AR 3-2 Maria Cecilia Cruz Michael Andrew Tinawin Michael Angelo Pido Jr.

Man is the head of the marriage but not the dictator." Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything. Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her. Ephesians 5: 22-25

Sacred Scriptures
Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.” Hebrews 13:4

What to expect in a prospective lifetime partner?
Physical Good looks are not that necessary but of course, attraction usually starts with the physical qualities, so they are still important Ideally: Between normal-slim build, beautiful eyes and lips, beautiful smile, between fair-white complexion, neat and clean, and totally, has a well-proportioned body

What to expect in a prospective lifetime partner?
Ethical Someone who is a honest person to herself, to her family, to other people, and to her chosen career. someone who has a good judgment on what is right and wrong. Has respect for one's dignity and has love for herself, therefore also developed a deep respect for others.

What to expect in a prospective lifetime partner?
Religious Preferably a Christian. a god-fearing person. Believes in one God and does her best to abide by her religion's teachings and laws.

Dating and courtship
At this stage, i just like things to flow normally and for us to know each other well enough, help each other grow and improve by teaching different things to the other, having fun, helping each other and being physically and emotionally present for each other.

Personal Personal goals must be achieved first so that we wont be looking back to this after marriage. Also, if there is/are personal differences, this is the time to settle it/them. Spiritual If there is/are spiritual/religious differences, this is the time to settle it/them.

Psychological Psychological preparations regarding the new life must be established to be ready for our future family life. Economic As a man, i would like to be sure that there's more than enough for my future family. Savings enough for us to start to live a comfortable life, a house of our own and a business to run.


Physical Before marriage, i want to maintain or be clean, fit and healthy not just for me and wife, but also for our family and the lifestyle we want to observe. Test must also be done for us to ensure that there are no hereditary illnesses that may be passed to our children,

Wedding: What?
Cecil Andrew Angelo A romantic and A private wedding Simple Church intimate affair with with family and close Wedding with lots of only my closest friends. Of course, as people friends and relatives, a personal event, I i dont want having to want this to be very invite everyone even special for me and those i dont really my wife, so only the know that much. I closest relatives and want everything to friends would be be personal. I want invited. to be involved in the whole process. I dont want it to be "just for formality".

Wedding: Where?
Cecil Andrew Angelo A wedding in Cathedral In a beautiful Christian A Gothic Christian de La Sagrada Familia, church here in our Church Barcelona, Spain. country. As a Christian, of course i want to have a church wedding and I would want everyone invited, as they are the special people in our lives, to be able to attend this special occasion so there, a beautiful Christian church here in our country.

Wedding: When?
Cecil I would like to be married when I’m ready. :) Maybe middle to late 20’s. :) Andrew Angelo When we, as a couple, When I’m financially can say that we are stable ready for our marriage and our own family. First, be able to settle our personal problems, our relationship-related issues and problems, and be financially stable.

Wedding: How?
Cecil Andrew Angelo Unique and romantic wedding
I want to wear a traditional Solemn pure white wedding dress Beautiful with a tail not less than 5 Traditional feet long. A red and white Romantic motif, which makes me think of red and white petals from roses, colours drowning the place with romance and purity. :) And even if everything else would be impossible to happen. My perfect wedding's main component should still be there. I just want to be married to someone who is willing to love me forever. :)

Wedding: To Whom?
Cecil Andrew


In truth, there is no perfect man, there is only A fun and beautiful A person who would an ideal man. And not everyone ends up being in love with their "walking checklist". I also think person who would stick be simple, playful and about it, so to say the truth i also have my own with me through ups cheerful would be my checklist. But then again, i dont really care about it because i know that someday, when i and downs would be an ideal wife. A God already meet "that" someone. I know he wont ideal wife. Is physically fearing person also be that one on my list. And i dont want it attractive and spiritually unique upon interfere with my feelings. So i can, actually, say characteristics and that my list is just a prepared answer so when blessed with a good someone asks me about it i would have heart and very caring has a good and open something to say. ;) just to share, here's my checklist :) •knows how to play any musical instrument. •a job with close relation to mine. •kind, humble, honest, god-fearing, has good judgement, knows proper respect •someone who can stand my mood swingse •And of course, he should be able to love me without looking for beauty or perfection...he should be able to love me just because he loves me...because i know that's how im gonna end up feeling anyway... :) •I have someone in mind… but… :)

for our fellow brethren. heart. Have a My ideal wife also being pleasing personality, lovable and honest. very caring, and an honest trait. My ideal A girl named Genevieve wife being my best friend. A girl named April. :)

MARRIED LIFE: How will you go about your marriage?
Cecil Loyalty, Honesty, Faith in God, Respect for each other, Good communication and Love. :) Andrew For me God and religion is one of the most important elements of a happy marriage. These elements bind us together by being the foundation of our family. This is where our own values, morals and beliefs come from. Angelo Communication is the most basic and most effective way to go about any relationships. With proper communication, 'understanding' is established for proper handling of problems, decisions, and feelings. This also provides the marriage room for growth and also creates trust between each other.

