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Theme: ‘’Traditions in my country’’

2.Briefs:’’New year customs’’

3. Short history of traditions and superstitions in

New Year's Night is a night full of superstitions in
Romanian tradition.
Many believe that if the night of years they will
have money all year will go well. Not only
Romanians are superstitious, but the rest of
Many people believe that the new year to catch
them with money in your pocket because such
party will have plenty all year.
Moreover, in certain areas of the country, on the
morning of January 1, people put money into
water to wash his face. In addition, a few days
before The New Year's, women make bread the
mites hide.
Tradition says that those who will find money will
have luck throughout the year. Of old is said to be
part of plenty in the coming year, the first man to
pass your doorstep in the New Year's Eve should
be a man.
Romanians in certain areas I think we must zero
hour find with them new clothes for them going
well all year. However, misfortune is brought
into the new year if calendar hanging on whom
the new year before zero hour.
All year you have debts, until the night of the
year if you have not paid those already made. All
superstitions Romania shows that New Year's
Eve we should make much noise in the house to
chase away evil spirits. And not only Romanians
are superstitious. Europeans also have their
traditions in the New Year night.
For example, the Greeks are a traditional cake
they make money and then flock to eat to find
the money. It is said that those who are part of
wealth will have all year. Scots used to eat the
night of grapes for 12 years have 12 months
filled with plenty.
New Year's customs are very diverse in
Bukovina, which can be seen from the mere
enumeration: bear game; the bell of the
threshold, bittern of the eve evening, the goat of
Fundu Moldova, deer in Colacu, sowing
characteristic of all areas - the equivalent
sorcova are all events, types of relations
existing in the group with distinct repertoires
becomes grandiose folk performances,
rendering the whole community and on other
Religion bear is inherited from the Geto-Dacians, which he
considered a sacred animal.
Bear is embodied by a lad wearing the head and shoulders of
an animal fur, embellished in the right ear with red tassels.
Sometimes, the head bears are made from a wooden frame
covered with a piece of fur and flesh out a solid cloth, so to
suggest that decorated brown feature.
The mask is headed by a Gypsy, accompanied by music and
followed by a whole host of characters (including a child can
be a bear in the role of chicken). Adapted from Gypsy (Play
Better, Martine, / As you make bread with olives), to the tune
of beating drums and whistling, keeping his balance with a
bat, swinging mask hums and imitate the steps of the bear,
hitting the ground with powerful feet.
Bears roll in a circle, and
beat the bear's death, and
resurrection miracle as his
boarding the bat (stick) play
in succession of the seasons
metaphorical way that,
someday, stood under the
sign of this animal, able to
defeat the winter and to
herald spring.
The game ends with the
usual holiday wishes.
Goat head is made of birch wood carved in the
shape nearest the natural representation, the
bottom of the muzzle being worked into a
separate timber caught with a nail, so dragging
the rope with which it is caught, to nose goat
can bang. At the top of the head is fixed horns,
sometimes mere imitations of wood, the head
was then filled with ear, eye beads, brass
targets, all to play truthful symbol which is the
head so constructed is fixed in a holder made
from a stick of variable length depending the
height of the performer.
Goat body consists of a fixed rear head laicer
goat, leaving blank the interpreter can see the
action in order to integrate other youth game.
Adornment goat has
restrictions, making it
according to the imagination
and personality of each
performer. Laicerul will be
decorated with pieces of
mirrors, horns with colored
wool tassel, garland, bells .
Goat game is played,with a bat
in hand, will direct their game
wishes addressing them.
And witty in this game varies
depending on the performer.
Then follows a dialogue
between a shepherd and a
merchant in connection with
the sale of a goat.
The horse is another plastic embodiment of mythical
symbols of tradition hairdryer. The game is
reminiscent of cult horse horses practiced the winter
solstice, the vernal equinox and the summer solstice.
In ancient beliefs, the horse had a apotropaica
function, to protect households and churches of evil
In the traditional custom of New Year game horse is
practiced today is not for symbolic meanings,
forgotten long ago, but particularly for spectacular
dance interpreted mascoidelor bearers.
Therefore young people chosen for CAIUTI groups
must be excellent dancers, expressing the vitality and
force game exuberance of youth.
Major characteristic of these Romanians celebrate their
Bukovina an unparalleled repertoire is rich in traditions
and beliefs, the artistic achievements of literary, musical,
dance, and drama mimics.
New Year is considered to be one of the most favorable
times to predict future weather or crops. Jews of Bukovina i
appreciated or rainy months of drought periods on a so -
called calendar of onion leaf. In making this is the following:
In the night the day before the cut equal parts of an onion,
the shells thus obtained was named for the months of the
Following the crushed salt in equal amounts in each shell
and settling them in a row, as in the sequence of months of
the year, on the table or hearth stove.
Assessment is made in the morning, rainy months of
January 1 after the amount of water accumulated in leaf
cups onion.
Also on the night of New Year's Eve and is made from
firm timetable for assessing fruit crops next year. For
this we chose stew, equal in size, from the same
woods, one for each crop that was to be sown in the
year beginning (wheat, corn, beets, peas, potatoes,
etc.). Coal, named for plants, were put on the hearth
or on a tray and were allowed until the next day
(January 1). Forecasting culture based on the
principle of equivalence in the amount of ash resulting
from complete combustion of coal fire and indicating
the fruit harvest. Depending on this, deciding which of
the crops will be sown in larger quantities in the
following spring.

Plugusor four oxen
Patterns belonging to the New Year with sorcova
umblatul is especially children . They joy wear a
sprig of a tree bud or one sorcova made from a
stick around which were blended colored paper
flowers. The name comes from the word Bulgarian
sorcova surov (tender green), alluded to only
blossom branch, once torn from a tree.
Angled several times in the direction of a
particular person, sorcova plays somewhat the
role of a magic wand, equipped with the ability to
transmit the force and youth visit. Textual urarii
that recalls a spell, not only to strengthen the
effect of movement sorcova.
With a few days before the holidays arrive, they search for
colleagues, is accompanying three to six guys together, take care
of whips, scourge, bells, then how many healthy bag for receiving
a common gain and after a bull.

Bittern is a tool consisting of a few, that connects the mouth with
a van of sheep skin.

In the middle of the skin hang a strand of horse hair, which, when
soaked with water and pulled a hand when another, producing a
vibration that looks like an idiot distant roar or better saying, with
a bull, from where sees him coming and appointment. From this
tool comes saying Romanians in Bukovina: a walk with the bittern,
which signifies the same as: a hatred of the New Year.
Arriving New Year's evening now, as soon as
the start of the dark, accompanied children
begin to walk and hatred from the house to
house. Most talkative of these gentle stroll
recite show booth near the window of the
Wandering or wish Plugusorul is very
beautiful, embody a lot of poetry. It is woven
of living and rape icons, icons, and it
depends only knows poetry people.
They gain their gifts are the same and gets
them from Christmas Oratorio: adequate
breads, nuts, apples, pears, money, etc..

And after receiving gifts and shared them
leave without delay cashier handed to
another house.
Thus wandered from house to house until
midnight, when brotherly sharing between
itself and won all the gifts and wishing each
other luck and health for many years, goes
every at home.
The above material
they're given some

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