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Rural Marketing

An indian overview…..

Mahindra &
♦ Presented by:
♦ Amritanshu Singh
♦ B.B.A Vth sem.
♦ S.R.M.C.M.
♦ Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Automotive Sector are in the
business of Designing & Manufacturing Multi Utility
Vehicles with customer satisfaction through the process of
continuous improvements in all areas of operations. Rural
people have a high demand of these vehicles as they fulfill
there requirement in the same time
Overview of M&M
♦ Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, Automotive Sector is
a big giant in the automotive sector in India. The
Company manufacturers Multi Utility Vehicles
(MUVs),eg: bolero, marshal, pickup.. Light
Commercial Vehicles (LCVs), Cars and three
wheelers. Over years, the Mahindra brand of
vehicles have come to represent high quality,
ruggedness, durability, stability, reliability, looks,
easy maintenance and operational economy.  All
these factors make m&m the first choice for the
rural and semi urban areas as there purpose is
fulfilled with same vehicle.
♦ Having conquered a substantial portion of India’s rural,
semi-urban markets, the sector has in recent years secured
significant success in urban regions following the
introduction of premium MUVs like
♦ Bolero and Scorpio.
♦ The All New Scorpio, M&M’s indigenously developed
Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) won the CNB-AAA coveted
Golden Peacock award for Innovative Product / Services in
the Automobile segment. The all electric, Zero Emission
Mahindra Bijlee won the Golden peacock Eco- Innovation
♦ They are the market leaders in the utility vehicles
segment. They are also a major player in the tractor
manufacturing segment as well.
♦ Their USP is their capability to manufacture vehicles
with having very little technological help from foreign
♦ They are very indigenous regarding this particular
aspect. Their first indigenously developed sports utility
vehicle was the "Scorpio".
♦ They are the only sole Indian company to be a part of
he top five tractor manufacturing companies in the
Farm equipment sector
Farm Equipment Sector (FES) is a part of US $6.7
billion Mahindra group, which is amongst the top
10 industrial houses in India. The group has a
leading presence in key sectors of the Indian
economy, including the financial services, trade,
retail and logistics, automotive components, after-
market, information technology and infrastructure
Mahindra group's Farm Equipment Sector (FES) is
amongst the top three tractor brands in the world. It
has won the Japan Quality Medal in 2007.
It also holds the distinction of being the first tractor
company globally to win the Deming Application
Prize in 2003.
FES is the first tractor company worldwide to win
these honors. This shows the strong focus of FES on
Quality and Customer Satisfaction. Today, the
domestic market share of FES is around 42%.
(Mahindra brand: 30% and Swaraj brand: 12%).
\FES has a subsidiary agricultural tractor
manufacturing company in India known as
Mahindra Gujarat Tractor Limited (MGTL).
Domestic Operations
♦ Farm Equipment Sector (FES) is the no. 1 tractor
brand in India, since 1983. Brand Mahindra sells a
range of tractors that include
♦ Bhoomiputra,
♦ Shaan,
♦ Sarpanch and
♦ Arjun Ultra-1, with each (except Shaan) having
range of variants based on the horse power (hp) and
other attributes. Mahindra tractors are known for
high fuel efficiency and reliability. FES sells its 15
HP to 75 HP category tractors in the domestic
FES has a large customer base of more than 21, 00,000
customers (including Swaraj). The sector has time and
again topped the customer satisfaction chart.
FES also has the deepest distribution reach with more
than 680 dealers along with widest service network
across India..
Mahindra & Mahindra had acquired a majority stake in
Punjab Tractors Limited (PTL) in early 2007. PTL is a
good strategic fit to the company, as it comes with its
strength of efficient design (strong R&D abilities) and
the Brand Swaraj, which enjoys a strong customer
loyalty for being sturdy and reliable.
Mahindra agric business
♦ The Mahindra Group established Mahindra
Agribusiness in 2000, the agriculture and food chain
from agri inputs right through to modern retail outlets.
♦ In 2008, Mahindra Shubhlabh was India’s leading
exporter of fresh produce The company's business is
to establish fresh produce supply chains and directly
