Case Study Analysis of Tech Book Stores

Presented By: SQC Group Department of Decision Sciences

01. Reasons For Organizing A Customer Survey
Main Reason:
• Due to the failure of random visit to the stores by Mr. Watson. Others: • Low Cost, Easy to Conduct, Easy to gather accurate data, More Sample Size, Little or no observer subjectivity.

with one variable on each axis. • Conduct an exam or an interview to employees continuously . • Place customer suggestion boxes or Obtain the details of customer satisfaction through telephone calls . • Pareto Chart : – shows on a bar graph which factors are more significant. . to help you look for a relationship.Tools That Uses To Analyze The Quality Issue • Fishbone (Ishikawa) Diagram: – Identifies many possible causes for an effect or problem and sorts ideas into useful categories. • Scatter Diagram: – graphs pairs of numerical data. • Set video cameras .


Students Campus store -Student Campus Store – Non Student .Campus Store .

Campus Store – Student / Non Student .

Off campus store -Student off campus store –Non student .

Off Campus Store Off campus Store – Student / Non Student .

Overall Customer Dissatisfaction Level Both In Off & On Campus Book Store .

03. Quality of A Book Store “The creation of customer satisfaction by providing a good basis for the purchase of books and other items on the right time at right quantity at right price with perceived condition and re-creation of customer loyalty” .

Quality of A Book Store • Time and Timeliness – Reduction of waiting time to search and purchase a book – Quick response of service personnel to customer requests • Completeness – Maintaining a satisfactory level of stocks to meet customer requirements – Update the Bookstore’s website regularly • Courtesy – Treat the customers in a friendly manner – Politeness to the customer • Consistency – Equally treat all the customer .03.

• Accessibility& Convenience • Appoint knowledgeable employees • Maintain a proper layout that makes convenience • Convenience to access the website • Accuracy • Deliver the exact product that customer requires • Ensure the accuracy of billing • Ensure the correct information available in the website at anytime • Responsiveness – satisfactorily responding to customer complaints .Contd.

04. Quality Issues in The Tech Bookstores • Lack of customer focus • Unmindful Recruitment procedure • Less induction and training program • Lack of courtesy and knowledge of employees • Lack of management commitment • Failure to respond to customers • Inappropriate arrangements of books .

Cost of Poor Quality The Cost of Quality is made up four cumulative area of costs: 1) Appraisal 2) Detection 3) Internal Failure Cost of Poor Quality 4) External Failure .05.

 Loss of reputation.Internal Failure Cost • Cost of re-entering data in to the organization data base. • Delay in providing service on time to the customer. .  Cost of loss sales. • cost of keeping wrong or unnecessary items within book store inventory. External Failure Cost  Cost of handling customer complaints  Cost of handling & replacing the returned products.

Organize.Making things cleaned up and organized  Set In Order .06. simplify & standardize  Sustain .Regular cleaning and maintenance  Standardize . Identify & Arrange everything in a work area  Sweep or Shine . How To Improve Quality At The Book Store •Apply 5S practices to the bookstore  Sort .Make it easy to maintain.Maintaining what has been accomplished .

Implement a camera system to detect and control employees misbehavior. • Appoint a leader. • • • • • • Conduct training programs aimed at student employees . • Application of quality tools to identify routine quality problems at the book store. . Incentive schemes to staff on attracting customers .Contd. from employees in the book store on daily basis. responsible for quality issues. Maintain a suggestion box . • Induce customers to use bookstore’s web site. Develop a proper return policy & communicate it clearly. Design proper service level agreements.

07. Obstacles for Improvements • Lack of control over Part time student employees • Negative attitude towards system upgrades • Employee redundancy and grievances due to technology usage • Pressure on maintaining low prices • Have long –standing policy of selling textbooks with a very small markup • Lack of funds (Use all profit to fund student related projects like new athletic fields. student center enhancement) .

08. • Enhanced reputation in the business and its market share. • To the Employees: • Improved awareness amongst locations of book store • Improved morale of employees • opportunity to participate in decision making . • Improves morale and Stimulates creativity of employees. Benefits of Quality Improvements To the Book Store: • Higher repeat business/referrals from a satisfied client base.

To the Customers: • Higher quality service. • Increase the customer own satisfaction. • Increased reliability of the end product. .

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