Introduction to Industrial relations and labour welfare PROJECT MMS-II (SEM –III) 2009-10 SUBMITTED TO

Mr. M.d. joshi 

Social Welfare Activities

Group members
     NAME Pradnya Bhalerao Anandita Singh Jayashree Prabhu Sanchi Gaikwad ROLL NO. C- 03 C-34 C-43 P-07

Flow of presentation
• • • • About the Company - JSW. Theory of Social Welfare. Social Welfare Activities at JSW. Conclusion.

Location :

• Jindal Steel is amongst the largest corporate groups in  India. • Founder of Jindal Group.  • In 1952 - the group's first factory.  • In the early 1960s -Developed India's first 100%  indigenous pipe mill at Hissar . • Adopted new technology .

Company overview

 “ The vision is to understand and connect with
the expectation of our stakeholders and collectively move towards enhancing to livelihood opportunities, for the youth around our plant locations.”

• “ To manufacture steel in an economically viable manner and simultaneously preserving the environment and empowering the society by utilizing the potential of young thinking, adhering to our values, catalyzing growth and by creating sustainable livelihoods.”


• Largest private steel producer in India. • Manufacturing facilities in Karnataka,  Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. • Up - coming Greenfield steel plant in West  Bengal and Jharkhand,


P.R. JINDAL  Jindal SAW Ltd Saw Pipes Inc.

SAJJAN JINDAL        JSW Steel Ltd

RATAN JINDAL Jindal Stainless Ltd.

NAVEEN JINDAL Jindal  Steel  &  Power  Ltd.

 Southern Iron & Steel Co.Ltd. Jindal Stripes Ltd.  Jindal Thermal Power Co.Ltd Pte. Jindal Stainless, Indonesia  Viyayanagar Minerals Pvt.Ltd Jindal  Stainless  Steelway  Ltd.   Jindal Praxair Oxygen  Co.Ltd  South West Port Ltd.

        PRODUCTS Saw Pipes Pipe Coating Seamless Tubes Spiral Pipes DI Pipes

PRODUCTS Pellets Structured Steel HR Coils/Plates Cold Rolled Galvanized Steel Colour Coated Steel Long Products, Wire Rods Power Industrial Gases Port

PRODUCTS Stainless Steel High Carbon Ferro Chrome

  PRODUCTS Power Sponge Iron Rails Mild steel Billets       Ferro Chrome

social Welfare
• It includes anything that is done for the comfort and  improvement of employees and society. • It embraces• Physical working conditions, • Occupational health, • Counseling and advice on personal problem.  • Creation of industrial harmony.

Objectives of social welfare
• • • To provide better life and health to  the employees. To provide Happiness and prosperity  & contentment. To relieve workers from industrial  fatigue and to improve intellectual,  cultural and material conditions of  living of the employees and society. 

Types of welfare activities
I) Welfare measures inside the work place II) Welfare measures outside the work place  III) Statutory and Non – Statutory 

Statutory provisions

Approaches to social welfare

• Policing theory -owner is provided with ample 
opportunities to exploit workers

• Religion Theory-investment & atonement • Philanthropic theory- “means affection for mankind". 
Student hostels, drinking water, rehabilitation of crippled  people, donations ….

• • • • •

Paternalistic Theory Placating Theory Public Relation Theory Functional Theory Social Theory

welfare types
• • • • Employee Development Programmes. Family Life. Retirement benefits. Societal Programmes.

Employee Development Programmes

•  Concretised roads - Reduced the dust  pollution levels of the surrounding Villages. • Clean Bellary Project.

• Street lights & drinking water facilities at Vasind  village • Contribution towards building the Rangasharda theatre  and the ashram of Sri Sri Ravishankar at Bangalore  and has donated land for an ayurvedic ashram in  Vasind. • Rehabiliation of garages, dwellers and hawkers.

Recreational centers
•Squash, Table tennis, Volleyball coaching,  Swimming, Badminton, Hockey, kabaddi  academy  besides Athletics. •A 330 feet film theater showing Indian &  foreign movies. •Vanchetana Kendra. 

• Training.  • Helmets & uniform. • 24X7 Ambulance facility.

• • • • • • • Manthan. Soundboard. Voice of people. Open door policy. Bonding. Mera sujhav. Coffee with jt MD & CEO.

• Meditation & yoga programmes. • Part time MBA.


Working conditions
• • • • Platform. Opportunities. Involvement. Care & concern-environment.

