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C d requirements of SME and marginal farmers, cooperatives lacked resources. Need of combining local feel and familiarity of rural problems characteristic of co-operatives and professionalism and large resource base of commercial banks.


Regulator and supervisor of financial system Monetary Authority Banker to the Government Monopoly of Note Issue (other than Rupee One notes and coins and subsidiary coins) Manager of Foreign Exchange Developmental role

Assessment of the existing banking structure: What needs to be done

Capital infusion in public sector banks to enhance capital adequacy Need for improving the asset quality of banks Effective reduction in NPAs and improvements in the loan recovery process Perspectives on the Indian Banking Sector Renewed emphasis on banks role in fostering inclusive development Intensified use of technology to improve efficiency Need to liberalise licensing policies

Banking in UK

Bank of England
Monetary Analysis and Statistics - The Monetary Analysis (MA) divisions are responsible for providing the Bank with the economic analysis it needs to discharge its monetary policy responsibilities. Markets - The main functions of the Markets area include: conducting operations in the sterling money markets to implement the Monetary Policy Committee's decisions; providing liquidity insurance to the banking system; managing the Bank of England's balance sheet; managing the United Kingdom's foreign exchange reserves, as the agent of HMTreasury; delivering financial market analysis and intelligence in support of the Bank's monetary and financial stability missions; and contributing to the management of financial and business continuity crises. Financial Stability - The Financial Stability area leads on a number of the
Bank's financial stability functions.

Banking Services - Customer Banking Division provides wholesale banking services to UK Government, other central banks, and, where there are financial stability reasons to do so, certain other financial sector firms. This includes the provision of custody services, including for gold.

Finance - Finance is responsible for budgeting, financial accounting and monitoring the performance of the Bank in its attainment of its strategic priorities. In addition it provides Bank-wide project support and risk oversight, provides advice and support on procurement and supplier management and manages the Bank's property and facilities.
Central Services Internal Audit Communications Human Resources

Top Banks in India and the UK

SBI HDFC Axis ICICI Bank of Baroda

HSBC RBS Lloyds Banking Group Barclays

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