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The Kooks Nave



Introduces the lead singer straight away with a medium close up shot which links to Andrew Goodwins convention of a music video where record labels are more on demand to show more of the lead Singer/artist.

Here we have a Disjunction where the image shows this beautiful girl however the lyrics has a negative view as it contradicts by saying In such an ugly world.

Within this scene there looks a attractive lady who looks somewhat *ruffled up* which can link to Voyeurism of women which can cause more interest in the male audience.
Although they hardly show any instruments playing, theyve amplified the use of the drums to magnify this idea of banging on the door which is a intrusting way for visuals and music to go in conjunction.

Here we have the Present Mise-en-scene where the audience can tell its located in a gig, the use of lighting changes from dim lighting to bright red and blinding white stage lighting, however the actual recording appears to have a almost soft/light looking filter added. The love interest that tends to be in a typical music video and this shot shows that their relationship could have not just a emotional aspect but a physical relationship too. Influence of alcohol can shows the rebellious nature and harsh reality of this music video with youths.

In this music video they dont show any music performance which challenges the conventions on a music video however the lead singer associates himself with his friend which I believe can give a idea that those are his other band

Here the lyrics illustrated yet contrasts with the visuals again, as the vocalist sings Just Dont let me down He catches his lover in another room with a mysterious man and gives off this ideas theyve dont something intermit, which yet again challenges the conventions of a music video.