engage in the production & marketing of seed and
seed potato.
♦ In addition, Mahindra Shubhlabh also markets Crop
Care products. grapes to the European Union.
♦ this shows how mahindra shubhlabh is taking indian
ruaral market around the globe ..
♦Mahindra Shubhlabh engages with farmers in the production
of export quality grapes, pomegranates and apples aimed at
delivery to domestic and overseas markets including those in
Europe, West and S Within the Crop Care and Seeds area,
Mahindra Shubhlabh has taken a direct initiative in launching
its brand of wheat, maize, sunflower and a range of vegetable
seeds and agro chemicals. In addition, the company has
acquired land in Pune to set up a Research & Development
facility for seeds and saplings.outh Asia.
♦ Mahindra shubhlabh is highly sucessful because as india is a
agri based country and agricultural produce of india is
demanded in the whole world
Mahindra gujrat tractors
♦ A majority stake of Gujarat Tractor was acquired by
Mahindra & Mahindra in 1999. Post this acquisition,
♦ the name of the company was changed to Mahindra
Gujarat Tractor Limited. It sells its tractors under the
brand name Shaktimaan and has a manufacturing
plant in Baroda, Gujarat.
♦ Mahindra has acquired many small company to
make its hold in the whole country
♦ As mahindra has created a monopoly in the sector of
rural agri based equipments.
Mahindra powerol
♦ Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., the tractor and utility vehicle major
in India, entered the field of Power Generation in 2001.
Mahindra Powerol deals with mainly two segments, DG sets
and Engines. Mahindra Powerol has made rapid strides in the
Indian genset industry in a very short span of time. Mahindra
Powerol DG sets are the first choice of Telecom majors like
Airtel, Tata Tele, Vodafone, Nokia, BSNL and MTNL to
support their communication networks across India.
♦ Features
♦ Electronic/A1 Governing
♦ Compact size
♦ Low vibration
♦ Fuel efficient
Mahindra powerel
♦ As the rural sector of india lacks the supply
of electricity
♦ Mahindra provides the gen sets to rural and
urban india
♦ Which help the in providing electricity
which help the rural people in their agri
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
Mahindra & Mahindra is the most respected company in
India. For its SUV model 'Scorpio,' the comapany
won the National Award for outstanding in-house
research and development. Bolero, Commander,
Voyager are the popular brands of the comapany in
automotive segment
The Mahindra Group’s Automotive Sector is in the
business of manufacturing and marketing utility
vehicles and light commercial vehicles, including
three-wheelers. It is the market leader in utility
vehicles in India since inception,
and currently accounts for about half of India’s
market for utility vehicles.
Although created in 1994 following an organizational
restructuring, the Automotive Sector can trace its
antecedents back to 1954. The iconic jeep that led
American G.I.s to victory in World War II is the very
same vehicle that drove the Mahindra Group to
success in the Automotive Sector.
♦ . Over the years, the Group has developed a large
product portfolio catering to a diverse customer base
spanning rural and semi-urban customers, defense
requirements and luxurious urban utility vehicles.
♦ In 2002, it launched the indigenously engineered
world-class sports utility vehicle-Scorpio, which
bridges the gap between style and adventure, luxury
and ruggedness, and performance and economy.
♦ The Automotive Sector continues to be a leader in the
utility vehicle segment with a diverse portfolio that
includes mass transport as well as new generation
vehicles like Scorpio, Bolero and the recently
launched Xylo

♦ Mahindra & Mahindra’s foray into the three wheeler

segment with Alpha and Champion has also made it a
leader in its category.

♦ Mahindra Navistar Automotives Ltd. (MNAL), a joint

venture between Mahindra & Mahindra Limited and
International Truck and Engine Corporation, will
manufacture trucks and buses for India and export
markets. It will also provide component sourcing and
engineering services to International Truck and
Engine Corporation.
♦ All this shows how indian rural market is
been benefited by the great products &
services of mahindra
♦ Mahindra and mahindra is one of the major
pillar of indian rural industry……
♦ Mahindra is serving rural market and taking
it around the globe ……