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Lawnmowers Successor(s) Royal Enfield (India) Founded 1893.Industry Motorcycle. as Enfield Manufacturing Co. Ltd. .

WD/RE. Super Meteor. Worcestershire. Bullet. Interceptor. Headquarters Redditch. Crusader. England  Key people Founders Albert Eadie and Robert Walker Smith  Products Royal Enfield Clipper. .

was mainly used for patrolling by police and army complete production of Royal Enfield started in 1962 in Chennai  It  The . In 1955 Enfield of India started assembling Bullet motorcycles.

Previous models .

Recent models .

India •Thunderbird (350 cc) •Classic (350 & 500 cc) •Bullet Sixty-5 •Lightning 500cc •Bullet Electra-X (500 cc) •Standard Bullet 350cc •Bullet Machismo 350/500 .List of vehicles manufactured by Royal Enfield.

But few young people in India actually get out there and experience that feeling of being on their own. .Product Campaigns There is a world outside the comfort of the protected nest that mommy and daddy built. young people all over the world go running to see it first-hand. Our job as manufacturers of liesure motorcycles and as people with a healthy sense of adventure is to encourage this young bunch to go out there and get a taste for the unknown. And when this world comes calling.

France. Bahrain. 180 dealers in all major cities and towns. Argentina and many other countries through 25 importers and over 200 dealers across the globe. UAE. Japan. UK. and over 100 Authorised Service Centers. Germany. The Company also exports motorcycles to 31 countries like the USA. . Korea.Royal Enfield has set up a wide network of 11 Brand Stores.

 company's new showroom in Chandigarh gives a semi-urban feel and is targeted at farmers. which is meant to make customers feel as if they are actually driving the bike on the roads. and sons and daughters of defence personnel . The company recently opened outlet in Chennai which is targeted at the upwardly mobile young customers (such as IT professionals) The shop floor looks like a road.


Economic  Political  Demographic  Cultural  Technology o  Company  Supplier  Intermediary  Customer  Competitor  Public .

 Technology: Royal Enfield was also amongst the first Indian companies to introduce Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to manage its operations. Political: Tax policy. DEMOGRAPHIC: Age. and trade and tariff controls govt. impose heavy taxes on premium products as a result there is always a hike in a prices of a premium class product . . It also has an online supply chain management system in operation. Gender.

Economic:  Levels of disposable income and income distribution depreciation  Rupee .

Supplier: Inder Auto industries. . 180 dealers in all major cities and towns and over 200 dealers across the globe. vintage auto world etc……. Yamaha. Bajaj… Royal Enfield has 11 Brand  Intermediaries: Stores. Competitors: Royal Enfield is facing competition from Hero.

By Justin& Jogen .