The Bermuda Triangle

Kristen Cooke Science Project October 2006

The Bermuda Triangle
• The Bermuda Triangle is an area of water in the
Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. • It goes from Miami, Florida to San Juan, Puerto Rico to Bermuda. • The Bermuda Triangle covers about 1.2 million miles. • There have been over 8,000 disappearances in the Triangle.

The Hypothesis
My Hypothesis is that the Bermuda Triangle is part phenomenon and part coincidence.

Supporting Facts
• Planes and ships have disappeared in the
Bermuda Triangle. • Over 8,000 people have disappeared in the Triangle. • People have had instruments such as a compass stop working while in the Triangle. • There has also been strange yellow fog seen in that area.

Non-supporting Facts
• Some people say that the incidents in
the Triangle are just coincidences. • The Bermuda Triangle is one of the few places on Earth with a magnetic force. • The magnetic force in the Triangle has been known to cause a compass to fail or point to true North, which is different than North in general.

• One of the theories is that if a ship gets
caught in one of the ocean’s methane gas bubbles that are released from methane gas pockets the ship can be sucked into the pocket. Another theory is that when a ship sinks it can be pulled into the Gulf Steam Current and wind up half way around the world.

The following two incidences occurred in the Bermuda Triangle.

Flight 19
Flight 19 occurred when a group of five fighter planes disappeared without a trace. When several rescue planes went out to look for them, one of them vanished too.

The USS Cyclops
When the naval ship USS Cyclops reached Baltimore, Maryland she stayed for a few days and then left to go over seas with no stops planned. A few days later she stopped unexpectedly to get supplies. After the USS Cyclops left it was not long before she disappeared without a trace. This and many other mysteries of the sea are yet to be completely solved.

• It has been about thirty years

When was the last time someone disappeared in the Triangle?

since any one has disappeared in the Triangle. • There are still some reported technical difficulties from people going through the Triangle.

The Conclusion
After all the research I have done, I believe that a lot of the incidents were caused by some type of mystical force, but I also believe that a lot of the incidents have just been coincidences because some of the mysteries are explainable and some are not.

Why Is It Important?
I feel that the Bermuda Triangle is important to study so we can prevent more of theses incidences from happening.

•What Did We Learn
• We learned a lot about the Bermuda
Triangle and everything that happens in it like how many people have disappeared in it. We learned about the incidents in the Triangle such as Flight 19. My family and I learned not to take a vacation to the Bermuda Triangle any time soon.

• •

• Kristen Cooke • Scientists • Interested people • People who will be passing

Who is conducting research

through the Bermuda Triangle.

• • • • • • • • • • • • www.Bermuda-Triangle.Org/ www.Fact hound. COM The Bermuda Triangle by Toran Rudolph Copyright 2005 by World Book Encyclopedia copyright 1996

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