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Jack Kane Community Education Centre

Our Building

Jack Kane in the Present Day

The only community based MVP project in Scotland One of the largest community centres in the City of Edinburgh Council Currently employ around 13 members of staff and 8 volunteers.

Who uses our centre?

Core Groups Mentors in Violence Prevention Group Smooth Moves Others External Lets (CEC) Birthday Parties

Girls Group
426 Group FU12 The Crib Saturday Night Group Staff Training

Dog Shows
Hospital and Outreach Teaching Service (HOTS) Debra Ann Dancers Karate Oot n aboot

MC Meetings

Monday - MVP
MVP is a national programme run by Police Scotland: Violence Reduction Unit Adapted from Jacksons Katz, bystander approach to violence Group is now delivering sessions to Edinburgh College, Community Centres, CCHS Two residential: Wiston Lodge and Police college Intercultural Work

Tuesday Smooth Moves

This group is for P7 pupils only. It doesn't matter what school they go to they only need to be in Primary 7. If they wish to have fun, meet new pals and learn things about moving to High School then this is the group to come along and take part in a club that offers the children all they need to know about Transition and moving up. The group runs every Tuesday from 5-7pm.

Tuesday Management Committee

First Tuesday of every month

Our Management Committee

Office Bearers John Witherspoon Chair Stevie Auld Vice Chair Connor Murdoch Secretary Sylvia Hawthorne Treasurer
City of Edinburgh Council Representatives Scott Fraser CLD Worker/ Head of Establishment Gillian Cunningham Clerical Assistant

John McKenzie Community Councillor Lorna McCallum Local Primary School Link Nyree Harrison Dawn Potter Owen Thomas Eileen MacMillan

Officials Cllr Maureen Childs Cllr Michael Bridgeman

JKMC Emma Kyles Senior Worker Staff Representative (changes every month)

Wednesday Girls group

The girls group meets every Wednesday from 5:30 7:30pm we are a group of young females aged 12+ years and have recently been working on an inspirational females projected. This projected has allowed us to research inspiration females across our community, city and the world, from this we have chosen a varied selection and we will be present the individual stories at an event. The event has been organised and designed by us and will be held on the 05th March from International Womens Day, it will be a catwalk which will involve us taking on different leading roles, such as costume design, prop design, invitations, guests list. We will also be in charge of delivering the stories we have chosen in front of a selected audience of friends, family, staff and other local people. At the end of the event we will celebrate as a group and after the summer holidays we will focus our attention on a new project.

Thursday 426
The 4 to 6 group within the Jack Kane Community Centre runs on a Thursday 4-6pm and is for P4-P6 children. The group offers a range of physical and informal educational themed activities which are fun, free and open to all children from the Greater Craigmillar Area. The name was designed and chosen by the children. Two experienced youth and children's workers encourage the children to take part in activities along with a young volunteer who is currently at college completing his Sports leadership course.

Friday FU12
This drop in session is the place to be for children under 12. There are lots of activities and new things to try out. We go out on trips, do arts and crafts, there's also the chance to meet new friends. There is a staff team of 4 with 2 volunteers giving up there time on a Friday. The theme for this groups runs alongside community safety, i.e. safer roads etc. This group runs every Friday from 1.30-3.30pm.

Friday The Crib

The centre and Edinburgh Leisure opens their doors to young people every Friday night from 7-9pm for young people in S1+ to chill out with their mates or get active and fit in the Pulse Centre or even better use the big football hall. There is also a big focus on non-traditional sports for the young people to take part in. And on top of that the young people get to try their hand at cooking as they prepare their own snacks.

Saturday Staff Training

Last Saturday of the month Different Training Each Month Staff build on relationships, confidence, and training CEC Training Courses