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3 key tools for our teaching and learning.

Russell Stannard

Here is my talk

Todays Talk
Information about me (very quick).

Talk about some key technologies that I have

used to develop students speaking skills and story of how I developed these ideas. Explain and show some of the actual work the students have done. Conclusions.

Russell Stannard
Previously worked at the University of Westminster and the

University of Warwick. Now work part-time. Now a freelance consultant and a NILE associate trainer. Teach the ICT modules on the course. Train teachers to use ICT. Run Free website that offers step by step help videos to show teachers how to use technology in their teaching. Won Times Higher Technology Award, British Council Technology Award and University of Westminster Excellence in teaching Award. Last year 350,000 visitors to the site, 11,000 Twitter Followers and 14,000 subscribers to my monthly newsletter.


How to use JING
Allows you to record the screen of your computer as

if you had a camera pointing at it. I use it for providing feedback to students on their written work. The idea generated enormous interest. Including appearance on TV, inclusion in a government report and widespread media coverage. Example

Imagine providing this as feedback.

Student feedback on an essay about blogging.

Student feedback on the design and layout of a

students blog. General feedback Mini grammar review

How JING saves your videos

Upload and Linked

A few of the publications

Recent paper in Norway Norway Newspapers and reports Independent Guardian JISC report

Impacting on Quality
Students like the voice. Students feel it is more personal. More information is conveyed. Feedback can be elaborated on. Feedback can be very timely. Like having the teacher sitting next to you. Multimodal Student learning styles. Motivating/authentic listening material Special needs students Stylistic benefits

The students can use JING too.

Jing is free. We can get the students to use it.

They can record themselves speaking..

Telling a story Talking over a document/website Talking about a picture Providing feedback Providing reflections Answering questions

Jing-Student to teacher
Examples Talk about a timeline Talking about a picture

We often get our students to reflect on their

lessons/dissertations/ learning. Obvious techniques are Using diaries Questions Tick box and check lists Continually disappointed with the results Students dont engage. Could oral reflection be the way to go? Example of teacher trainer reflecting

ICT Tool 2-myBrainShark

This tools allows students/teachers to upload

PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Pictures, Video etc and then to add voice. The content can then be shared via email, embedded or put on the internet. Very versatile and reliable tool. Impressive compression.

How to use myBrainShark

Students on EAP courses have loaded up PP

presentations and then added their voice. Example Students have loaded up PP slides about themselves with pictures and then added their voice and embedded them into blogs. Students have loaded pictures and then described them. Students have reflected on their lessons.

Reflection with myBrainShark

Would students do better reflections if they were

oral? Could I get students to reflect on their pair work/group work activities so I could learn more about the interactions. Talk class, sent questions, students uploaded and added their answers orally and then shared with me. Example

Proving very popular
Students can upload PDF, Word, PowerPoint and

then add webcam Great for distance learning, pair work oral work etc. My own work has been in the domain of reflection.

Present.Me in action
How to use PresentMe

Example of student working with PresentMe My student reflecting on the lesson

These 3 tools are currently the most popular on my

site. They all do something slightly different but they can overlap They have possibilities in a whole range of areas including Feedback, Speaking, Reflection, Distance Learning, Flipped Classroom

References-my Work
Recent piece on JING in the Guardian-

Guardian Article For extensive information about using JING go here Russells page on feedback and JING

Academic Pieces
OU piece

Open University article on JING feeback Excellent overview of the use of Screen Casting Applications of screencasting Recent article in Norway Using screencasting in Higher Education

Help videos for all the tools demonstrated.

MybrainShark PresentMe Jing

Any questions
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