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Romanian Traditions

Christmas Traditions
New Year Traditions
Christmas Traditions
Tree in the Romanian tradition
In the Romanian tradition of the village, we find the habit
of tree adornment at weddings and death young women
and men. The custom is the time of the Dacians and
signifies a ritual wedding between the deceased and the
nature represented by the tree. He remained in the
tradition of local communities in regions of Banat and
Oltenia. Tree thus adorned is called the Tree of Life,
which is found naturally in folk art as the reason.
Ethnographic evolve the Romanian people, Brad has
become increasingly more meanings, such as "tree
court," a dead tree, "tree fertilizer" or "pole maypole.
Custom tree today

Today, decorating the Christmas tree has become one of the most beloved
traditions in both urban and rural, with the expectation, on Christmas eve, a
new character, Santa Claus, an Americanized version of Saint Nicholas.

Christmas tree - symbol of celebration and hope

Christmas tree has become a universal symbol today is erected and decorated by
people of any religion, regardless of the climate of the country of origin. His origins
stretch back to paganism. The Norwegian and Scandinavian traditions, evergreen
trees were decorated and the tree of Wotan / Odin was burned in honor of the winter
solstice (December 25) to celebrate the rebirth of the sun, to symbolize the power of
life which triumphs even in the dull winter months and to mark the end of the old year
and beginning of another year. During the "strange nights" of pagan times (December
25 to January 6), branches were always decorated with candles hung in homes for
protection. In antiquity, dedicated pin Attzis and Cybelei was often decorated with
Christmas tree became a symbol only in the nineteenth
century, symbolizing birth and immortality. Christmas
tree it symbolizes Christ as the Tree of Life, while
candles depicting Christ himself as the Light of the World
- and sometimes the souls and the Sun, Moon and stars
Cosmic Tree. Apples (replaced by toys) were used for
decoration symbolizing the apple tree of knowledge.
• Winter holidays in Romania is carried out between December 24
and January 7 and are central points Christmas, New Year and
Epiphany (with ajunurile costs), their most important feature is
unparalleled repertoire rich in customs and beliefs.
Christmas is the popular name of Jesus Christ Nativity festival,
celebrated every year on December 25. The word is probably of
Latin origin, derived from the "creatio" (birth). Replaced the old
Christian feast celebration of God Chithra Persian (Sol Invictus) on
the consistency and the proximity solstitiare solar symbol.
Christmas ceremonies that accompany their pre-Christian roots that
remind the celebrated Roman Sundays until the II century - century
BC, in March, after which he moved in January, and the Saturnalii.
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