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Servo control infant incubator

The core temperature of the human body is 37 C if the temperature goes too high or too down the organ can be damaged and illness or death can result. The babies whose born before they are due to be born can be affected by the environment temperature and they cant be able to regulate his temperature and we have to take care with them. So their temperature needs to be maintained by an incubator.

Patient care:

Routine procedures will be performed through the portholes of the incubator. When the large door is opened for complex procedures, supplemental servo controlled radiant worming lights must be used over the infant. If a baby is impending arrest or does arrest, he must be transferred to a warmer. Warming light will be used in conjunction with an incubator only on infants unable to maintain their temperature with incubator heat alone. Warming light must be used with a servo control probe to eliminate risk of over heating. Skin temperature control will initially be set between 36.3 and 36.5 and adjusted per patient to maintain an auxiliary temperature of 36.3 37.

How it works?
The mattress where the baby lies is completely enclosed by a clear plastic canopy. The temperature increased by heater element below the mattress. A motor driven fan near the heater draws in fresh air through a filter. The air temperature is monitored by temperature sensors and is adjusted by controlling the current to the heater. The incubator can also monitor the babys skin temperature by using a skin temperature probe. The user can either set the incubator to control the temperature of the air or to control the temperature of the babys skin (servo control mode). Supplementary oxygen can be taken in by an oxygen inlet connection where it is mixed with the fresh air through the filter.

Technical specification:
Air temperature: 32 38 C Body skin temperature: 34 36 C Total gas intake: 35L/min Relative humidity: 50- 100% Power supply: ac 220v,50 Hz Power input: 600 VA Sensor precision: 0.3 C Changing of temperature: 0.5 C Uniformity of temperature: 0.8 C Temperature rising time: 30 min Noise level: 55 dB Inclination of bassinet: 0 5

Audible or visible alarm indication. for the alarm 1-6, the relevant light is on, and for the alarm 7, all alarming light are on; all alarm sound can be cancelled except for the power failure alarm and the system alarm. 1.Over temp alarm : when air temp control 38C , skin temp control 40C. 2.Upper deviation alarm: air temp control +3.0C, skin temp control +1.0C. 3.Lower deviation alarm: air temp control -3.0C, skin temp control 1.0C. 4.Sensor alarm: when the sensor is disconnected, open circuit, short circuit or put on the wrong place. 5.Fan alarm: when the fan is blocked, speed 1000 rpm or stop working. 6.System alarm: when there is E2ROM malfunction inside of temp controller. 7.Power failure alarm: when there is no power.