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Swetha Rangasamy # 52 Chevone Pinto # 35 Laksh Mirchandani # 26 Tyson Rodrigues # 40 Vernon Monteiro # 28 Ankit Singh # 48

Introduction to HRIS
Automating processes of routine information Intersection between HRM and IT Development of HRIS

Companies Providing HRIS

1 2 3
4 5 Oracle

ABS CORT HR Microsystem

Peoplesoft An Example
HRIS Vendor Attempt to create balance Elements

Payroll Time and attendance Appraisal performance Benefits administration HR management information system Recruiting/Learning management Performance record Employee self-service Scheduling Absence management


Objectives of HRIS
Human Resource Information Technology
Providing appropriate Information Cost effectiveness Enhance decision making

Need for HRIS

Easy Access to Employee Records
Attendance and PTO Tracking

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Easily Create Reports

Email Alerts
Track Training Progress Reduce Employee Management Costs

Uses of HRIS

Uses of HRIS

Uses of HRIS

Uses of HRIS

Uses of HRIS

Uses of HRIS in Other Departments

The departments that use HRIS:
Human resource Performance and Appraisal Staffing & Recruiting Employee and Labour Training and development

Uses of HRIS to the management (MIB)

HRIS allows the collection and processing of data to produce useful information for designated users at each level of management. HRIS is the part of MIS that provides the information regarding workforce in the organization and facilitates the decision makers in decision making.
MIS is related with the management information system where the information related with various issues such as financial aspects, data in tabular format, total yielded and un-yielded work, total work completed, started, pending etc can be shown. HRIS contains data related with human resource i.e. employees in an organization, such as name, qualification, date of birth, experience, promotions, beliefs, career progress, training given and imparted etc.

Uses of HRIS to the management (MIB)

Personnel administration Salary administration Leave/Absence increase Skill Inventory Medical History Performance Appraisal Manpower Planning Recruitment


Stages to HRIS Implementation

Inception Stage

Development Stage

Evaluation Stage

Inception Stage
Inception Data Feasibility study Selecting a Project Team

Development Stage
Defining the requirements
Vendor analysis Package contract negotiations Training

Development Stage
Tailoring the system
Collecting the data Testing the system Starting up

Evaluation Stage
Running in parallel
Maintenances Evaluation

Manual V/s Computerized HRIS

Retrieving information is slow and cumbersome Duplication of reports deals to dual work and lots of paper Not able to respond to ad hoc enquiries for information Adds to the cost of the company Low rate of accuracy Retrieving information is fast and simple As many copies of reports can be printed without much paper work Information can be readily manipulated, merged and disaggregated Saves the cost of company High rate of accuracy

Information Tampering
One company that faced a major security issue was CS Stars, LLC. CS Stars lost track of one of its computers that contained personal information that included names, addresses and social security numbers of workers compensation benefits.

The bigger problem was that CS Stars failed to notify the affected consumers and employees about the missing computer. Though the computer was retrieved and no information seemed to have been harmed, many employees lost their sense of security with the company. New York's Information Security Breach and Notification Law, effective in December 2005, requires businesses that maintain computerized data which includes private information to notify the owner of the information of any breach of the security of the system immediately following discovery, if the private information was, or is reasonably believed to have been, acquired by a person without valid authorization

Companies Using HRIS

Mphasis-EDS HP India Software Network Solutions - An IBM Company LG Software Columbia Asia Hospitals Pvt. Ltd Sagar Apollo Hospitals Narayana Hrudayalaya Tele Radiology

Novartis Sandoz Astra Zeneca Pharmarc

Tesco MGM Group of Companies Trent Limited Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers Primus Retail Pvt. Ltd

Swetha Rangasamy # 52 Chevone Pinto # 35 Laksh Mirchandani # 26 Tyson Rodrigues # 40 Vernon Monteiro # 28 Ankit Singh # 48