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Points To Be Discussed

 Introduction
 What is DVR?

 Need of DVR

 Block Diagram of DVR

 Principle of Operation

 Installation of DVR

 Simulation of DVR

 Advantages of DVR over others

 Benefits of DVR

 Industrial Application of DVR

 Conclusion

 References
 Power Quality-The term is used to describe electric Power that drives
an electrical load and the load's ability to function properly with that
electric power.
 Voltage Sag-The short duration reduction in nominal voltage
magnitude by 10-90% from half a cycle to one minute is called
voltage sag.
 Voltage Swell-The sudden increase in supply voltage by 10-80%
from 10 ms to 1 minute
 CPD-Hingorani was the first to propose FACTs controllers for
improving power quality.He termed them as Custom Power
Devices(CPD).Based on the VSC they are of 3 types
(i)-Shunt connected D-statcom(Distribution static
(ii)-Series connected DVR(Dynamic Voltage Restorer)
(iii)-combined Series & shunt connected UPQC(Unified Power
Quality Conditioner)
What is DVR?????
 A Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) is a series connected
solid state device that injects voltage into the system in
order to regulate the load side voltage.
 The first DVR was installed in North America in 1996, a
12.47 kV system located in Anderson, South Carolina
 It is normally installed in a distribution system between the
supply and the critical load feeder
 It controls one of the most important Power Quality issues
called Voltage sag which have a bad influence on sensitive
loads having semiconductors fabrication.
 Primary function of DVR is to minimise the voltage sags on
lines that affect the sensitive equipment
Need Of DVR:-
 If voltage sag is not controlled it will have severe impact on
sensitive load.
 The DVR acts as a filter between the distribution line & the
feeder to receive the clean power
Block Diagram Of DVR
1-Booster Transformer
2-Harmonic Filter
3-Voltage Source Converter
(i)-Switching Devices
(ii)-Storage Devices(Batteries

& Ultracapacitors)
4-Control& Protection System
Principle of Operation
Installation Of DVR
Platform Mounted DVR(Demonstration):-
Platform Mounted DVR(contd…)
Interconnection Equipment
Simulation of DVR
 In order to show the
performance of the DVR in
voltage sags and swells
mitigation, a simple
distribution network is
simulated using MATLAB
 But for large systems the
modelling &simulation of DVR
is done using PSCAD(Power
System Computer Aided
Design) &
Transients including DC)
Advantages of DVR over others
Each of Custom Power devices has its own benefits and limitations. Dynamic
Voltage Restorer (DVR) is one of the most effective type of these devices.
There are numerous reasons why the DVR is preferred over the others. Some
of them are explained below.
The SVC(Service Voltage Converter) pre-dates the DVR, but the DVR is
still preferred because the SVC has no ability to control active power flow
DVR has a higher energy capacity and lower costs compared to the
SMES(SuperConducting Magnet Energy Storage)device
DVR is smaller in size and costs less compared to the DSTATCOM.
DVR is observed to be very insensitive to the fault level but sensitive to the
system load level. In terms of minimum apparent power injection or size of
the coupling transformer, the performance of a DVR is found to be superio
Benefits of DVR
 Reduce losses associated with irregularities in the
production process resulting from power disturbances.
 DVR plays a key role in ensuring the smooth
functioning of sensitive equipments.
 DVRs can also be used to tackle the problem of
harmonics caused by non-linear load machinery in
manufacturing facilities.
 The insulation wear on transformers, motors and
drivers caused by power irregularities can also be
reduced by DVR.
Industrial Applications of DVR
 Utilities (transmission and distribution companies)
 Process industries (semiconductor plants, paper
mills, plastic manufacturers)
 Automotive manufacturers(Automobile Industries)

 Electronics (consumer electronic and computer
 Chemical plants(nitrogen Plants like

Bhusan,Hydrogen Plants like Indore),Steel Plants
& So on
The cost-effectiveness of DVR is likely to highlight the
need and usefulness of sag-free transmission, as the
requirements for high-quality power increase. Deregulatio
in the industry and the increasing number of power
producers makes it all the more important to keep the
customers satisfied at any cost. At this the presence of
DVR in the marketplace is bound to be noticed and it is
likely to pick up even more in the near future.

 N. G. Hingorani, "Introducing CUSTOM
POWER"IEEE Spectrum June 1995.
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