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English in Medicine

Vocabulary 1

Conscious Inconsistent Unconscious Conscious

e.g. He was in a coma for days but now hes fully conscious again. She spo e to us in her conscious moments. ! had to ma e a conscious effort not to be rude to him.

Inconsisten t
e.g. Such behaviour is inconsistent with her high-minded principles. His account of the events was very inconsistent. The team has had a very inconsistent season. I noticed a few minor inconsistencies in his work.

Sampled- Sustained Sided

Sampled e.g. " blood# urine sample. $he sur%ey co%ers a representati%e sample of the population. $o gi%e away free samples of a new perfume. Sample the delights of &hinese coo ing. 'e sampled (as ed some of them) opinion among the wor ers about changes in wor ing methods. Sided e.g. $hey stood on either side of the fence. He was lying on his side. " notice was stuc on the side of the fling cabinet. She argued her side of the case well. 'ill you eep your side of the bargain* She always sides with her son against her husband. Sustained e.g. +ot enough o,ygen to sustain life. only the hope that the rescuers were getting nearer sustained the trapped miners. En-oy a sustaining brea fast $he clapping was sustained for se%eral minutes. He sustained severe injuries to his head.

Satisfaction e.g. She can loo bac on her career with great satisfaction. He ne%er had the satisfaction of seeing his paintings recogni.ed and admired. Satiation e.g. ! feel satiated after the &hristmas dinner. Saturation e.g. So many refugees ha%e arri%ed that the camps ha%e reached saturation point.

Supplemental Extra Added

E,tra e.g. $he bus company pro%ided e,tra buses because there were so many people. 'e need an e,tra /0 million a year to co%er the costs of research. $he price you pay for your e,cursion is the complete price1 there are no hidden e,tras. "dded e.g. Many words ha%e bee added to this edition of the dictionary. "s a postscript to his letter he added that he lo%es her. $he bad weather only added to our difficulties. Supplement e.g. She supplements her regular income by doing a bit of e%ening teaching.

Rescue Resurrection Resuscitation

Rescue e.g. rescue sb from drowning# a fire# ban ruptcy 2ou rescued me from an embarrassing situation. " wealthy sponsor came to their rescue with a generous donation. $en fishermen were sa%ed in a daring sea rescue of the 'elsh coast. The Resurrection e.g. in &hristian belief 3 the e%ent or time when 4esus became li%e again three days after his death - the resurrection of the troubles in +orthern !reland. Resuscitation e.g. frantic efforts# attempts at resuscitation He tried to resuscitate a boy pulled from the ri%er.

Catheter Catal st Caterer

Catheter e.g. urinary catheter to drain the bladder Catal st e.g. $he protests became the catalyst for political change. Caterer e.g. " person whose -ob is to pro%ide food for e%ents

H pothermia- H pertension H peractivit

H pothermi a e.g. 5ld people dying of hypothermia in cold weather. H pertensio n e.g. abnormally high blood pressure.

H peractive e.g. e,cessi%ely acti%e1 unable to rela, or remain still.

Air- !reath "a Air"a

Air e.g. 6ets go out for some fresh air. !reath e.g. !d li e to ha%e a breath of fresh air during my lunch hour. !t too us a few minutes to get our breath bac after running for the bus. !diot7 She muttered under her breath7

Air"a e.g. pre%ent the tongue falling and obstructing the airway

Reactionar Reactivit Recreation

Reactionar e.g. a reactionary go%ernment1 reactionary forces Reactivit e.g. -be positi%ely# negati%ely reacti%e to other peoples suggestions $he police continue to fa%our a reacti%e rather than a pre%enti%e strategy. - highly reacti%e substances

Recreation e.g. funds for leisure and recreation "mong her recreations are chess and gardening.

Toxicolo# Toxic -Taxonom

Toxicolo# e.g. Scientific study of poisons Toxic e.g. to,ic drugs1 illegal dumping of to,ic waste Taxonom e.g. scientific process of classifying li%ing things.