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Project Proposal

By Pooja Hari Kumar


A study on work motivation of employees


According to Greenberg and Baron (2000 ) motivation definition could be divide into three main parts. The first part looks at arousal that deals with the drive, or energy behind individual action. The second part referring to the choice people make and the direction their behavior takes. The last part deals with maintaining behavior clearly defining how long people have to persist at attempting to meet their goals.

Intrinsic motivation MOTIVATION

Extrinsic motivation

Work motivation
Work motivation is defined as a set of energetic forces that originate both within as well as beyond an individuals being, to initiate work-related behavior and to determine its form, direction, intensity, and duration. Pinder (1998)

Need for the study

Motivation is an important tool in the hands of the

manager for inspiring the work force and making them to work with enthusiasm and willingness This study helps the researcher to realize the importance of effective employee motivation. This study helps in reducing the turnover and absenteeism rate


One of the very first survey to be conducted was on

industrial workers by (Hershey & Blanchard, 1969) over the years, similar or different survey employees have been carried out . According to a research carried out by Kovach (1987) on industrial employees who were asked to rank ten job rewards factors based on personal preferences where the value 1 represented most preferred and 10 being the least preferred. The results were as follows (1) full appreciation of work done (2) feeling of being (3) sympathetic help with personal problems (4) job security (5) Good wages and salaries (6) interesting work (7) promotion & Growth (8) employees loyalty (9) Good working conditions (10) tactful discipline

These rankings were as follows: (1) Good wages

(2) Job security (3) promotion and Growth (4) working conditions (5) interesting work (6) personal loyalty to employees (7) tactful discipline (8) full appreciation (9) sympathetic help with personal problems (10)recognition (Kovach 1993) The survey concluded with the following collective rank order by respondents: (1) Good wages (2) full appreciation of work done (3) job security (4) promotion (5) interesting work (6) company loyalty to employees (7) Good working conditions (8) tactful discipline (9) recognition (10) sympathetic help with personal problems.



A study on work motivation of employees

To assess the work motivation of the employees

in a Knowledge Process Outsourcing . To identify the contents and conditions of their job that determines the work motivation of the employee in the organization.

The researcher will select the employees for the

proposed study, who has been working in Knowledge Process Outsourcing, with a minimum of one year experience in the organization . The sample size will include 100 employees of the organization from 11 departments .

The work motivation questionnaire (Agrawal ,1998) will be used for assessing the motivation

The items briefly are as given below : 1. Overall job satisfaction 2. Pay 3. Rest 4. Promotion 5. Benefits 6. Work 7. Pattern of working 8. Work environment 9. Chances to learn 10. Chances to use abilities 11. Choice for change 12. Decision 13. Assignment planning14. Help from peers 15. Encouragement 16. Directions 17. Criticism 18. Harassment 19. Trust 20. Informal relations 21. Help from immediate supervisor 22. Group cooperation 23. Recognition 24. Responsibility 25. Freedom for planning

The Work Motivation Questionnaire is self-

administering. The questionnaire will be administered in group. All the items are Likert type which is rated on five point scale. There is no time limit.

All the items are Likert type, which are on five

points scale. Scoring is done by assigning 5 to the most positive response and 1 to the extreme negative response. So, in this way scores 5, 4,3,2,1, corresponds to strongly agree, agree , neutral , disagree and strongly disagree.

The mean and percentage is used to analysis the data