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Ardeshir Godrej

Established in 1897 : Founder, Ardeshir Godrej. One of India‟s most trusted brand, Godrej enjoys the patronage and trust of over 470 million Indians every single day for over 100 years.

7 major companies with interests in real estate, FMCG, industrial engineering, appliances, furniture, security and agri care .
Turnover crosses 2.6 billion dollars. Presence in more than 60 countries




The vision statement includes striving for excellence by nourishing.  Integrity.  Respect for people.  Dedication.Vision and Mission:  The Management Philosophy of GHPL can be expressed in a single word: "PRIDE“  Passion.  Extraordinary Creativity. developing and empowering our employees and suppliers The mission statements are:  Accelerate the growth of the Indian household insecticides market  Strengthen our leadership position in India  Rapidly globalize our business 4   .

Group Structure : 5 .

Strong R& D and Distribution 3.Lack of innovation 3. Trust 4.Cost of raw materials and other inputs 3.Strong in Ethics Weakness 1.Growing competition from private labels 2.Product diversification Threats 1.Presence across Countries 2.Increasing management and Union issues 2.Recent acquisitions present strong integration opportunities 2.No connect with youth Opportunities 1.SWOT: Strengths 1. Lack of access to technology 6 .

How CSR Activities Started at  ? In 1920. 3 laths to the Tilak Swaraj Fund – For upliftment of the downtrodden. founder Ardeshir Godrej gave a donation of Rs. Giving back turned into our way of saying thank you to the 400 million Indians who are Godrej loyalists. healthcare and education. 7 .   25% of the shares of the Godrej Group‟s holding company Godrej & Boyce are held in a trust that invests back in the environment.

Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Relief funds in case of natural disasters. Educational aid to students.Trust’s / Foundations for CSR :   The Pirojsha Godrej Foundation: 1972 Owns one-third shares of the holding company.  Significant contribution have been made to:       The Latur Earthquake Relief Fund The Andhra Cyclone Relief Fund The Prime Minister Relief Fund The Chief Minister Relief Fund World Wide Fund for Nature-India The Bombay Environment Action Group 8 . Ltd. The income from dividends is utilized for promoting the objectives of the Trust:     Medical relief to the poor and critically ill. Co.

sericulture. 9 . non-religious.  The Naoroji Godrej Center for Plant Research:1992  Center is involved in basic and applied research in horticulture. floriculture and preservation of endangered species.Trust’s/ Foundations for CSR:  The Soonabai Pirojsha Godrej Foundation: March 1974  The trust maintains large tracts of protected land for two separate projects –   The conservation of mangroves Building an integrated housing colony. pisiculture. non-political charitable trust.  The Godrej Memorial Trust:1994  Trust is a voluntary. non-sectarian.

Godrej Environment Policy Practice pollution prevention systems. Godrej's entire campus. dust and noise level in the ambient air. fuel. Dispose off inevitable waste in an environment friendly manner Monitor and reduce the effect of fumes. The preservation of open spaces and specially green open spaces such as mangroves. Godrej strongly believes that this green environment enhances productivity and quality. known as Pirojshanagar. 10           . Conserve key resources like water. Promote the usage of recyclable material. steel etc. is an industrial garden township. energy and raw materials such as wood derivatives. by optimizing its use.CSR Policy’s:  Overall CSR Policy’s Their Corporate Environment Policy has identified biodiversity enhancement as a focal point.

Pass It Forward  CSR Area:  Environment  Health Care  Education  Community Development 11 .

Sustainability: Environment     Mangroves Green Business Centre World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Trees and Afforestation 12 .

Mangroves 13 .

This is the first such mangrove area in India to formally adopt ISO14001 standards for Environment Management Systems. 30 species of reptiles.Mangroves  The Western bank of the Thane Creek is the single largest mangrove belt in Mumbai. Mammals like jackals and mongoose also were sited many a times  14 . 7 species of prawns and 20 species of fish have been identified so far in the area.   206 species of birds. 13 species of crabs.

around 10. Every year. Birds in Mangrove Environment 6. education/awareness building and regular monitoring.000 visitors learn about bio-diversity in mangroves. Butterflies around us 5. Mangroves as Bio resources 3. the Centre (SPGMEC) has developed modules on different topics such as: 1.   Apart from Mangrove Awareness program. Solid Waste Management 7. Biodiversity Conservation 2.Sonabai Pirojsha Godrej:Marine Ecology Centre  SPGMEC is engaged in conservation of the marine diversity (mangrove ecosystem) through research. Combating Global Climate Change 4. Medicinal plants 15 .

