Amman Imman: Water is Life 

Bringing Water and Hope to the Azawak of West Africa

“In a world without water, a daily struggle for survival”

Ariane Kirtley
Founder of Program Amman Imman

Mission in the Azawak of Niger
To save and improve lives by supplying clean and permanent sources of water to adults and children currently dying of

Niger: one of the poorest countries in the world

The Azawak covers 80,000 square miles (approx. size of Florida), with a population of 500,000

Who are the People of the Azawak?

The People

Pastoralists that live off herding animals Most live in small camps Some live in small villages and survive off of sustenance farming


 

No roads (paths)  Little health care  Few Schools (illiteracy rate: 99%)  Almost no humanitarian assistance

The Poorest Region in One of the Poorest No infrastructure in the World Country

No permanent or sustainable water

Amman Imman, Arr Issudar Water is Life, Milk is Hope
Live or die based on the rainy season survive on less than 1.5 gallons of water/person/day -- a quantity well under the World Health Organization prescribed minimum of 6.5 gallons of water/person/day

During the 1.5 - 3 month rainy season…

Drink, wash, and cook with brackish marsh water contaminated with human and animal waste “darker than hot chocolate”

Dig water holes in the marsh land once the marshes have

Once these dry out after a few months, water sources are up to 35 miles away

These water sources are…

Very rare Water table 600-3000 feet deep Too difficult and expensive to build by populations

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Overuse Causes Wells to Dry Up

Health Situation:

 

1 out every 2 children die before the age of five Children covered in hives and lice because no water for bathing (95% do not wash outside of rainy season) No water for washing wounds, so become life threatening 99% of population has never heard of HIV/AIDS

Increasing access to clean and permanent sources of water, and ascertaining their proper management Have begun process with the borehole of Tangarwashane

Program Amman Imman Long-Term Goal

Water Tower  Diesel Engine

 Diesel Engine

Water Troughs


Water Fountain


1 borehole is NOT enough!

Cost per borehole: between $175,000 $200,000 Initial cost per person: Between $8 to $40 Cost per person over lifespan of borehole : Less than $1 Construction start date for future boreholes: September 2008

Please help the children of the Azawak…

Join our Heroes of Compassion Raise awareness and funds within your school. Reach out to your community, clubs, other schools, etc.

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