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e-Business Suite R12 Awareness Training

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iSupplier Portal

Greg Cozzens AGSS Solutions Architect Procure!ent


This "ocu!ent #ro$i"es an o$er$iew o% %eatures an" enhance!ents inclu"e" in Release 12& It is inten"e" solel' to hel# 'ou assess the (usiness (ene%its o% u#gra"ing to Release 12&

Disclaimer: This "ocu!ent in an' %or! so%tware or #rinte" !atter contains #ro#rietar' in%or!ation that is the e)clusi$e #ro#ert' o% *racle& +our access to an" use o% this con%i"ential !aterial is su(,ect to the ter!s an" con"itions o% 'our *racle So%tware -icense an" Ser$ice Agree!ent which has (een e)ecute" an" with which 'ou agree to co!#l'& This "ocu!ent an" in%or!ation containe" herein !a' not (e "isclose" co#ie" re#ro"uce" or "istri(ute" to an'one outsi"e *racle without #rior written consent o% *racle& This "ocu!ent is not #art o% 'our license agree!ent nor can it (e incor#orate" into an' contractual agree!ent with *racle or its su(si"iaries or a%%iliates& This "ocu!ent is %or in%or!ational #ur#oses onl' an" is inten"e" solel' to assist 'ou in #lanning %or the i!#le!entation an" u#gra"e o% the #ro"uct %eatures "escri(e"& It is not a co!!it!ent to "eli$er an' !aterial co"e or %unctionalit' an" shoul" not (e relie" u#on in ! #urchasing "ecisions& The "e$elo#!ent release an" ti!ing o% an' %eatures or %unctionalit' "escri(e" in this "ocu!ent re!ains at the sole "iscretion o% *racle& /ue to the nature o% the #ro"uct architecture it !a' not (e #ossi(le to sa%el' inclu"e all %eatures "escri(e" in this "ocu!ent without signi%icant "esta(ilization o% the co"e&

Day 1
Introductions and Expectations Purchasing Procurement Contracts BI for Purchasing Re ie!

Day "
iSu##lier Portal
11i1# Baseline R1" Delta re ie! Instructor led $P% demonstration &ands on $P% exercise 'rap(up ) *+,

Sourcing iProcurment Ser ices Procurement

Su##lier Colla(oration 011i112

*r"er Colla(oration
6ie! P8 and agreements ,c-no!ledge orders Su/mit change re3uests 67I ) consigned In entory Drop ship orders .orecast sharing

Shi# Goo"s


Create shipment notices ,dd lot2 serial and 4P5 Excel upload for olume Chec- returns 6ie! inspections In/ound logistics

7aintain /an- accounts Create in oice Chec- on(hold status 6ie! payment schedules Reconcile statements

3na(le Su##liers
0ather prospecti e endors Register supplier users In ite supplier users Set security le els

3sta(lish Su##lier Pro%ile

Set up address + -ey contact details .lag /usiness classifications Identify products + ser ices Define /an- accounts Document filing ca/inet

Re$iew Su##lier Per%or!ance

1rac- ratings for: Compare performance
( Price2 3uality2 deli ery2 ser ice

Structured Communication for Lower Costs, Better Service from Suppliers

Intuiti$e 45ero Training6 7ser Inter%ace

Drive Supplier Adoption

3$olution o% *racle A"$ance" Procure!ent

Base Differentiators New in 11i.9 New in 11i.10

Self(ser ice enterprise

re3uisitioning from suppliers or internal stoc Integrated asset and production planning Self(ser ice supplier in3uiries and transactions2 9e:g: 67I and self(in oicing; .lexi/le in oice matching including match to receipt ,utomatic in oice and de/it memo generation Pro<ect( and /udgetary( /ased purchasing 7ulti(attri/ute scoring for re erse auctions and R.*s 8pen platform for demand2 orders2 recei ing2 in oices Integrated spend and supplier intelligence 'or-flo!(dri en automation