Green Business Centre: Hyderabad  The Green Business Center was conceived by Godrej and CII in partnership with the Andhra Pradesh Government. First building in the world to receive the Platinum LEED award.   The Green Building:Focus in several areas:      Selection of site for the building Selection and usage of materials Architectural features Efficiencies in water and energy management Indoor air quality and occupant thermal comfort. 16 .

Godrej has also has been associated with TRAFFIC-India (Trade Record Analysis of Flora and Fauna in Commerce).    17 .World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)  Godrej has been associated with India‟s largest conservation NGO. Godrej. who was its Founder Trustee and President to Mr. wild-life conservation organization It was started with the late Mr. a division of WWF-India. WWF-India. S. Jamshyd Godrej who is currently the President of WWF-India and the Vice President of WWF-International. WWF-India began as a modest. P.

Trees and Afforestation  Godrej name has always associated with Trees. free of cost to voluntary organisations engaged in afforestation work. It has been their endeavour to protect the forests and propagate greenery.   18 . Tree Bank is maintained at Pirojshanagar and saplings are generously distributed.

Health Care     Godrej Memorial Hospital AIDS Awareness Blood Donation Smile Train 19 .

It has treated 35.   20 . • Multiplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Center.Godrej Memorial Hospital  GMH was set up by Godrej Memorial Trust. • Free Anti Retro-viral Treatment (ART) Center for people living with HIV and AIDS. Features • Free Emergency (Cardiac / Accident ) Ambulance service within the suburb • Casualty services-Round the clock • No advance deposits ( for Admission) • Home Health Service • Free surgeries for (BPL families) children born with deformities of the mouth and lips( Cleft lip and palate).000 patients and performed 3.128 surgeries since inception.

Leading hospitals. Parmeshwar Godrej called „A Time for Heroes.AIDS Awareness/Blood Donation   Aids Awareness Godrej supports „The Heroes Project‟ in trying to end misconceptions and in spreading awareness about HIV and AIDS. India‟. The project had its beginning in a fund raising event for pediatric AIDS organized by Mrs. the Red Cross Society and Indian Medical Association provide help in conducting these camps. 21  .    Blood Donation A blood donation camp is organized every year on the death anniversaries of its founders Naval Godrej and Burjorji Godrej.  Employees support this noble cause in big numbers and save precious lives of fellow humans.

." 22 . Features     at   Primary consultation and screening is followed by expert plastic surgery.one of the most productive charities– dollar for deed– in the world. Patients are offered follow up speech therapy and other support services. Surgery and hospitalization to the patient and one attendant are provided completely free of cost Travel costs are reimbursed by the hospital for deserving cases ".Smile Train  Children with defects like Cleft Lip and Palate are treated Godrej Memorial Hospital (GMH) along with a US based NGO „Smile Train‟ Over 300 surgeries have been successfully conducted at GMH till date..

Education   Udayachal Schools Teach for India 23 .

primary and secondary. Gradually the school grew into a 3 medium (Gujarati. managed by Godrej. have been providing quality care and education since 1955. World Forestry Day etc. Marathi and English). 3000 students. to name a few 24 . World Population Day.   Environment consciousness is kindled in every child – through various programmes marking World Wetlands Day.Udayachal Schools: Providing Quality Care and Education  Pre-primary.

Teach for India  Teach for India (TFI) is a nationwide movement that aims to narrow the education gap in India Godrej group has pledged to sponsor employees for the TFI Programme. 25 . Godrejite Veena Verma was one of the recent 94 selected out of thousands of applicants. as a contribution towards educational opportunity for all Indians. Every TFI Fellow has two main responsibilities:      classroom instructional leadership community transformation project.

