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An inspiring edutaining film!!

Chanakya also known as Kautilya & Vishnugupta was the world's first
Economist, Master Strategist & Management Guru.

His management thoughts and ideas guided Kings and Rulers for Centuries. He documented his lifelong work in the book Kautilya's Arthashastra and his 6000 sutras brought out some of the key principles and strategies for sound governance, which are relevant even today and would be in the future too.

One of the 'Construct for Governance' in his book is called 'The Saptangas' - meaning The 7 Pillars of a Successful Kingdom

The Film 'CHANAKYA SPEAKS' adapts this construct to today's contemporary times as 'The 7 Pillars for Business Success.'

For the first time in Human History, The Seven Pillars will be unveiled to the world through an Entertaining, yet Powerfully Educating Film for

Business Success.

The Film showcases how The Seven Pillars will help make a good organization, company or an institution in contemporary times. It is inspired by the book 'Corporate Chanakya' authored by

Mr. Radhakrishnan Pillai.

The Film "Chanakya Speaks-The Seven Pillars for Business Success" is the story about the quest of a young business executive trying to learn from Chanakya's Teachings. He discovers Chanakya's Seven Pillars Construct and sets upon the journey to adapt it for the growth of his organization and his life.

In the process he also meets some 'real - life' successful leaders of India's biggest companies.
He understands, that what the leaders tell him and what Chanakya said centuries ago are not different. He begins to create a new direction for himself and for his company.

Synopsis - ||chanakya speaks||

In the process of watching the film you will discover ......... The Chanakya in YOU!!!

SWAMI The King (The Leader)

AMATYA - The Minister (The Manager)

JANAPADA - The Country (Your Market) DURGA - The Fortified City (Infrastructure) KOSHA - The Treasury (Finance) DANDA The Army (Your Team) MITRA - The Ally (Mentor)
(Kautilya Arthashastra)

Insights from

The Leader is the visionary, the captain, the man who sets the vision and the direction. In today's corporate world we call him the Director, CEO, etc.

Insights from

The Minister is the person who runs the show - the second-incommand. He is an Efficient Manager, who stirs the ship in the right direction and is always in action.

Insights from

No business can exist without a Market to serve. It is the area of operation. The place and people you serve and from where you get your revenue and cash flow.

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Infrastructure is the nucleus and the center of any organization. It's from here that your central administrative work is done & in today's day & age, it is both physical & digital.

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Finance is the backbone of any business. A strong and well-managed treasury is the heart of any organisation.

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The Army consists of your Team members. Those who are ready to fight for the organization. The salesmen, the accountant, the driver, the peon - all of them add to your Team.

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The Ally is the friend, philosopher & guide, whom you can depend upon when problems arise. He is the Mentor who sheds light & guides when one is in darkness.

DVD RELEASE: (July 2012).


Edition (Film + Authors Note) Special Training Kit Edition (Film + Authors Note + Audio CDs + Research Papers + Training Module + Additional Speeches + 100 Hrs of Audio Content) PAID CORPORATE SCREENINGS: Invite Corporates to wine, dine & network through the film screening through paid shows, in digital theatres or their respective offices. Group bookings and viewing in places of their choice.

Duration 90 mins Languages - English & Hindi (dubbed) Voice Over- Veteran Actor Tom Alter Unique Graphical Representation of The Seven Pillars Subtitles: Hindi & English Sound: 5.1 Dolby Digital

Copy Protected DVDs

Authors Note by Mr. Radhakrishnan Pillai


Ideally suited for : a. b. c. d. e. Corporate Leaders, Managers, Businessmen, Management Students & Trainees

All those wanting to approach leadership, management and training in a unique (or uniquely Indian) way.

a. Foreign Universities & Governments Offering the age-old management sutras in a new way of learning for the Western World from none other than the world's first Economist, Master Strategist & Management Guru Chanakya.

b. Keeping Indian Culture Alive It is one of the greatest contributions of human intellect to political theory and practice. What is notable in the book is the absence of religion. It simplifies the age-old formula of success for leaders of the corporate world. c. Exposure Global Market at large. It begins with the insight given by the Top India Business Leaders. The wide range and variety of the subjects is itself surprising.

Great Thinkers have said, TheArthashastra is a book about the management of the 'human mind', which has remained the same since ages.

"So long as the Human mind remains filled with its negativities of jealousy, ego, hatred and over indulgence, so long as human beings require self control, discipline and management., 'Kautilaya's Arthashastra' will remain relevant."



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