Flexible Working Conditions –Flexi time • People are our principal asset. • Paid Holidays- 10 paid holidays in a year. • Leave Casual Leave- 7 days in a year. Sick Leave- 7 days in a year. Privilege Leave- 24 days for every complete  year of service. Maternity Leave- 12 weeks

• To empower the  underprivileged women

Women Empowerment – Crane Operator

• JSW induct 11 women workers  into doing jobs at the factory  level, which were traditionally  reserved for men. • Assessed after 4 months-  promoted as Asst. Operators,  Operators • Enhancement of job profile- Rs.  7000-8000 against Rs. 400-500  per month

Training & Development
• An employee is given ample opportunities to  learn and grow. • Tie-up with JFE(Japan), VAI(Austria) for  imparting training. • Employees are being trained in the UK, USA,  France, Germany etc. at the site of the foreign  collaborators.

Training & Development
• Training programs at JSW are classified as : 1.Induction Training  15 days programme  University of Manipal  shop floor level and department and plant  visits besides technical, behavioural and safety  and environment related modules 3 day yoga classes, Outbound Training,  Business Etiquettes

Training & Development
2. Continuous Training  2007-08, 93% of the company’s total employees-       training modules for hard and soft skills development  IIM-Bangalore and IIM-Ahmadabad  IIM-Lucknow, IIT-Powai, IIT-Roorkee, IIT-Chennai and  BITS-Pilani. 3. Foreign Training 4. Executive Training 5. Industrial Safety Training.

• Jindal Sanjeevini Hospital. • Our commitment to people is not limited to  steel township but extends to the nearby  villages.

HRD Centre/ Jindal Knowledge Centre
• • • • JKC, Vijayanagar. HRD Centre, Vasind. Development Centre of Excellence, Mumbai. Books, magazines, Web based Online Public  Access Catalogue (WEB OPAC). • Library.

Quaterly Newletters & Magazines

Canteen Facilities
• JSW provides delicious and unlimited  breakfast and lunch to its employees with very  minimal charges. The canteen is highly  concerned about observing complete hygiene  throughout

Rewards & Recognition
   The various awards presented by JSW under  different categories are as under: • Safety competitions • Best employee-JSW • Interdepartmental QC • Mera sujhav • Exemplary work • JSW sports

Family Life

• Not just houses…..but a way of life • JSW has housing colonies in Toranagallu,  Vasind, & Tarapur • Township ensures comfort of the employees –  clubhouse, swimming pool, recreation  facilities, guest houses, temple, schools etc.

• • • • • Jindal Vidya Mandir School. Jindal Adarsh Vidyalaya. Career Guidance programs. Computer Aided Learning Centre. Hostel for tribal residential school.

Retirement benefits

1. EPF & FPs
• Employee’s Provident Fund & Family Pension  Scheme. • Provides a lump – sum payment to employees on  separation and pension under the Employees  Pension Scheme. • Consists of monthly contributions from the  employee’s salary and equal contributions towards  the fund of the company.

2. VPF
• Voluntary Provident Fund. • The Employees can make voluntary increase  in the contribution towards the PF account  over 12%  deduction. • This subjects to a 20 % of the basic salary. 

Societal Programmes

Sangita Jindal – Chairperson JSW Foundation
• Societal Programme is dynamic. • Began as fair employee treatment  and has moved to ethics in business  supply chain management.  • Concept of empowerment. • Responsibility extends to areas  which give us the resources  required for operations. 

Health Initiatives
• • • • • • Jindal Sanjeevani Hospital. Mid-day meal project. Awareness on HIV-AIDS. Free Cataract Camps. Mobile health units. Mahuli Health Project.

Education for minorities
• • • • • • • Educative CDs / Material. Balwadis. Village Learning Centres. Mobile Libraries. Jindal Vidya Mandir. Computer Aided Learning Centers. Providing avenues for employees’ further  education. • Rajeev Gandhi Institute for Steel Technology.

Women Empowerment
• • • • • • Stree Shakti. Rural BPO. Vocational Training. Tie up with ITI. Women in male dominated jobs. Bridging the gap between curriculum and jobs - Partnership with Fr. Agnel Technical College.

• • • • Bio-fuel Plantation. Rainwater Harvesting. Garbage Management. Drainage Development.

Jindal Art Foundation
• • • • • • • • Collaboration with Royal Court. Theatre. Vijayanagar Art Camp. Association with Enamellist Association of  India. Hampi Foundation. Sir JJ School of Arts.  World Monuments Fund. ART India Magazine 

Merits of welfare measures
• Provides both statutory and non – statutory facilities. • Facilities help to motivate and retain Employees. • Develops loyalty in Employees towards the  organization. • Helps minimizing social evils. • Reputation of the Company and thus assists in  recruitment.

• New generation – not loyal. • Now, gratitude has become a thing of the past. • Remembered for a short time and forgotten  soon after.

Administration of welfare

• Mr. M.D. Joshi. • Mr. Anil Mahajan, Dy. HR Manager.

• JSW Induction Manual. • Human Resource And Pesonnel Management.                     - By K. Aswathappa.