -e!ie(s7 *=(32*)7 32*$ *$ 'eslie21elec5y7 .-eferences 1$ <anssen7 <$ <$7 Baltussen7 <$ <$7 Celder7 6$ 1$7 D 1erenboom7 <$ 6$ (1==3)$ Einetics of magnetic flocculation$ %$ 8locculation of colloidal particles$ <ournal of 1hysics .

T46NE K#/ L D a session .