0lo/al agreements Supplier managed and

Ser ices procurement A

consigned in entory Re3uester and supplier change re3uests Supplier registration and profile management Colla/orati e sourcing Re3uester =stores> for secure content ?ones Patent(pending transparent punch(out 8ne(clic- renegotiation of /lan-et agreements Expanded @74 support including c@74 for easing ,ri/a migrations 1ime(phased pricing for direct materials Commodity intelligence

contingent la/or + /us ser ices2 negotiation through payment Procurement contracts A glo/al 1+Cs standards2 negotiation2 doc + change mgmt2 compliance .ormula(/ased pricing + tiered discounts 9,d anced Pricing; Retroacti e pricing including automated in oice ad<ustments 5egotiate !ith su/<ecti e scoring and !hat(if analyses ,utomatic /id scoring and a!ard 9Sourcing 8ptimi?ation; Shared ser ices procurement Re3uisition =Smart.orms> 4P5 + lot)serial recei ing Supplier managed /an-ing

iSu##lier Portal 8 R12 *$er$iew

7ar-et Priorities
Expanded supplier colla/oration flo!s
7ore po!erful change order processing capa/ilities Complex ser ices support Catalog 7anagement: supplier catalog authoring)upload Supplier performance colla/oration

Impro ed supplier ena/lement capa/ilities

Prospecti e supplier registration Ease of use: continue to impro e self ser ice $I for suppliers Supplier $ser ,dministrator

Buyer 1ools ( Supplier 7anagement

Impro ed supplier profile management isi/ility and flexi/ility Integration of supplier contacts and supplier users $ser friendly configuration: 1olerance rules2 supplier sur ey2 etc:

iSu##lier Portal 8 9e' R12 :eatures

Change 8rder 7anagement
7ulti(order change re3uest 1olerance(/ased change re3uest appro al Route change re3uests to re3uester for appro al

Performance and Status 1rac-ing

Supplier Scorecard P8 Status 1rac-ing

Supplier Profile 7anagement and Registration

5e! &174 Supplier Setup $ser Interface Prospecti e Supplier Registration Supplier $ser ,ccount 7aintenance

Colla/oration and $sa/ility Enhancements

Supplier Ena/led Catalog 7anagement 9co ered in iProcurement; Integration !ith 8racle Supplier 5et!or $sa/ility: 1ransaction In3uiry

In oicing Enhancements
5on(P8 7atching In oice Dispute Resolution

Change *r"er ;anage!ent

Feature capabilities Market Driver(s)

7ulti(order change re3uest 1olerance /ased change re3uest appro al Route change re3uests to re3uester for appro al

Customer dri en enhancement re3uests Supplier =high olume> re3uirements 6aria/le appro al re3uirements

<alue Supplier efficiency impro ements Reduced /uyer !or-load ,utomated Re3uester notice and control of supplier change re3uests

;ulti-*r"er Change Re=uest

Suppliers can su/mit response for multiple shipment lines across different purchase orders in a single transaction:

Su/mit common promise date *uantity changes Cancellation re3uests

;ulti-*r"er Change Re=uest

Significantly impro es response efficiency &uge gain for supplier users !here olumes are high or ac-no!ledgements are re3uired

/e%ault res#onse $alues to all shi#!ents selecte"

Tolerance Su##ort %or Change Re=uests 8 A##ro$al Routing

,llo!s /uyer to define tolerance limits to ena/le auto( appro al of order change re3uest If supplierBs change re3uest does not exceed defined tolerance limits2 then: Change re3uest is auto(appro ed Buyer recei es .CI notification 1olerance limits can /e defined /y operating unit

( Reduce /uyer !or-load ( 4imits in ol ement to only important change re3uests

Con%iguring Change Re=uest Tolerances 8 A##ro$al Routing

Select *#erating 7nit

3nter auto-a##ro$al tolerances %or attri(utes

>ote? %or attri(utes with (oth @ an" transaction a!ount $alues I% onl' one is set u# s'ste! will chec. against this $alue& I% (oth are set u# s'ste! will ta.e the !ore restricti$e one

Select attri(utes %or which change re=uests nee" to (e route" to re=uester %or

Tolerance-(ase" Auto-A##ro$al Process 8 Su##lier Change *r"er

PR*C3SS E& :ollows the e)isting SC* a##ro$al %low 1& Tolerance li!its are set u#

2& The su##lier su(!its a change re=uest 0SC*2 C& Chec. against the tolerance li!its A& All changes are within li!itsB +e s

