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17 March 2011

Our organization

Ernst & Young: 5 global areas


144 000 people 700 offices 140 countries, divided in 5 operational areas The leading share in our priority market segments

EMEIA- Europe Middle East India & Africa 60 000 people 87 countries Bulgaria 190 people 5 nationalities

30 Month 2009

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Ernst & Young

CSE sub-area: united in diversity

Diverse on Diversity More than 20 languages Over 20 nationalities 2 time zones Independent from 90 to 15 years

4 diverse predominant religions Catholic Christianity Lutheran Christianity Orthodox Christianity Sunni Islam

CSE sub-area: united in diversity

EU Membership EU member states (13)Text EU candidates (3) Non-EU states (3)

NATO membership
NATO member states (12) Non-NATO member states (7)

30 Month 2009

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Ernst & Young

CSE Highlights

Turnover of over USD 600 million More than 5,650 people 218 Partners Encompass the following 19 countries

GDP (PPP) Population Area

3.161 USD bln 214,5 mln 2.301.609 km

Albania / 11 people Bosnia & Herzegovina / n.a. Bulgaria / 190 people Croatia / 95 people Cyprus / 141 people Czech Republic / 554 people Estonia / 115 people Greece / 549 people Hungary / 497 people Latvia / 171 people Lithuania / 240 people

Macedonia / 25 people Malta / 82 people Moldova / 35 people Montenegro / n.a. Poland / 1207 people Romania / 416 people Serbia / 107 people Slovakia / 179 people Slovenia / 82 people Turkey / 620 people
Source: People & Places database

30 Month 2009

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Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young in Bulgaria

Ernst & Young operates in Bulgaria since 1992 Combination with Andersen in 2002 resulted in a new Ernst & Young firm Today: a leading professional services firm
190 professionals Continuous high growth Significant market share Part of Ernst & Young Global

30 Month 2009

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Ernst & Young

Our services

Service lines

Assurance Services
Advisory Business Services Tax Advisory and Compliance Services Transaction Advisory Services

30 Month 2009

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Ernst & Young

Assurance: The audit and more

Our largest professional services line

International clients Diverse industries Leader in the profession

Quality assurance . . .

Financial statement attestation Internal control reporting

30 April 2009

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Ernst & Young

Audit objective
To express an opinion on the financial statements:

True and fair view

Audit of Financial Statements Audit Related Services Due diligences Special reports

When performing an audit, we also provide valuable recommendation our Clients or express an opinion on the financial statements.

30 April 2009

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Ernst & Young

Tax Services

Provide integrated Tax services to clients

Optimization of clients tax situation Advise on the international tax implication of acquisitions, including private equity and real estate

Ensure administrative follow-up of companies with regard to their tax obligations

30 Month 2009

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Ernst & Young

Tax Services
International / Transaction Tax (ITS/TT)

Human Capital
Expatriates tax planning

International tax planning Tax efficient financing Transaction Tax Corporate Advisory Services

Individual tax and SS advice

Individual tax compliance

Indirect Tax

VAT/Customs/Excise advice
Indirect tax planning Indirect tax compliance

Business Tax Services (BTS)

Local tax planning Local tax risk advisory Local Tax Accounting Local tax compliance

Law and financial accounting

30 April 2009

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Ernst & Young

Transaction Advisory Services: Professional services at a different level

Transaction Support: Buy and sell-side due diligence (financial, tax, IT, legal) and postclose assistance Transaction Tax: Buy and Sell-side structuring & due diligence and post-deal integration Valuations & Business Modeling: Business, shares and intangible assets valuation, Financial Reporting valuations, Strategic Finance advisory (business planning, forecasting, investment appraisals and feasibility studies). Business Modeling. Mergers & Acquisitions: Identification and assessment of merger, acquisition and joint venture opportunities. Structuring and negotiating transactions, bids, evaluating alternatives. Restructuring: Working capital management, advising on short-term requirements and methods of crisis stabilization. Providing independent review (strategic and financial), designing the restructuring/turnaround plan Project Finance: Sourcing of finance, financial modeling and model audit, Bid coordination, preparation and documentation. Support in negotiations towards financial close Transaction Integration: Integration Accelerator, Carve-Out Accelerator, Readiness and Effectiveness Assessment Dealworks

30 April 2009

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Ernst & Young

Your career with us

EYU makes sure our people develop the right competencies

The components of EYU - experiences, learning, coaching help develop the proficiency of your competencies The mix of Experiences, Learning and Coaching will change as you progress


Business and community activities as well as on the job training Training, WBL and class-room sessions Processes, tools and techniques to support and stimulate career development



30 April 2009

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Ernst & Young

Ernst & Youngs commitment to learning and career development

Formal and Informal Learning opportunities Knowledge Sharing Infrastructure Professional Qualifications (ACCA, CIA, CISA, CFA, etc.) EY Methodology Training Soft Skills Training Performance Management Process Formal Career Counseling Program Multi Source Feedback / 360o Program

30 April 2009

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Ernst & Young

EYU helps you build your competencies throughout your career

Mix of EYU

Level of competencies

3 Competencies

1 0%

Learning Experiences Competencies

30 April 2009 Page 17 Ernst & Young

Expected Competencies
Manage verbal and written communication in Bulgarian and English Manager Risk and Quality Maintain Professional Expertise Strive for Excellence Leverage Technology Resources Effectively Build Rapport Collect and Interpret Information Understand internal controls, related concepts and principles Demonstrate knowledge in primary accounting framework (e.g. US GAAP,Other Domestic or IFRS) and in related financial reporting matters Demonstrate knowledge in data analysis tools

30 April 2009

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Ernst & Young

Counseling process
Aimed to optimize our employees development and growth
An experienced person facilitates the development of a junior colleague

Benefit to:
The individual The counselor The firm

30 April 2009

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Ernst & Young

Career development - mobility

Diverse opportunities
Across industries and service lines New experience across variety of clients assignments

International programmes
Short term within EMEIA-New Horizons Long term within the international EY network-Global Exchange program

30 April 2009

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Ernst & Young

Career opportunities
Partner Senior Manager Manager Senior Assistant
Project work Project management Management of major

Client support Strategy development Corporate governance Business development

on location
Assistant coordination Preparation of reports

clients and complex projects Coordination of several Client support projects at the same time Coordination of several projects at the same time Product responsibility Business development Project responsibility Business development

on location

and appraisals

at an early stage

Intensive training on and off the job

Targeted further education by international training

30 April 2009

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Ernst & Young

What we are looking for


Undergraduate degree in relevant field Communication skills English and local language IT proficiency

Key Characteristics

Team-player Leadership skills High sense of motivation Desire never to stop learning Flexibility Integrity

30 April 2009

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Ernst & Young

What we stand for

Achieving Potential Making a difference
At Ernst & Young were committed to helping our people, our clients and our wider communities achieve their potential. Its how we make a difference.

30 April 2009

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Ernst & Young

Achieving potential a virtuous circle

Outstanding and happy people produce High quality



Market leader makes us triggers Client satisfaction

Profitable growth

30 April 2009

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Ernst & Young

Our values
Our values statement who we are
People who demonstrate integrity, respect, and teaming People with energy, enthusiasm, and the courage to lead People who build relationships based on doing the right thing

30 April 2009

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Ernst & Young

Mission? Responsibilities? Skills? Trainings? Life at work? Our clients?

30 April 2009

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Ernst & Young


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