II-Christian Family
18 19


Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord. Husbands, love your wives and do not be harsh with them. Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord. Colossians 3:18-20 

Family Life: Number of Children
Cecil 2 Andrew 10 Angelo 4

Family Life: Preferred Names
Cecil Pierrot Paulo Alexis Lunaire Andrew Mischa Gwyneth Mieke Gabrielle Michael Gabriel Marcus Garett Angelo Azrael Rex Michael Angelo II

Family Life: Preferred Schools
Cecil Harvard Andrew Angelo Oxford MIT UST

How will you nurture them to be good and God fearing persons?
Christian Values Understanding Open for Others Disciplined Cohesion Good Communication Flexibility Happy family

Healthy Living Happy Family Good Communication Bonded Together Fun Activities Financially Stable

• Illness • Inadequate problem solving skills • Favoring or disfavoring family members • Anger • Chronic crises or unexpected upheavals • Unwanted separation due to job or personal demands • Domestic violence • Sexual abuse

• Teen issues • Addiction • Divorce • In-law challenges • Infidelity • Intolerance of differences • Inability to manage or resolve conflicts • Financial difficulties or excesses • Communication problems

Dear Lord, Upon this project we realized more and by the aid of our theology class we enhanced our knowledge and comprehension about the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. May you direct us to the righteous path and enlighten the dark and corrupt routes in which we may fall into. Continue to give us strength, hope and love so that we may be able to face trials and the world we are in. When the day comes in which we too might Find a partner, build our families, and enter marriage may you shower your guidance upon us and continue to fortify the initial bonds of one another, unending and fruitful service to you. We are sorry for the wrong actions that we have done, we humbly ask for your forgiveness. Thank you always for watching over us and keeping your undying love in our hearts. To you God Almighty, the Greatest Architect Amen

Concrete Help as a Liberator Learning from the study Difficulties encountered Documents

Describe the marriage of your dreams before you were married and after your marriage.
 . Dream marriage > idealistic...  Before marriage> lots of compromising  After your marriage > acceptance of some dreams that cannot be a reality

What things did you see in your partner that made you want to marry him/her?
 Jane> instinct  George>destiny

What were your goals for your marriage when you were engaged?
 No goals... just face the situation as its comes.

Expectation lower less


What do you think, are the elements needed for a happy marriage?
 Open communication, unending understanding of the word comprimise and basically  LOVE

What do you see as strengths of your marriage?

What do you see as weaknesses of your marriage?
 not in the mood

If you could press a button and change your marriage or something about it, how would it change?
 did not occur in my thoughts

Are there couples you look up to? If yes, what do you respect about their marriages?  yes, because they are still dating eventhough their children have already married and move away from them.

Generally, how would you describe your communication with your partner?
 the communication element is good.

As a couple, how do you decide on things?  discuss about the issue, if cannot agree compromised How do you communicate dissatisfaction to your partner?  go into discussions, argue about it and compromise. What could your partner do to greatly change your marriage?  Nothing. *smiles

What is God in your marriage? How do you look at God as a family?  Center of our family How would you describe your spiritual life as a family?  we go to mass on occasions. but we have faith in God, we have fear in God How do you balance time for business, for your family, and for your partner?  business in weekdays, family in weekends. dinner together as a family Generally, how would you describe your communication with your children?  it's toeing between the line of being parents and being friends.

Concrete help as a liberator
Our action intended to help the couple/family is to organize a 'bonding day' for them. After the interview, we helped Mrs. Ong prepare lunch and set the table for all of us. We also brought ingredients to make carbonara for all of us to eat later on. After we ate lunch with the Ong family, which was very fun because of all the discussions we had with them, we all went to their living room to watch a movie. We watched 'Cheaper by the dozen 2' which is a family-oriented movie. It was fun watching this movie with them with all the side comments and the laughter we had because of the film. Then, when the movie ended, we ate the carbonara which was very delicious because of Mrs.Ong's expertise in cooking italian recipes. After resting and chatting a bit with them, they taught us how to play mahjong! It was very hard playing with them but still very interesting, And as if that wasn't enough, we played team-up badminton with them at a nearby court. We played for hours because it turned out that they were really good at playing badminton but had to stop because the sun started to set. After we came back at their place, we rested and talked to them about the whole day we had with them. We really had fun bonding with the family and thanked them for allowing us to spend the day with them.

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