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What is SAP?
SAP is an ERP System ERP Stands for Enterprise Resource Planning An ERP System is a collection of software programs which ties all of an enterprises various diverse functions (such as finance, sales, manufacturing, human resources) into a cohesive data base.

Introduction to SAP - History

SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing Founded in Germany by Five Former IBM Engineers in 1972 In 1988, SAP went public and became a joint-stock company, SAP AG

Introduction to SAP - Today

Headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, The World's Largest Inter-Enterprise Software Company The world's Third-Largest Independent Software Supplier Overall Employs Over 23,700 People in More than 50 Countries Additional Information can be Found on the SAP Web Site and

Introduction to SAP
SAP Supports all Kinds of Industries and all Functions of the Industry SAP is an Integrated System This means that all SAP modules are designed to share information and automatically create transactions based on various business process.

Introduction to SAP
SAP R/2 is the SAP Mainframe Based Software Package SAP R/3 is the SAP Client/ Server 3 Tier Architecture Based Software Package

R/2 System Components

RA - Assets Accounting RF - Financial Accounting RK - Cost Accounting RK-P - Projects RM-INST - Plant Maintenance RM-MAT - Materials Management RM-PPS - Production Planning and Control

R/2 System Components

RM-QSS - Quality Assurance RP - Human Resources

R/3 Business Application Modules

FI - Financial Accounting IM - Investment Management CO - Controlling SD - Sales MM - Materials Management PP - Production Planning

R/3 Business Application Modules

QM - Quality Management PM - Plant Maintenance PS - Project System HR - Human Resources

Characteristics of SAP R/3

Consists of business application modules that can be used either individually or in combination with other modules. &backurl=/usa/alliance/alliancemem.asp

1. What does SAP stand for? 2. What does ERP stand for? 3. What is the difference between SAP R/2 and SAP R/3? 4. What business application module is the FI module? 5. Is the FI module an R/2 or R/3 business application module?

Quiz - Answers
1. System, Application, and Products in Data Processing 2. Enterprise Resource Planning 3. SAP R/2 is the SAP Mainframe Based Software Package and SAP R/3 is the SAP Client/ Server 3 Tier Architecture Based Software Package 4. Financial Accounting 5. R/3 the R/2 Financial Accounting model is RF