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ADVERTISING is the delivery of the most persuasive product message at the right time, in the right place, to the right person, at the lowest possible cost
Todays Product/Brand Manager


Paid form of non-personal communication about an organization, product, service or idea from an identified sponsor, using mass media to persuade or influence an audience.

Advertising use to:

inform people about products and services

to make brand names familiar to the public

to give the company a personality which sets it apart from the others. to remind customers about their




right time and right place

to tell the public about improvements in products

to help their sales force to be more effective

to reinforce customer confidence in his/her purchase

Importance of Advertising
It is very cost effective method to communicate to a large

It helps create brand image and symbolic appeal for the

brand which is a very important for companies selling product/services that are difficult to differentiate on functional attributes.
Advertising creates awareness, interest, desire and drives

the consumer to the shop.

Popular advertising campaigns attract customers attentions and can help generate sales.For example :
Ye dil maange more
Connecting People The Best A Man can get Daag Acche Hain Desh Ki Dhadkan

Role of Advertising in Brand Promotion

Information and persuasion Introduction of new brand or brand extensions Building and maintaining brand loyalty among consumers Creating an image and meaning for a brand

How does advertising work?

Comprehension Conviction Action

Hierarchy of effects
100% target audience
75% aware of the product

50% show some interest in the product

30% preferred the product

25% tried the product

15% Repurchase

Some dos
Advertising should be informative.
Advertising should be entertaining. Advertising should be involving.

Some donts
Advertising should never over claim any benefit in a product

or a brand.
Never try to put down or talk down your consumers in

manner that will insult them.

Try not to compare your brand with a competitor and try

not to show your competitor in bad light.

In case you do any comparison with your competitor or

show your competitor it should be done in a intelligent and tactful manner that such that it is memorable and not in bad taste.

GRAB PEOPLE Ad can be able to grab someone who glances for just a second. Force people to take a second glance instead of simply moving on.

Be Clever and Creative

Attract people and represent the brand in a positive way. A clever ad represents a clever company.

Speak Loudly
The louder you talk, the more people hear you.

Dont make them think ( too much)

You need to get the message across in a clever way, but it shouldnt make people think too much. A person should know what the ad is saying as soon as they look at it.

Colors that pop but make sense Colors should work with the feeling of the brand and environment in which the ad is being placed. Appeal to the targeted people through color, but dont make the colors distracting. For a fun brand, use a collaboration of bright colors. If the ad is more serious, possibly use a more simple color scheme.

Be informative
Every advertisement must convey a message. Ads visually represent a message.

Stand out and Be Memorable Your ad should be unique, memorable and completely different than anyone else. Be original.

Give off a Feeling Someone should be able to tell the companys tone by looking at an ad.

Show Not Tell Try using a more visual way of representing a concept instead of text.

Use Humor : Use a Metaphor

Humor is a useful technique for attracting people to an ad. Metaphors can be a great way to add humor.

T H A N K Y O U !!