Community Development Preserving Heritage Community development 26 .

Community Development  Godrej's devoted effort to preserve India’s architectural heritage.   Godrej is closely associated with the Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA) Pirojsha Godrej Foundation promotes a unique community development Programme called Sayam for Rural development  27 . Godrej was head of the Mumbai Chapter. It has active participation in the Indian Heritage Society of which late Mr. P. S.

56 L was handed over to CII. engines etc. boats.Other Initiatives   Scout & Guide Pavilion (1923) Supports following organizations    World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Friends of Trees Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS)    Tsunami Rehabilitation Project: The (CII) and Godrej employees voluntarily supported 150 families in the Tsunami stricken Pallayar (in Nagapattinam district) and Azhikal (in Kanyakumari district).  A sum of over Rs. By providing:    Fishing equipment. Funding a community health center and Providing skill based training to 200 residents.. 28 .

Vatsalya Trust  It is a charitable organization dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of destitute children  Provides shelter and counseling to women in distress and senior citizens      29 . the first non-polluting crematorium of its kind in Asia. ALERT India:  Is engaged in the early detection of leprosy cases. Marathon: Godrej supported the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) on Jan 17.Other Initiatives   Crematorium for animals: Naval Godrej‟s sponsored the very first electric crematorium at the Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital for animals at Parel. 2010 to support ALERT India and Vatsalya Trust A team of 30 Godrejites ran for the cause of leprosy. supporting ALERT India.

Advice and conventional contraceptives at concessional rates were provided. Features :          A Family Planning Centre was opened in September 1957. Volunteers were trained in an intensive one-week orientation course. which is a voluntary organization devoted to promote Family Planning as a basic human right. Family Planning Exhibitions were held. Incentives are offered to persons undergoing vasectomy and tubectomy operations A ‘Well Baby Clinic‟ has been opened for giving advice to mothers about their children's health. About 1135 children have been treated so far at this clinic. 30 . A Vasectomy Centre was opened.Other Initiatives   Family Planning Godrej has been connected with the Family Planning Foundation.

2. Godrejites voluntarily contributed a fixed monthly amount to the fund. With a sizeable fund that is geared to feeding close to 780 school children and providing for 1. The fund was created in three ways. A „healthy meal‟ option was provided in the canteen to the employees. . 31    . 3.56. The contribution from the „healthy meals‟ menu was matched by Godrej and effectively combined corporate and employee participation. Godrej pledged to collect funds that would be utilized to provide school children mid-day meals. 1.Other Initiatives   Table for Two Is targeted at addressing hunger and malnutrition in the developing world.000 meals annually.

000hardware packets of 200 kinds are made .     32 . Today around 40. 3 million hardware packets from NADE are provided .Other Initiatives  Long term employment for the visually disabled: The activity of hardware packet making for chairs has been outsourced to National Association for Disabled Enterprises (NADE) for the last several years. Objective :Continued occupation for the visually disabled.

5th June 2009    Earth Day Celebration. 2010 Wildlife Photography Contest Wildlife Week Celebration – 2009 World Environment Day.Day’s Celebration and Initiatives        World Wetlands Day 2011 Celebration by Godrej Mangrove Centre Wildlife Week Celebrations 2010 Vanamahotsav – 2010 Earth Day Celebration 23rd April.22 April 2009 Campaign on Segregation of Waste in Stationside and Creekside colonies Flamingo watch organized for Nisarg and Green Club 33 .

Vikroli.  The Awareness program for Godrej and Boyce. WWF 25th Anniversary Benefactor “White Pelican” Award: For contribution to conservation of nature and natural resources. Mumbai was given the ISO 14001 certification.Awards   BNHS Green Governance Award:2005 for conservation and restoration of habitat. 34 .

than words. 35 .     The CSR activities continue from generation to generation. The CSR activities of Godrej are spread across all fields. Equal Participation from Employees and Management. They believe in action .ADI GODREJ and other family members even before the word CSR was known has made the Godrej group one of the most trusted business house in India.Conclusion:  The philanthropic activities by the chairman Mr.