“Completed Staff Work”

Prepared by: Juan Mendoza Geli

 Leader . shall approve or disapprove. It is the study of a task or opportunity or problem. and presentation of a sound solution by a team member to a leader.

 Effective results. Seek out problems and fix them before it becomes great. in creating consistent .

 Written and verbal reports Procedures or process   Cost Benefit evaluation Decision Making  .

. not ASKING him what to do.ADVISING the Boss what to do.

Work out all details completely. .

Consult other Staff Officers. .

Restudy. Rewrite. . Write.Study.

coordinated proposed action.Present a single. . Do not equivocate.

Correct solutions are usually recognizable.Do not present long memoranda or explanations. .

Advise the Chief what to do. CHIEF . Do Ask not Him.

would you sign the paper you have prepared and thus stake your professional reputation on its being right? .If you were the Chief.

Take it back and work it over. . It is not yet COMPLETED STAFF WORK.

.There’s a greater effect If all pieces fit before we SUBMIT.

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