D& Auto-a##ro$e the su##lier change re=uest

F& Re$ise P* with (u'erGs a##ro$al assu!e" >o H& Sen" an :+I noti%ication to the (u'er I& :ollow the P* a##ro$al %low

Auto!ate" #rocess

Route Change Re=uest to Re=uester 8 A##ro$al Routing

.or increased control re3uesters can /e re3uired appro er of supplier change re3uest: Buyer no longer has to contact re3uester off(line Change re3uest !ill route up re3uester appro al hierarchy if needed

Select attri(utes %or which change re=uests nee" to (e route" to re=uester %or

Route Change Re=uests to Re=uester Process

PR*C3SS E& :ollow e)isting SC* a##ro$al %low 1& A routing rule is set u# D& Route the SC* to the re=uester 11& Route the re=uesterGs a##ro$al hierarch' 11& A##ro$ers a##ro$e the RC* 12& 7#"ate changes to the i!#acte" re=uisition lines 1C& Re$ise P* with the changes 1A& :ollow the P* a##ro$al %low +e s >o 1E& >oti%' the su##lier o% the a##ro$al

2& The su##lier su(!its a change re=uest

C& Chec. against the routing rule A& Changes re=uire routing to re=ueste r +e s

F& Re=uester a##ro$es the SC* through the noti%ication H& Initiate a re=uester change or"er 0RC*2 I& RC* re=uires a##ro$al B


Auto!ate" #rocess

Su##lier Per%or!ance an" Status

Feature capabilities Market Driver(s)

Supplier Scorecard P8 Status 1rac-ing Receipt In3uiry

Point solution competiti e parity Customer enhancement re3uests Supplier efficiency

<alue Single source o% #er%or!ance truth %or su##lier an" (u'er Trans#arent transaction $iews Re"uce" (u'er J AJP wor.loa"

Su##lier Scorecar"

Buyers pro ide suppliers o/<ecti e performance isi/ility

Pro ides 3uantitati e performance ie!s from DBI /ased on aggregated transactional data Data is reported in near real(time Supplier and Buyer ha e single source of truth to e aluate performance 9same data displayed to /uyer in

Su##lier Scorecar" /etails

<iew tren" "ata o$er $arious ti!e #erio"s

3ach su##lier will onl' see their "ata&

Custo!ize "ash(oar" $iew to a"" !ore re#orts 9PIs u#"ate 9PI list re!o$e re#orts #ortlets or a"" custo! re#orts 9PIs etc&

Su##lier Scorecar"
Buyer Setup:
Buyers can configure dash/oard ie!s for different sets of suppliers Buyers can !eight %PIBs and display o erall supplier score to supplier Re3uires DBI

Suppliers access scorecard ia the Intelligence ta/ Suppliers can select reporting period from set of predefined rolling periods

P* Status
Redesigned P8 page for one stop order lifecycle ie! Suppliers ha e isi/ility to the total amount recei ed and in oiced directly on the P8 &eader Pro ides complete transaction summary in one placeD no need to access se eral different pages Drill do!n into all related transaction detail: receipts2 ,S5),SB52 in oice2 payments

( 1ransparent transaction info further reduces off(line supplier in3uiries
( Impro ed user experience reduces supplier training re3uirements

P* Status /etails 8 P* /etails

The Actions list shows a$aila(le actions (ase" on or"er status

Su!!ar' o% a!ount recei$e" an" in$oice" along with the #a'!ent status

Kuantit' an" a!ount or"ere" recei$e" an" in$oice" are "is#la'e" at each shi#!ent

Recei#t In=uir' Bene%its

Impro ed isi/ility of the recei ing acti ities
Displays 8n(1ime Performance status so that late2 on(time2 and early shipments can /e easily identified Displays the 3uantity)amounts recei ed2 ordered2 returned and re<ected Drill do!n to associated orders2 shipments2 and in oices

Recei#t In=uir' /etails 8 <iew Recei#ts

/rill "own to recei#t "etails

/rill "own to $iew the "etails o% relate" or"ers in$oices

Recei#t In=uir' /etails 8 Recei#t

Recei#t transactions ta(le inclu"es on-ti!e #er%or!ance status returns an" "e%ects re#orts

