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Project Management
Presented to:

Sir Ahsan Maqbool

Hamad baig (Project Manager) Hasan kamal Samreena javaid Haroon Sadiq Muhammmad Ali

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Topic of the Presentation

Project charter

Identify stakeholders
Stakeholders Analysis Requirements of Stakeholders

Project Charter
Project Title: Needs Prepared by: Hamad baig Date: 2/16/2014

Project Manager Authority level

The Project Manager will be responsible for: Delivering the project on time Within the budget Managing project staff, suppliers, customers and all other project stakeholders Moderate control on hiring of employees need approvals from HR

Project objectives

Objectives of Needs Superstore are:

The store will remain open whole week from 9 AM to 1 AM

The budget of store is 50 lac rupees Our store will provide best quality products All the products will be of known and Reliable brands The products will be placed on shelves with in 30 minutes.

Business needs
Market demand
review of the current population identify target market Organizational needs Goals Our goal for all we do remains to provide our shoppers with meaningful CHOICE Vision Statement Providing good quality of product and services Mission statement Focus on the loyalty of customer

Technology advancement
Better customer service Employees wear uniform Faster delivery Being charitable Offer online ordering

Customer request
customer work request application to manage the resources and budget

Customer Contact Information Product Details Problem Classification Customer Problem Description

You will need to make sure that the business name you plan to use is not already being used by another business. Starting with the decision of how to structure a business owners are in constant need of sound legal advice. Business Licenses

Social needs Maslow Hierarchy of Needs

Product description/deliverables

Groceries: Bakery products Meats and dairy products Frozen foods Canned and packaged goods House hold supplies

Non groceries: Electronics Toys Home and personal care Jewelry Home furnishing goods Lawn and garden items
Services: Pharmacy


Financial constraint
If our business does not have money to buy more inventories so our business ability to sell is constraint

Time constraint
Time constraint does not mean that complete the task on time but also means that to meet the demand and requirement of our business customers

Management and staffing

As business grow and change so their staffing and management needs to be change, as well.


Quality and skills of employees

It means that put the right person at right place

Change in government policy

Increase in interest rate


Business risk
per unit cost sales volume competition irregular supplies


Investment risk
Sometime business does not generate ample revenue to pay creditors and meet other financial obligations

Government policy change

Change in government policy means government suddenly decrease the prices of products or may be increase the interest rate, etc.

Customers Owner Suppliers Staff Members Salesman Society Government Bank Insurance Companies Competitors

Power Interest Grid

Keep satisfied

Manage closely


Monitor Keep informed



Low Low ( Interest ) High

Requirements of stakeholders
Owner(Ali to faryad )
Project Should complete in the given time frame Reporting on team performance and project manager Should give regular updates about the project

Government(hassan kamal to Maaz)

Legal documentation should be complete Making sure about Healthy and safety of customers and employees Should not perform illegal activities in the store or around the store

Requirements of stakeholders
Management(hamad to Mian Hassan)
The working environment should be clean Should give 30mins lunch break Dont like to work long hours/should have small shifts

Customer(samreena and harron sadiq to Usman Sadiq)

High quality of products Large parking area They like to shop monthly Store should remain open for long hours