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Service is a work done by one person or group that benefits another. What is SM: Service Management is the activity of planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service, in order to improve its quality, the interaction between service provider and customers and the customer's experience.

3  CHARACTERISTICS OF SERVICES The services have unique characteristics which make them different from that of goods. The most common characteristics of services are: INTANGIBILITY  INSEPARABILITY PERISH ABILITY   VARIABILITY .

CLASSIFICATION OF SERVICES 4 Classifications can be done by • By Industry • By target effect • Skill level of service provider ( skilled / semi skilled / non skilled ) • Labor intensiveness ( people based / machine based ) • Degree of customer contact ( high / low ) • Goal of the service provider ( profit / non profit ) .


In the current economic scenario it looks that the boom in the services sector is here to stay as India is fast emerging as global services hub. According to data for the financial year 2009-2010. the share of services in India's GDP is 55. security. real estate.Service market in India 6     Service Sector in India today accounts for more than half of India's GDP. banking & finance. management & technical consultancy and many more. . Services of the economy covers a wide area of activities like trading. transportation.1 %.

servqual model 7 .

How they buy the product. needs and wants features they like and dislike Age income. assets gender  Attitudes    Demographics    .CUSTOMER BEHAVIOR IN SERVICES 8  Some major criteria from which we can easily evaluate the behavior of customer in service industry Behaviors   How they use the product.

Segmentation allows the firm to better satisfy the needs of its potential customers.SERVICE SEGMENTATION 9  Market segmentation is the identification of portions of the market that are different from one another.      Geographic Demographic Psychographic  Behavior . Consumer markets can be segmented on the following customer characteristics. Helping in finding most profitable Customers.

the marketer will select a segment or series of segments and 'target' it .SERVICES TARGETING 10  After the market has been separated into its segments. 3 approaches of targeting : Undifferentiated marketing(mass marketing) Differentiated marketing Concentrated marketing  .

PRICING IN SERVICE 11  Pricing is the process of determining what a company will receive in exchange for its products or services. Pricing factors are manufacturing cost. market place. The needs of the consumer can be converted into demand only if the consumer has the willingness and capacity to buy the product. and quality of product or services.   . market condition. competition. Thus pricing is very important in marketing.

SERVICES DELIVERY 12 The delivery of a service typically involves six factors:  The accountable service provider and his service suppliers (e.g. the people) Equipment used to provide the service (e. parking. waiting rooms) The requesting service consumer Other customers at the service delivery location Customer contact      . buildings. computer systems) The physical facilities (e. vehicles. technical systems.g.g. cash registers.

5 Traditional communication mix :     Advertising Direct Marketing Personal Selling Public Relations Sales Promotion .COMMUNICATION mix 13  Marketing Communication Mix is the "Promotion" of the marketing Ps and covers every method and medium of communicating with the target audience.

CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP IN SERVICES 14  Good customer service is the need of any business.     Don't make promises unless you will keep them. Be helpful Train your staff . Listen to your customers. Some approaches from which any organization can develop a good relationship with there customers-  Always answer your customer.

15 LEVEL OF SERVICE PRODUCT   Customers will choose a product based on their perceived value of it. A customer is satisfied only if the actual value is the same or exceeds the perceived value. FIVE LEVELS OF A SERVICE PRODUCT :     Core Benefit Generic Product Expected Product Augmented Product Potential Product .

SERVICE BLUEPRINT 16  A service blueprint describes a service in enough detail to implement and maintain it carefully. Blueprinting includes :     Mapping out of a service process. . identifying the processes isolating possible fail points establishing the time frame for the process.

CONTD… 17  Example of service blueprint. .

PERCEPTUAL MAP 18  Plot competing offerings on two or three determinant attributes.  Map reveals:    firm’s current position direct competitors gaps .opportunities  ideal product .

CONTD…… 19 Example of perceptual Map .

20 .

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