General Recei#t In%or!ation

In$oice an" Pa'!ent In=uir'

Feature capabilities Market Driver(s)

In oice and Payment In3uiry

Supplier enhancement re3uest $sa/ility

<alue Enhanced usa/ility 7ore transactional detail

In$oice an" Pa'!ent In=uir' /escri#tion

1he redesigned In oice and Payment pages !ill pro ide a holistic ie! of an in oice and associated payment acti ities: 7ore search options are added to allo! a 3uic-er identification of desired transactions: Suppliers can ie! the in oice and payment flexfields ena/led in 8racle Paya/les: 1he In oice summary page includes in oice hold information and payment status2 and lin-s to payment and receipt details: 1he In oice detail page summari?es the in oice /rea-do!n and related payment information at the header le el2 and sho!s the in oice lines: ,dditionally2 users can ie! upcoming scheduled payments or any hold reasons displayed on the same page:

In$oice an" Pa'!ent In=uir' Bene%its

Enhances the usa/ility 7ore search options are a aila/le Displays the status and purchase order)receipt matching details for each in oice line Pro ides more transaction details In oice and Payment pages pro ide a complete ie! of in oice and associated payment acti ities 1he in oice detail page also displays the upcoming scheduled payments2 and hold reasons pro ided suppliers a /etter picture of their payment status

In$oice an" Pa'!ent In=uir' /etails 8 <iew In$oices

;ore search o#tions are a""e"

/rill "own to in$oice "etails

/rill "own to or"ers recei#ts an" #a'!ents&

In$oice an" Pa'!ent In=uir' /etails 8 In$oice

In$oice (rea."own su!!ar'

Su(ta(s to $iew in$oice line "etails sche"ule" #a'!ents an" Hol" "etails

Relate" #a'!ent in%or!ation

Su##lier Pro%ile ;anage!ent an" Registration

Feature capabilities Market Driver(s)

5e! &174 Supplier Setup $ser Interface Prospecti e Supplier Registration Supplier $ser ,ccount 7aintenance Supplier ena/led catalog management

Customer enhancement re3uests $sa/ility impro ements Point solution competiti e response

<alue Reduced /uyer !or-load Impro ed supplier data accuracy Enhanced flexi/ility in supplier data capture

In$oice an" Pa'!ent In=uir' /etails 8 <iew Pa'!ents

Clic. to "rill "own to #a'!ent "etails

/rill "own to P* an" In$oice "etails

In$oice an" Pa'!ent In=uir' /etails 8 Pa'!ent

Pros#ecti$e Su##lier Registration

$I for Buyers to configure registration re3uirements 8racle iSur ey is em/edded in registration for custom 3uestionnaires 8racle ,7E is no! integrated for user(defined appro al flo!s on registrations $sers can su/scri/e to recei e registration and profile change notifications Suppliers can sa e registration re3uest to complete later

:le)i(le Pros#ecti$e Su##lier Registration Setu# 8 Registration Con%iguration

1& Choose le$el %or con%iguration 8 Glo(al or *#erating 7nit 2& Chec. o#tions to a"" to the registration %low C& Select sur$e's to a"" to the registration %low

,ll 0lo/al sur eys are displayed2 follo!ed /y 8$ specific ones

:le)i(le Pros#ecti$e Su##lier Registration Setu# 8 >oti%ication Su(scri#tion

Clic. A"" Su(scri#tion

:le)i(le Pros#ecti$e Su##lier Registration Setu# 8 >oti%ication Su(scri#tion

1& Search an" select the recei$er0s2

2& Chec. to select noti%ications

Su##lier Pro%ile ;anage!ent

, ne! &174 $I for supplier management2 replacing .orms Intuiti e na igation and greatly enhanced layout 6ie! sites and header on single page 8ne(stop supplier !or-/ench:
7aintain suppliers 7anage supplier registrations 7anage supplier profile change re3uests

5e! *uic- $pdate page pro ides customi?a/le supplier summary ie! that allo!s profile updates Suppliers are represented as part of the trading community architecture 91C,;
5ormali?ation of address and contact details Con ergence of contact and user

