OF ROYAL ENFIELD Presented By Avinash Shrivastava, Durgesh Kumar Sodha, Manas Kumar, Pooja Inani, Saijeeth Vasudevan


K. as enfield cycle company. .THE BEGINNING • Royal Enfield was the name under which the Enfield Cycle Company made motorcycles. a cannon. lawnmowers and stationary engines. • This legacy of weapons manufacture is reflected in the logo. and their motto "Made like a gun. • Established in 1890 in U. • Use of the brand name Royal Enfield was licensed by the Crown in 1890. bicycles. goes like a bullet".

• 1914 saw the 3 HP motorcycles this time with Enfield’s own engine which now had the standardized Enfield paint scheme of black enameled parts and green tank with gold trim. • In 1911 the next model was powered by a 2 ¾ HP engine and boasted of the well known Enfield 2-speed gear. It was this motorcycle which made Enfield a household name.THE EARLY YEARS • In 1909 Royal Enfield surprised the motorcycling world by introducing a small Motorcycle with a 2 ¼ HP V twin Motosacoche engine of Swiss origin. • In 1912 came the JAP 6 HP 770 CC V twin with a sidecar combination. .

like other manufacturers of that time Royal Enfield was also called upon by the British authorities to develop and manufacture military motorcycles • After the war the factory continued manufacturing the models developed during the war and the legendary J 2 model appeared which went on to be the ancestor of the legendary Bullet.BETWEEN THE WARS • At the time of the outbreak of WW I Royal Enfield supplied consignments of their 6 HP sidecar Outfit motorcycles with Stretchers to the Crown. . • Royal Enfield supplied large numbers of motorcycles to the British War Department and also won a motorcycle contract for the Imperial Russian Government. • During World War II.

the Redditch Company partnered with Madras Motors in India to form what was called 'Enfield India' to assemble these 350 cc Bullet motorcycle under licence in erstwhile madras (Now called Chennai). the Indian government started looking for a suitable motorcycle for its police forces and the army for patrolling duties on the country's border. . Thus In 1955. • The Bullet 350 was chosen as the most suitable bike for the job. As per their agreement Madras Motors owned the majority (over 50%) of shares in the company. an enormous order for that time.THE INDIAN CONNECTION • Royal Enfield motorcycles were being sold in India ever since 1949. In 1955. • The Indian government ordered 800 of these 350 cc motorcycles.

It was during this merger that the name Enfield India changed to Royal Enfield. and later merged with it in 1994.CONTINUED. • The Enfield Bullet dominated the Indian highways and with each passing year its popularity kept rising.. . • In 1990. Enfield India entered into a strategic alliance with the Eicher Group.

rather than permitting each to work in isolation . • Its goal is to make all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising. online communications and social media work together as a unified force. public relations. direct marketing. sales promotion.INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS • Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is an approach to brand communications where the different modes work together to create a seamless experience for the customer and are presented with a similar tone and style that reinforces the brand’s core message. personal selling.

MEDIA USED BY ROYAL ENFIELD • Print Media • Electronic Media • Internet .





• One of the reasons for its social media success can be attributed to its huge online social presence on Facebook. • It saw a wonderful launch on social media with different strategies adopted to make it a success.INTERNET • Royal Enfield launched one of its much awaited bike – Thunderbird500. The offline madness matched with the online hype as the online community it has built over the last two years had immensely helped in spreading the buzz. Twitter and YouTube .

According to Unmetric. The community that is predominantly male with 92% has support from an age group of 21-30 years followed by the 21 and below age group. has covered many milestones over the two years of its existence. • 1. .FACEBOOK COMMUNITY • The Royal Enfield Facebook page launched in July 2010. the community gained more than 100K fans with a higher growth rate of 117% than the average automotive Facebook page. which is 38%. a social media monitoring tool. Fan Growth: This data for the first 9 months of 2012. One of them is the sizeable fan growth which now stands as a 200K strong community.

• The below screen grab provides a visual presentation of the fan growth in the last nine months. .

We can see one such content in the below screen grab. the content that is shared is all about bikers. upcoming models. . offline meetups and their love for riding. Content Strategy & Engagement: • The content strategy on Facebook has been focused and top notch. If we run through the timeline.2.

5K were from fans.CONTINUED.. • Majority of the content falls under three categories – 1) About Royal Enfield 2) Automotive and 3) General Happenings. definitely automotive posts would attract attention more but then that has to be blended well with other content too. • In last 9 months. A clear indication that the Facebook page is a community-driven one . the page saw more than 7K posts and more than 6. • Being a biker. Royal Enfield has a good content mix.

• Along with this. the page started posting a covered image along with the date and the link to find more details. On Facebook along with other updates. One such was giving a sneak peak of the colors that the new model will don and fans were not complaining either.• Facebook and Twitter community were used to build the excitement. the page also focused on emphasizing some of the cool features the new bike is raving about. . • Thunderbird500 was already making waves before the official launch in Mumbai.

. • The showroom was well lit from both natural and artificial lights. This was interesting as it clearly indicated the historical roots and the rich history of the company. The temperature was moderated and it felt refreshingly cool inside. • The walls of the showroom were filled with posters of RE Bikes and the Evolution history of the company throughout the ages. Shop-floor arrangement : • There were only a few models kept and the rest of the shop-floor was empty giving a lot of movement space to the customers. This was refreshing and gave a sense of freedom and choice.VISIT TO THE SHOWROOM 1.

the showroom was able to provide special treatment for the customer. entered the showroom and exited. • The showroom has displayed the complete range of motorcycles right from the basic 350cc model to the Classic 500 Chrome and Desert Storm and that too in all colors.. the open spaces and the freedom to mount a bike and feel the bike first hand. . The customer felt part of a heritage. at all the "moment of truths". • Overall from the moment the customer parked his vehicle. made an impact on the customer. • The showroom was designed in such a way that people from outside could easily see the customers inside. The shining bikes and the wall posters.CONTINUED. This adds to the customer experience since it makes customers feel respected by outsiders and boosts their self image.

. A2 (SEC) Lifestyle: Classic. • Behavioral: Benefit: Looks. Legendry.SEGMENTATION • Geographic: Urban • Demographic: Age Group: 18 to 30 Years Gender: Male • Psychographic: A1. Usage Rate: Heavy and rough use. Royal. Kingly. Attitude: Enthusiastic. Income: Upper middle class and Upper class.

TARGET 0-18 Age Group 18-30 Age Group Above 30 Age Group Royal Enfield .

” . keeping in accordance with the overall Royal Enfield ‘trip’ brand campaign.POSITIONING • To position as India’s coolest practical cruiser bike by talking to a younger target audience between the age group of 18-30 years.

committed workforce. . Royal Enfield means more than just motorcycles. Having a Cult status the Royal Enfield motorcycle is known for its Versatility. Uniqueness and is built to last. • Company concentrate on building its brand around the values that the brand stands for. Perceived as a machine in a class of its own and synonymous with Leisure and Adventure. comprising of management professionals and a skillful. emotion and interest. the Company has a unique and open culture. To its customers in India and elsewhere in the world. riding and charting up the miles.CONCLUSION • With the finest and brightest of teams in the country. • Royal Enfield strongly promotes leisure motorcycling as a lifestyle and encourages the Royal Enfield riders/owners to keep riding. it's a sense of belonging to an exclusive community with unfading passion. making Royal Enfield a vibrant and responsive company.

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