AutoCAD Customization

AutoCAD customization Some of the projects done in AutoCAD Customization are described below: 1. 2. 3. 4. Flyover retaining walls drawing & bill of material generation Service Gate Drawing Automation Software Road Survey Software Crane rope drum design automation

1. Flyover retaining walls drawing & bill of material generation In this project 13 button menu-bar is created to control the complete process of retaining wall drawing & bill of material generation. Based on the input chainages & levels, 'T' shaped panels are placed to construct the retaining wall. Facility is also provided to change the panel designs. Output is generated in the form of excel sheets containing the total bill of material required for the project and elevation drawing in AutoCAD format showing the panel placement.

Elevation drawing & Cross-section drawing generated

Sample input data

2. Service Gate Drawing Automation Software This Software developed for Water Dam service gate drawing automation. This software generates the service gate fabrication drawing in AutoCAD based on the input parameters. The service gate drawing was very complicated and they used to take almost 1 week to complete it manually using AutoCAD. Using this software it is now generated in 10 mins.

3. Road Survey Software Software developed for road crosssection & L section generation in AutOCAD using the field survey data, Cutting & filling area calculations, and Volume calculation Sample input data Cross-section drawing generated

L-section drawing generated

You can view the videos for some of the projects described above at following links:

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