Task 7) Summary of questionnaire results

By Lucy Rutter

I carried out a questionnaire to find out the stylistic and content preferences from people of my chosen target audience (both genders aged 16-19). This is what the questionnaire looked like and here is a presentation of what I found from the questionnaire.

1) How old are you?
Under 16, 0 20-25, 0 Over 25, 1

16-19, 9

I asked my participants what age they were because I wanted the opinions of my target audience (aged 16-19) so I wanted to be sure that the majority of my participants were 16-19. The result confirmed that the participants were aged 16-19 so the rest of the questions could be answered by my target audience and I would know that I could use the results as valid opinions.

2) Are you male or female?
Male Female



I wanted a fairly even mix of genders because my magazine is targeted at both genders so I needed to have the opinions of both in order to appeal to both. If I were to do the questionnaire again, I would be sure to ask 5 males and 5 females so that the results weren’t biased because this could mean that my magazine becomes more appealing for females and I want it to appeal to both.

3) What genre of music do you listen to most?


1 1

Indie Classical Jazz Other


I thought it was important to find out what kind of music people of my target audience like to listen to because depending on the results, I could incorporate aspects of different music genres. From the results, I found that a lot of people enjoy listening to indie music which is the genre of my music magazine. This was a very good finding as it meant that the rest of the results would be opinions from the exact target audience of my magazine.

4) Do you read a music magazine?


Yes No

The magazines that were read by people were Q and NME. This was important for me to ask because I found out that these two magazines are both indie/rock magazines and so I came to the conclusion that if young people were to read music magazines, it is likely that it would be one from my genre of music.


I felt this question was important to ask because I wanted to know how many young people would actually be likely to read a music magazine and from my results it was evident that 80% of 16-19 year olds do not and probably therefore would not read a magazine. From finding this result, I felt it was necessary to ask question 6 so that I could find out exactly why music magazines are not read by my target audience.

5) (if answered yes to qu. 4) How often do you read this magazine? 0 0

Monthly Weekly Yearly 2

I asked this question so that I could find out how regular my magazine could come out based on how often other music magazines are produced. I found that both of the most well-known music magazines of my genre (Q and NME) are produced on a monthly basis so this is how often I will produce mine.

6) (if no to qu. 4) what is the reason you don't currently read a music magazine?
No time

Too Expensive


Nothing available for age/music preferences

No interest in music


This question was one of the most important questions for me to ask because the results allowed me to establish the reasons behind why my target audience do not tend to read magazine and the main reason was because of a lack of time. I felt that I may be able to change this with my magazine by making the magazine smaller/shorter and just including the most popular and appealing content. I would make it clear that my magazine wasn’t as full and base it around the idea that my magazine only has the ‘best content’.

7) Who/what is your favourite band/artist?
I decided to leave out question 7 when I was collecting my results because it did not give me any additional information and, because it was an open question, the answers I received were too varied to add anything to my results.

8) Which of these indie/rock bands, if they were on the front cover of a new indie/rock music magazine, would you find most appealing? (pick up to 4)

4 4 2


Mumford and Sons
Two Door Cinema Club


The 1975 The Killers Kings of Leon The Kooks


Kodaline Oasis

2 1 3 5 1 0 2

Vampire Weekend Jake Bugg Tom Odell Llana Del Ray The xx

This question was more of an open question but still had a guided answer because I wanted to establish what kind of artist/band the target audience would find most appealing. I found that most people would want to see a band on the front cover of the music magazine.

9) Which part of a music magazine do/would you enjoy reading/viewing the most? 0


Interviews Reviews


Front Cover Other 2 0

I asked this question because I wanted to find out what I should focus on most when designing my magazine and I found, from the results, that most people of my target audience find the front cover of magazine the most appealing. This also helped me to realise that as well as the front cover, people find interviews enjoyable to read so I will make my article type an interview.

10) How much would you be prepared to pay for a music magazines?




Less than £1 £1-£2.50 £2.51-£4 More than £4


This question wasn’t particularly crucial to my findings but I wanted to find out what sort of price range I should put on the front cover of the magazine. This would make my music magazine look more professional.

11) If you were purchasing a new indie/rock magazine, would you find bright or dark colours more appealing?

Bright colours
Dark colours


I asked this question to find out what people of my target audience who listen to indie/rock music would like in terms of stylistic preferences so that I could attract the correct target audience with appearance as well as content.

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