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James Diana ISM3013 Rosalyn Amaro 11/22/13

Skype Me!

What is Skype?
Voice over IP service IM client

Free world wide communication tool

Used to share experiences with others

What is Skype (History)

Founders: Niklas Zennstrom & Janus Friss

What is Skype (History)

Founded in Luxembourg First public release August 29,2003

Sky peer to peer -> Skyper -> Skype

Skypes Free features

Video calling Instant Messaging

File Sharing
Group Chats Conference calls (up to 25 people)

Skype Premium features

Group Video Calls Group Screen Sharing

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Getting Started
Webcam Internet Connection Computer/Mobile Device Microphone & Speakers or Headset

Skype Application

The Appeal of Skype

Free service Solution to long distance communication Free world wide communication tool

Used to share experiences with others

Using Skype
Meeting with family, friends, loved ones Remote activity monitoring

Business conferences
Cheap means of communication Socialization

Skype Contribution
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Contribution to society
Connecting Classrooms Aid workers

Keeping Families connected

Skype Ownership
Date Buyer Amount

Sept 12, 2005


$2.5 Billion

Sept 1, 2009
May 10, 2011

Silver Lake
Microsoft Corp

$2.75 Billion
$8.5 Billion

eBays plans for Skype

Communication is Key

eBay + PayPal + Skype

Creating a powerful business environment

eBay breaks up with Skype

eBay users preferred anonymity Skype was trying to impacting communication

eBay kept communication to a minimum

Result: Sales transactions placed Skype with Microsoft

Microsofts interest in Skype

Move into the IP communications A boost in the enterprise collaboration market, Working relationship with carriers Create Must-have app/service

Microsofts interest in Skype

Touch Skype's users for product sales Peer to peer video

Keep it away from other companies

Microsofts Focus for Skype

Windows Phone 7


Current Plans

Integrated into Gaming Consoles

Integrated into MS Outlook

Integrated into Windows Phone 8

Growth of Skype users

Skypes Competitors
Apples FaceTime Google+ Hangouts

WhatsApp Viber

Current Plans of Improvement

Battery Consumption Messaging Convenience

User Friendly
Platform capabilities

Pioneer in VOIP Created free long distance communication

Contained many free/ low cost features

Contribution: Education & Business Started with eBay, Ended with Microsoft

Communication with anyone anywhere around the world.


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