>ew HT;- Su##lier Setu# 7I

Before R1" In R1"

*ne #lace %or creating su##lier u#"ating su##lier in%or!ation an" !anaging su##lier #ro%ile

>ew HT;- Su##lier Setu# 7I Process 8 Access the Su##liers #age

Create su##lier

To /o -ist %or re=uests Search or "rill "own to su##lier "etails

>ew HT;- Su##lier Setu# 7I Process 8 7#"ate Su##lier /etails

1& Continue the creation with the Kuic. 7#"ate #age& 7sers can use this #age to u#"ate su##lier in%or!ation later

C& Si"e na$igation allows users to a"" or u#"ate all su##lier #ara!eters

2& Search $iew create an" u#"ate su##lier sites

Su##lier Re#resentation in TCA /elta Su!!ar'

,ll supplier records represented in 1C, In 11iE + 11i1#2 only suppliers gi en access to iSP had 1C, Party records created 5o! a single supplier address can /e le eraged /y multiple sites2 for each 8$
Benefit: a single change to an address can /e seen instantly /y

all sites across 8$s Impact: Retired 11i functionality that ena/led users to copy address across 8$s or FpushB updates

Same is true for contacts single contact replaces creating contact for e ery site Create Contact can create iSP $ser ,ccount

Su##lier ;igration to TCA

*71 *72 *7C *7A A""ress A""ress A""ress A""ress




*71 *72 *7C *7A

Creating Su##lier Sites

Site is created /y assigning the address record to 8$s

Su##lier 7ser Account ;aintenance

5e! self(maintenance pri ilege for suppliers to maintain iSP supplier user accounts: Create user accounts 8/solete user accounts Set access rights for their users Supplier administrator can create contacts and automatically create supplier user accounts
Benefits ( Eliminates large administrati e tas- for Buyer org ( Suppliers ha e full control and ease of use

Su##lier 7ser Account ;aintenance Process

Clic. Create to create a new contact

Su##lier 7ser Account ;aintenance Process

Chec. Create 7ser Account to ren"er the section to a"" the user account "etails

Su##lier 3na(le" Catalog ;anage!ent

Suppliers can create or upload catalogs either ia file upload or on(line authoring 7ain industry format standards supported: 8,0 @742 c@742 CI. and text file Content re3uires appro al /y /uyer /efore it is a aila/le to re3uesters ,ll changes are displayed to /uyer for re ie!

3nhance" Catalog Agree!ent ;anage!ent /etails

Through the 3"it Agree!ent action su##liers can access the catalog authoring #age to create or !o"i%' a catalog

Integration with *racle Su##lier >etwor.

Feature capabilities Market Driver(s)

Communication ena/led /et!een iSupplier Portal and 8racle Supplier 5et!or Simplified Supplier access to multiple iSupplier Portal instances

Point Solution competiti e response Supplier enhancement re3uests

<alue Complete integration Single sign on con enience and effeciency

Integration with *racle Su##lier >etwor.

Communication ena/led /et!een iSP and the 8S5 to gi e suppliers isi/ility across all of their iSP accounts Simplified supplier access to multiple iSP instances:
8S5 stores the supplierBs iSP username and pass!ord 'ith a single login to 8S52 suppliers can access multiple iSP


iSu##lier Portal Punch-in

Su##liers can re=uest an iSP account $ia *S> Single clic. access to Bu'ersG iSP sites Su##lier users setu#J!aintain e)isting iSP accounts $ia *S>

iSupplier Portal




Oracle Supplier Network

Integration with *racle Su##lier >etwor. /etails

Su##lier clic.s lin. %or instant access to Bu'erGs iSP s'ste! iSP Ho!e #age is #resente" in new (rowser win"ow

Integration with *racle Su##lier >etwor. /etails

Su##lier can re=uest new iSP account *S> sen"s account re=uest to Bu'erGs iSP s'ste! *S> stores Su##lierGs iSP accounts

Feature capabilities

Market Driver(s)


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*racle iSu##lier Portal


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*racle iSu##lier Portal


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Lra# 7#J KMA

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Than. +ou