Laomedon with the help of mortal man Aeacus Destiny had decreed that Troy would one day be captured in a place built by human hands .The city of troy   The gods Apollo and Poseidon built the city of Troy for Priam's father.

King of Troy and son of Laomedon. foretold that Paris (Alexander). Stayed on Mount Ida . had a son from his wife Hekabe Paris Cassandra. the prophetic daughter of Priam. should be killed at birth or else he would destroy the city.Paris     Priam.

She came and brought a golden apple. and Athena (Zeus's daughter) all made a claim for the apple. the goddess of strife. and they appealed to Zeus for judgment. . upon which was written "For the fairest.Golden Apple    The marriage of Peleus." Hera (Zeus's wife). a mortal king. Aphrodite (Zeus's daughter). and Thetis Eris.

Judgment of Paris    Zeus refused to adjudicate a beauty contest between his wife and two of his daughters The task of choosing a winner fell to Paris (while he was still a herdsman on Mount Ida. . outside Troy). The goddesses each promised Paris a wonderful prize if he would pick her: – – – Hera offered power. Paris gave the apple to Aphrodite. Athena offered military glory and wisdom Aphrodite offered him the most beautiful woman in the world as his wife. In the famous Judgment of Paris.

was also the daughter of Zeus. Her beauty was famous throughout the world. The brother of Agamemnon . King of Sparta. daughter of Tyndareus and Leda. until all the Greeks warrior leaders made a promise that they would collectively avenge any insult to her. Her father Tyndareus would not agree to any man's marrying her. who had made love to Leda in the shape of a swan (she is the only female child of Zeus and a mortal). Helen then married Menelaus. When the leaders made such an oath.Helen     Helen.

The meeting of Paris and Helen     Paris back in the royal family at Troy Made a journey to Sparta as a Trojan ambassador Menelaus was away Paris and Helen fell in love and left Sparta together .

Paris and Helen .

Odysseus pretended to be insane but this trick was uncovered by Palamedes. king of Paphos. The first ship was commanded by his son. must be sacrificed before the fleet could set sail. with tiny clay sailors. Agamemnon either killed one of Diana's sacred stags or made a careless boast. and the Greek ships set off in search of Troy. Diana was outraged and she calmed the seas so that the fleet could not take off. in Aulis. Many of the suitors did not wish to go to war. He did not wish to go to war. though not one of the previous suitors. however. daughter of Agamemnon. were toy clay ships. The other forty-nine. was outraged to find that Paris had taken Helen. was sought after because the seer Calchas had stated that Troy would not be taken unless Achilles would fight. This was done. They dissembled soon after being placed in the ocean (Tripp. Achilles. . The seer Calchas proclaimed that Iphigenia.Greek Armament     Menelaus. Cinyras. True to his word. 584-584). Either way. but promised Agamemnon fifty ships for the Greek fleet. under Agamemnon's inspection.   The Greek fleet assembled. in Cyprus. who had been a suitor of Helen. Menelaus then called upon all of Helen's old suitors. Cinyras did send fifty ships. however. as all of the suitors had made an oath long ago that they would all back Helen's husband to defend her honor. However.

and. . With no where else to turn. but suffered heavy casualties at the hands of Telephus. Achilles) could cure him. was wounded by Achilles. at the end. Achilles assented and Telephus told the Greeks how to get to Troy.Finding Troy       Finding Troy proved difficult The Greek fleet at first landed in Mysia. Telephus. Telephus had been told by an oracle that only the person who wounded him (in this case. The Greeks ultimately prevailed. in the course of the war. the Greeks returned home. were still without Helen. The Trojan War might not have happened had not Telephus gone to Greece in the hopes of having his wound cured. king of the Teuthranians.

and Menelaus were sent as ambassadors to Priam. Priam refused. They demanded Helen and the stolen treasure be returned. and Odysseus and Menelaus returned to the Greek ships with the announcement that war was inevitable. known for his eloquence.Embassy to Priam  Odysseus. .

Tecmessa and Chryseis). soonafter. the famous Eleian hero. Briseis. son of Priam. had been captured by Odysseus. Patroclus was killed and. Helenus told the Greeks that Troy would not fall unless: a) Pyrrhus. The Greeks realized that Troy was being supplied by its neighboring kingdoms. The Greeks won many important battles and the Trojan hero Hector fell. As well as destroying Trojan economy.g. the Greeks could not break down the walls of Troy. a statue of Athena.. 587). were brought to Troy. Achilles' son. so Greeks were sent to defeat these areas. A prophet. c) The remains of Pelops. However. including women (e. was stolen from Troy (Tripp. and d) The Palladium. as did the Trojan ally Penthesilea. Achilles was felled by Paris. these battles let the Greeks gather a large amount of resources and other spoils of war. fought in the war. . b) The bow and arrows of Hercules were used by the Greeks against the Trojans. Helenus.The War       The first nine years of the war consisted of both war in Troy and war against the neighboring regions.

Once the statue had been built by the artist Epeius. Laocoon and Cassandra. so as to deceive the Trojans. . Sinon let the Greek warriors out from the horse. spoke out against the horse. Priam was killed as he huddled by Zeus' altar and Cassandra was pulled from the statue of Athena and raped. stating that they had deserted him. and dragged the wooden horse into Troy. Only two people. Sinon pretended to be angry with the Greeks. Its insides were to be hollow so that soldiers could hide within it. but they were ignored. When the Trojans came to marvel at the huge creation. after most of Troy was asleep or in a drunken stupor. clever Odysseus (some say with the aid of Athena) ordered a large wooden horse to be built.The Trojan Horse     Still seeking to gain entrance into Troy. Sinon. a number of the Greek warriors. That night. and they slaughtered the Trojans. He assured the Trojans that the wooden horse was safe and would bring luck to the Trojans. climbed inside. One man. The rest of the Greek fleet sailed away. The Trojans celebrated what they thought was their victory. was left behind. along with Odysseus.

. was also sacrificed. was sacrificed at the tomb of Achilles and Astyanax.g. daughter of Priam. son of Hector.After the War      After the war. a Trojan prince. The Greeks then set sail for home. for some. Many sources say that Aeneas was the only Trojan prince to survive. after the war. Aeneas. proved as difficult and took as much time as the Trojan War itself (e. Odysseus and Menelaus).. which. and Virgil's Aeneid tells of his flight from Troy. Polyxena. managed to escape the destruction of Troy. signifying the end of the war. twin of Cassandra. was soon taken by Helen's beauty and seductiveness that he allowed her to live. The surviving Trojan women were divided among the Greek men along with the other plunder. Menelaus. but this statement contradicts the common story that Andromache was married to Helenus. who had been determined to kill his faithless wife.

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